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HFr. Veda Retor Satana, (h.c.) OAB

The Rev. Andrew H. Calder, II

Dec. 05th, 1964 - Sep. 20th, 2012

In March 2011 our HFr. Veda Retor Satanas (h.c.) of Lebanon, TN suffered a stroke with complications from diabetes. After a brave battle, which lasted over a year having spent the remainder of his time in numerous hospitals and other medical facilities, it is our deepest regret to announce that his fight ended on Thr. Sep. 20th, 2012. On behalf of his family and the Order, we thank all of those who remembered our Brother, family, and friends in their thoughts and prayers during that time.

On behalf of the Order of The Star of Bethlehem, we wish to extend our condolences on the loss of our very much beloved Frater Veda Retor Satana, h.c., OAB, better known as Father Andrew Calder, Independent Catholic (& former Episcopal) Priest and Exorcist to everyone who knew, worked with, and loved him. Father Calder was a well known lecturer in the fields of the Paranormal and on the demonic. He is best known as the priest and exorcist in the television series, Paranormal State (of the Paranormal Research Society) in the episodes, "The Devil in Syracuse", and "I Am Six". Father Calder was a noble soul and a spiritual warrior as well as a good friend. He was a founding member of the Georgia Paranormal Society and an honorary member, priest, and exorcist of The Order of The Star of Bethlehem. He will be greatly missed.

On Thr., Sep. 20th, 2012 at c. 14:20 CT, Father Andrew Calder crossed peacefully into the kingdom of heaven while sleeping. We especially remember those who survive him, including his dearest fiancee (Evie Haile of Lebanon, TN); as well as his mother (Willene Brooks Calder of East Dublin, GA); a son (Justin Calder of Dublin, GA); a daughter, (Haleigh Foster of Macon, GA); a sister (Carolyn E. Howell of East Dublin, GA); a grand son (Grey Calder); two neices (Samantha Denham and Christy Cain); two nephews (Harry Shinolster Jr., and Steven Howell); and other members of family. Andy was (& remains) a noble soul who was committed to the work of God as a priest and a capable warrior dedicated to the service of his fellow humankind. We shall miss him deeply, but know that we shall see him again on the other side when our turn to cross over comes. Per Andy's wishes, there will be no formal funeral or memorial services. Members of The Order of The Star of Bethlehem and local Stellar Temples, OAB conducted private meditations in memorial vigils the weekend of Fri. Sep. 21st, Sat. Sep. 22nd, and Sun. Sep. 23rd from 9:00 PM ET until 9:30 PM ET individually in his honor.

We pray that the hand of the Lord Almighty be upon each of you who knew and cared for/about Fr. Andrew Calder and his work. As it is written in the Word of God, "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted." [Mat. 5-7]. We commit his soul to God who gave it, and give thanks for the opportunity to share in his friendship all these many years. Should we be able to assist any of you, please do not hesitate to contact me personally. Until I hear from you, I shall remain most sincerely,

Frater Pneuma Asteros Bethlehem, (*+Michael W. Humphrey)
Supreme Magus, Chief Adept, Imperator, & Society President,
Society of The Astral Star, Inc.; Order of The Star of Bethlehem, (OAB)
Georgetown, KY, USA
Autmnal Equninox - September 22nd, 2012

[Editor's Note] For those of you that want to honor Andy and his good work, we encourage you to make a donation in his memory to help pay for some of the expenses Evie has incurred as a result of his transition. It was Andy's wish to not have a memorial service and he wouldn't have wanted flowers and other things that are only for those left behind. We ask that you consider honoring him by helping take some of the financial burden from his fiancee, Evie. We are certain Andy would appreciate it and Evie would never ask for our help, but it is the right thing to do. We encourage you to show our support for her.

Memorials can be sent to the following PayPay account:



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