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GREETINGS & WELCOME to The Society of The Astral Star's Discussion Lists, "Asteros". Asteros is Greek and means, "of the star." A discussion list is a means of discusing several topics and network with several people of like mind. The Society of The Astral Star maintains several "E-Lists". "ASTEROS" is the primary list is for Associate Members, Members, and Honorary Members of the Order of The Star Of Bethlehem, Friends Of The Order (FotO's), and Magickal Christians of various types. The "ASTEROS" list is maintained on the YAHOO!GROUPS.COM Web Server. We would like to take this opportunity to publicaly thank the good folks at Yahoo!Groups.com for their sponsoring of our discussion list. For more information about discussion lists, and how you can get your *FREE* discussion list please visit Yahoo!Groups.com from this website.


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The Asteros ("Of The Star") E-Lists are for individuals who are interested in; Associate Members of; Active and Honorary Member of; and Friends of (FotO) the Society of The Astral Star. We encourage you to join the General Asteros E-List to connect with everyone online within the Order and join your LOCAL State/Commonwealth/Territory OAB-STATE E-List to connect with others of like mind more locally geographically. Please join these lists responsibly. The idea is for individuals to join those lists where there are other individuals of like mind within geographical proximity for purposes of working together in real time and space. Stellar Temples and Colonial Lodges often form by individuals communicating from these lists!


- The Official Electronic Discussion List for *ALL* Members of The Order of The Astral Star and our Friends. Used by Members, Associate Members, and Honorary Members, Candidates for membership, and Friends of The Order (FotO). Again, this is a closed E-List, and is currently a low volume list. Note: These pages are sponsored by the YahooGroups Web Server(s)!



- The Official Electronic Discussion List for Members of (GPS) The Georgetown Paranormal Society - an an affiliate of the Society of The Astral Star and our Friends. Used by Members, Associate Members, and Honorary Members, Candidates for membership, and Friends of The Society (FotS). Again, this is a closed E-List, and is currently a low volume list. Note: These pages are sponsored by the YahooGroups Web Server(s)!



A place for those who stand in both traditions to explore how they combine Christianity and magick- or earth-based spiritualities. This is NOT a place to debate whether it is possible to combine the traditions.

Buddah Turns Kabbalah Wheel GraphicBUDDHA TURNS THE KABBALAH WHEEL:

Eastern Dharma plus Western Gnosis. This group is a continuation of the DharmaGnosis group, which has become Buddha Turns the Kabbalah Wheel group to be explicit about the discussion of that book.

Chihuahuas Lair GraphicCHIHUAHUAS LAIR LIST:

God is closer to me than I am to myself; my being depends on God remaining close and present to me. He also is in a stone or a piece of wood, but they know nothing of this... And therefore the human being is more blessed than a stone or a piece of wood, for he recognizes God and knows how close God is to him. And the more he recognizes this the more blessed he is. - Meister Eckhart

Christian Buddhist GraphicCHRISTIAN BUDDHIST LIST:

This group is an ongoing dialogue among Christians and Buddhists who feel that, for one reason or another, their lives are enhanced by aspects of both traditions. We also discuss the similarities, or differences, between Christianity and Buddhism. If you are looking for a group of people to share your path as a Christian Buddhist with in an open-minded compassionate manner, please consider: Christian Buddhist Support Group. Thank you for your interest.


What is a Christian Witch? Well what is Christian? With over 2000 deffintions of the word it is hard to discern. What is Witch? Again we see a multitude of defintion. SO for the arguement of this Forum let me express our deffinition of Christian Witch.

The eclectic practice of Christianty through the study of and faith in the Holy Scriptures, Kabalah, Apocrophya and the Gnostic Gospels, belief in the teachings of Jesus and the Icon of Jesus of Deity combined with the practice of spiritual development through the art of Witchcraft and Eosoteric Arts. It is a syncreted form of worship. Syncertion means the combining of two or more paths, succesfully without loosing the main agenda of either path.

Christian Druids GraphicCHRISTIAN DRUIDS LIST:

Welcome to Christian Druids, a gathering ground for those seeking to blend Celtic and Druidic spirituality with their Christianity. Whether you are primarily interested in meditation, earth-centered spirituality, the feminine Divine, or other mystical practices, you are welcome!

Christian Occultism GraphicCHRISTIAN OCCULTISM LIST I:

This club is about the underlying spiritual currents and their implications in the practice of theurgy within the framework of traditional Christian theology, liturgy, ritual, and Sacramentology. As such, we're interested in the magical / mystical experiences implicit each of those dynamics as well as the magical disciplines which have arisen over the centuries to complement them. We welcome all who are interested in learning, discussing, and sharing in a friendly spirit of shared curiosity. You'll find folks here who range from classical Gnosticism to Tridentine Catholic to Liberal Catholic. There have been and may be some quite non-Christian participants whose insights and questions are very valuable. [Moderator's Note: Moderated by Ambrose Hawk, author of Exploring Scrying, and a very dear Friend of the Order Asteros!]

Christian Occultism GraphicCHRISTIAN OCCULTISM LIST II:

This group is formed for the discussion and exchange of insights on Practical Theology within the framework of Christianity. Members must be firm believers of the Nicene Creed. A group of more traditional Christians who are magically/mystically oriented. [Moderator's Note: Moderated by Fr. Athaumaturgus, author of numerous books on Catholicism and Magic and is a past ordained Catholic Priest and currently a non traditional Bishop striving to become more traditional in focus.]

Christo Paganism Book GraphicCHRISTO PAGANISM E-LIST:

[*Maintained by Pagan authors River & Joyce Higginbotham of St. Louis, MO - a Semi Private List.] This group is to facilitate a dialogue among those who have found that their personal spirituality is informed by both Pagan and Christian beliefs or who have blended Pagan and Christian forms in their spiritual practice. The discussions on this list will provide raw material for a developing book examining blended Christian and Pagan paths and the specific practices possible on a "ChristoPagan" path.

Christian Wicca GraphicCHRISTIAN WICCA LIST:

Christian Wicca blends earth-reaffirming spirituality with with the acknowledgement of Jesus as Lord and any of the many Goddesses: Sophia, Shekinah, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and/or Mary Magdalene. Christian Wicca is an eclectic form of Christianity based on the spiritual beliefs of the Holy Bible, the Kabbalah, and the Gnostic Gospels; it is practiced via the personal spiritual methods of Wicca. The Trinitarian Tradition focuses on the Father, Mother, and the Solar God Jesus Christ. This is also a list for those who are truly open to learning...If the idea of learning from sources other than the canon Bible bothers you then you might not be comfortable here. Also this is not the place to come looking for someone else's spells. We share ideas and all, but ultimately spell and ritual craft comes from the heart of the practitioner. One last suggestion as you subscribe... If you are uncertain about whether it is right or wrong for you to practice wicca as a follower of Jesus and the Lord and the Lady... or unsure about the Christian Lady even, I suggest you first read the essays on http://www.christianwicca.org and http://www.northernway.org (ChristoPagan mystery school and info on the Christian Goddess) [Moderator's Note: This List is maintained by Nancy Chandler-Pittman, author of the book Christian Wicca: The Trinitarian Tradition, a well known Christian Witch on line. She is headquartered in Decataur, AL.]

Christian Witch GraphicTHE CHRISTIAN WITCH LIST:

Merry Meet and Welcome! This club is for Christian Witches, but is open to Christians, Pagans and everyone in between. Ever want to meet a Christian Witch? Well, you're at the right place. Feel free to post, ask questions, make comments, and state your opinion. All we ask that you be respectful. Bad language and critical or judgemental posts are a no-no. Be nice and learn. We have a great links section to get you started. The Divine moves in mysterious way and there is so much to share. God/dess bless!

Please note: Due to spammers and people who'd like to "save" our souls, we have restricted the group membership. When you apply to join, you will receive an email. Please reply to this email within seven days. If you do not answer the new member question, you will not be approved. This is our primary means of eliminating join requests by spammers and people who want to tell us we are evil. Once your reply is received, your membership can be approved as quickly as possible. We look forward to having you!

Christian Witch GraphicTHE CHRISTIAN WITCH LIST:

Welcome to The Christian Witch, a group for travelers of the Christo Eclectic path. This list will involve discussions about many religions and beliefs, but most topics will focus on Christianity, Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism, Christo Wicca, solitary and group practicing, eclectic beliefs, and personal experiences.

Open minds only please. This is not a place for judgment or debate. [Moderator's Note: This List is maintained by Rawna Moon, one of the best known Christian Witches on line. She is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. The Christian Witch Course is another list which involves Rawana Moon.]


A year and a day, self-guided course for beginners to help you find your personal path and dedicate yourself to your Christo Eclectic path. This is an introductory course with a broad overview of topics. Special focus will be placed on Christo Wicca and Christian Witchcraft as they are the more popular Christo Eclectic paths. In this course, you will not be told what to believe or how to practice. This is not a step-by-step "how to be a Christian Witch the correct way (my way)" guide. Instead you will have weekly assignments that consist of information and simple questions and/or exercises to help you think about understand your own religious path and decide what YOU believe. The course is also designed to help you continue your research and studies on your own without guidance. Group participation is highly encouraged but not required. Enrollment must be approved. Please follow all instructions emailed to you to complete the enrollment process. If you do not receive enrollment instructions, please contact the group owner. You may need to purchase some course materials, but enrollment is completely free. [Moderator's Note: This List discusses a basic course of instruction for Christian Witches/Folk Magicians and is based on the work of Rawana Moon.]

The Christian Witch Page Cross GraphicCHRISTIAN WITCH COVEN LIST:

An online coven for Christian Witches. This is a group for those not just exploring and deciding on their spirituality, but for those who are comfortable and/or growing as Christian Witches but for whatever reason have difficulty gaining real-life interaction with other Christian Witches. This group is NOT restricted solely to Christian Witches. It is open to Christian Witches, Christian Wiccans, Christian Mages and whatever other sort of magickal/esoteric/earth-based Christian you might be - but you must follow an earth-based Christianity of some sort. Upon application to join you will receive an email. Please reply to this email within one week for your membership to be approved. Respect and dignity are the key words for all who enter and all individuals are expected to follow this without exception.

Christian Occultism GraphicCHRISTO-PAGAN LIST:

As a continuation in the saga of Christo-Pagan which ended Feb 2, 2000. This mailing list will be about Christo-Paganism, Mithiran Catholicism, Enochian Magick, Marian worship, Christo-Pagan Ceremonial magick and so on. If you are a Pagan that worships Christ, or if you are a Christian that has begun to believe in the Goddess, then this list is for you as well. Of equal interest to those further down the path and to those exploring what ChristoPaganism would mean to them personally. [Moderator's Note: This List has a LOT of spam messages sent to it.]

Christo Pagan Chicago GraphicCHRISTO-PAGAN CHICAGO LIST:

Welcome to Christo-Pagan Chicago. Christo-Pagans are Polytheists who number Jesus as one god among several, or even many, or practice a religion that otherwise includes aspects of some branch of Christianity, and of some pre-Christian religion. As a matter of common ground, we begin with an emphasis on objective morality and higher ethical standards. "Do not judge lest ye be judged" is a call to introspection and compassionate forgiveness, not an invitation to a free-for-all. The unhappy history of the Neo-Pagan community in Chicago during the 1990s and of Christian Fundamentalism in the 1980s alike should have taught us where that will lead, and it is not to anywhere liberating, inspirational or even peaceful, ironically enough. Treat others unjustly and expect that you will be confronted about it in a Christo-Pagan setting. This is a networking list for "Christo-Pagan" synchretists in the Chicago area, consisting of Cook, DuPage, Will, Kane, Lake and McHenry counties in Illinois and Lake county in Indiana. We hope you find our list helpful, but remember - the archives are public and more of us come out of the double closet each day. You never know who might write to you next year. Even if you don't hear back immediately, be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

Christian Occultism GraphicCHRISTO PAGAN PATHS LIST:

This group was created for individuals who share a Christ-centered faith in combination with Neo-Pagan, Wiccan, Shamanic or other Nature-based practices. Christo-Pagans traditionally strive to reclaim the Feminine aspect of the Divine as the Lady Holy Spirit, whom is hidden in the sacred texts, or Mother Goddess, as also represented in the ancient world traditions by many names and titles. Key Terms and Traditions: Christo-Paganism, Christo-Celticism, Christo-Druidism, Christo-Hellenism, Christo-Kemetic, Christian Wicca, Christian Witchery, Christian Magick, Christian Mysticism, Christian Shamanism, etc. Our main purpose is to serve as a community for those who may have experienced rejection or hostility by the mainstream Christian and Neo-Pagan communities, as a result of the ignorance and misinformation that often perpetuates both sides. We believe that our spiritual paths and practices are not only compatible, but complimentary, given that the historical accounts of Jesus would certainly make titles such as Magician, Mystic and Shaman seem quite appropriate for him if he walked the Earth today! We welcome open-minded individuals who are interested in learning, sharing and discussing anything pertaining to Christo-Paganism and related Spiritual Paths ~ all within the confounds of love, peace and respect. No biggotry will be tolerated! We will also include a growing list of topics and essays with links to many relative articles and websites.


Coven of Christ Ministries is an Ecumenical Esoteric Christian Community and international fellowship of churches, covens, and ministers with an emphasis on the centrality of Jesus the Christ and the Person and Work of the Lady Holy Spirit. COCM has established itself as an organization of integrity with a heart to serve those who serve others. Our founding vision is to be a nontraditional nondenominational Independent Esoteric Christian Coven Church of like minded believers who have been called to a ministry of service, especially to those who have no church, circle, or coven home and are in need of the services of a legally ordained member of the clergy. This is especially the case with those who have felt rejected by both mainstream Christianity and traditional Neo-Paganism. The insistent emergence of self-initiates and others who follow the various and sundry Christo-Eclectic paths, which include Christian Wiccan, Christian Witch, Christian Mystic, Magickal Christian, Esoteric Christian, Earth-Based Christian, Christo-Pagan, and many others; dictate that we bring about revolutionary methods of ministering to those in these time-honored traditions. Our mission is to be a formal, centrally organized, legally recognized, respectable Independent Esoteric Christian Community and Coven Church providing support to its members, outreach to those in need, and ordaining those who are called to service as legally recognized clergy. We, in Coven of Christ Ministries, have the vision of a new branch in an old tree. Although the primary purpose of this online e-group is to provide support to COCM members and clergy, it also serves as a form of outreach to the wider community at large. We are open to COCM members, seekers, doubters, and fervent believers alike. We are thankful that you visited our site and do hope that you decide to join us. God/dess Bless You! [Moderator's Note: Moderated by Dr. Rob of HI, this list is one of the best general networking lists out there for magickal Christians of various paths. Additional support services are offered to Clergy of various Christian Magickal Sects.]

Eclectic Christian Witch GraphicECLECTIC CHRISTIAN WITCH LIST:

This group is designed for people who have an attachment for both Paganism and Christianity. [Moderator's Note: This List has a MODERATE amount of spam messages sent to it.]

Esoteric Christian GraphicESOTERIC CHRISTIAN LIST:

Esoteric Christian (Christo-Pagan) Mystery School of the Occult and Ancestral Wisdom Traditions. Magical Christianity, Holy Grail Church. Secret teachings. Lessons sent to you via e-mail, and webpages. You climb the degrees of the ancient Way. Knights Templar, Rosicrucian, Order of Mary Magdalene, Third Millennium Angelic Alliance, Order of Melchizedek, Daughters of Tsion (also known as the Ladies Templar), Eternal Order of the Magi, Order of the Blessed Mother (Mary-Isis-Diana, etc.) and blending Christian Magic with the earlier Ancestral traditions of the Indo-Europeans such as the Celtic Druids, Norse / Teutonic Priesthood, etc. We walk you thru Early Kristian initiations, such as TRUE water baptism & anointing with holy oil of chrism. Initiations in the other Orders are connected with their specific traditions (such as the Templar initiation involves horses and of course fighting demons!). These are working, clergy orders---performing rituals, liturgical rites, doing actual spiritual battle or "astral" battle in the case of our Holy Warriors, the Knights Templar, magikal workings, prayer-spells, combat-prayer, etc. You proceed at your own pace thru the lessons. Doesn't take 4 years just to get thru the first degree! Become a Catechumen immediately upon signing up, then onto Initiate, Adept and Mage. For details, intriguing articles, & an on-line application, go to: www.NorthernWay.org/school.html [*A List Used by individuals involved in the Northern Way Christo Pagan Seminary in TX.]

Goddess Christian GraphicGODDESS CHRISTIAN LIST:

BALANCING GODDESS AND GOD. Goddess Worshipers: of Mother Earth, Shekinah, Mary Magdalene, Isis, Freya, Sophia, Asherah who still appreciate some of the 2000 year old traditions of Esoteric, Gnostic, Occult Christianity. You are needed. HELP PUT THE GODDESS, THE SACRED FEMININE BACK INTO JUDEO-CHRISTIANITY AND WESTERN THOUGHT. We post nifty Goddess and God prayers, rituals. Kabbalah, Knights Templar, Rosicrucian, Ancestral Religions, The DaVinci Code, Sacred Marriage, Integral Christianity are all discussed. If you recognize the Earth-based or "Occult" Traditions, are into Christo-Pagan thought or alternative religions but still think there was something to Christianity, something hidden at its core that they don't teach at Sunday School, please join us. Remember that Jesus, who was really called Yeshua, never coined the term "Christian," nor called himself "Christ." The church "authorities" did that and then proceeded to "invent" the Christian religion, cutting out women (sexuality and women are "dirty!" don't you know) removing the Goddess, and inventing all that junk about "salvation" from "sins." Yeshua was a teacher of the ancient Mystery tradition. He was married to Mary Magdalene, the other half of the Messiah archetype, both of them representing the Divine Energy as it Incarnates in both Masculine and Feminine forms. The wedding at Cana was theirs, legend says they even produced children. The books Holy Blood, Holy Grail and the Da Vinci Code discuss a hidden line of their descendants still among us today. This desposyni ("family or kin of the Lord") spread from the Mediterranean thru all Europe and beyond. You are probably one of them if you feel strangely attracted to this concept or belief system. Genetic or DNA memory could be nagging. Be sure to check out our online Esoteric Mystery School at the link below. And if you feel called to become an Ordained Minister to serve the alternative religious community, click below, too.


We are a study group. We study the Magical, Mystical, and Esotarical. We are also a group of friends learning together. We have no rules, really, just LOVE - RESPECT - COMMON SENSE....Blessings on your journey!

Mystics In Christ GraphicMYSTICS IN CHRIST LIST:

REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN: 30 day old e-mail account. Must fill out the questionnaire. Owner: Samantha. This is a haven for people of varying beliefs from across the globe to come together and share their spiritual experiences and knowledge without fear of persecution from close-minded and/or negative individuals. We see the Divine in all things and within ourselves and utilize many methods to become transcendent with the Divine: Magick, Prayerwork, Spellcasting, Divination, Casting Circles, Performing Rituals, Chanting, Meditation, Precognition, Dreams, Intuition, and Herbology (to name a few). We are not afraid to use the tools given to us by our Creator such as Tarot Cards, Runes, Crystals and Gemstones, Astrology, Astronomy, Lunar Cycles, Herbs, Oils, and Resins, the Holy Bible, Gnostic Texts, Pagan Lore, Wiccan BOS', Animal Totems, and the Intercession of Saints, Angels, gods/goddesses, Spirit Guides, etc.

  • We believe in the duality of the Divine; in the feminine the masculine, in Goddess and God.
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit; the Spirit; Sophia; Pistis Sophia; Daughter.
  • We believe in Jesus Christ, the Son; Jesus-Sananda; that he was more than a prophet.
  • We believe in the elemental cycles of nature and that the Sacred lies within; We embrace and celebrate these phases daily, during the Sabbats, and on Holy Days.

  • If somewhere along the way to your eclectic path, you have thought (or presently think) of yourself as ChristoPagan, Wiccan Christian, Christian Wiccan, Goddess Christian, Magickal Christian, Christian Witch, or Mystical Christian, then you may enjoy your stay with us. Blessings and Love, Samantha, [Moderator's Note: This group is based in GA, USA]


    An E-List for Christian Magick and Magicians on MSN.


    We are a study group. We study the Magical, Mystical, and Esotarical. We are also a group of friends learning together. We have no rules, really, just LOVE - RESPECT - COMMON SENSE....Blessings on your journey!

    The Christian Witch Page GraphicNORVICENSIAN SEEKERS LIST:

    This is a support group for Christian Witches who follow the Norvicensian Tradition as taught by Rawna Moon on the (now defunct) Christian Witchery Page (TCWP) at http://members.aol.com/rawnamoon/. The tradition continues and her course is available in the *Files Section* of The Christian Witch Course E-List (above). Men and women are welcome as well as persons under the age of 18 who have informed parental consent. Members follow Jesus Christ as their sovereign, are members of mainstream Protestant Churches, the Catholic Church, or Eastern Orthodox Churches, and seek to walk their spiritual path in the threefold way of Witchery: creation spirituality, feminist theology, and honoring of ritual and story.


    The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God while technically denied divine status by the Roman Catholic Church has functioned historically in the lifes of her devotees as the Christian goddess. That is she has related to the lives of her followers in much the same way that classical goddesses such as Isis functioned in the lives of their followers. This group is a place of discussion and the sharing of insights for those who applaud and celebrate that fact.

    It is a place for those who wish to see the vision and adoration of the "divine feminine" more accurately the "goddess" restored to Christianity, Judaism, and the other monotheist faiths and traditions of the West.

    Mary, Sophia, Holy Wisdom, the Holy Spirit, the Shekinah of the Kabbala are all Names by which the Goddess during the last 1600 years has been known. The Bible, the Gnostic, Sophian, Marian, Kabbalistic, and older pagan traditions are some of the sources by which we can think about and relate to the Western Goddess. This group is open to persons of all persuasions, No one perspective is privileged. Discussions will be conducted civilly. Rudeness, insults, and bad behavior will not be permitted. That said if you are interested in these issues come and enjoy.

    *Note: This List has changed names several times. Originally known as The_Virgin_Mary_Christian_Goddess E-List and later changed to The Mary_Queen_of_Heaven E-List. It was rechanged to The_Virgin_Mary_A_Christian_Goddess in mid-June 2009.


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