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Volume #XVII, Issue #2

Autmnal Equinox - September, 2012



by Evie Haile, JD
Fiancee of Fr. Andrew Calder; Paranormal Investigator & Researcher
Friend Of The Order (OAB)
Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 4:19 PM
Lebenon, TN USA

What happened?" I'm often asked, "What happened to Andy". My short answer is "Life". Life happened to Andy. He wasn't in an accident. He didn't suddenly "become ill". Andy suffers from some of the silent and unnoticeable diseases that take hold and destory a human life.

Andy's a lifelong diabetic. Feel free to education yourself on the disease and how it attacks every single system in the human body. As an adult he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. He was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure in January 2011 and suffered a stroke in March 2011 which lead to 4 days in the Hospital. Once educated on strokes, we realized he more than likely suffered a stroke in March of 2010 also.

Due to blocked and clogged arteries, 2 small scrapes on his toes turned into necrotic tissue. May 2011 we went to a vascular surgeon. Andy was already in kidney failure due to his diabetes. The Surgeon needed to do a test to locate the blockages in order to try to save his feet. The test would be damaging to his kidneys and could lead to a lifetime of dialysis. He chose to take the risk and try to save his feet. He had the test. They found the blockages. His kidneys failed. He went on dialysis (no longer requires dialysis). During one session he suffered another stroke then fluid collected in his lungs. This was all the first 15 days of May 2011.

He has been in a healthcare facility 24/7 since May 5, 2011. He's been on and off the ventilator more times than I can recall; in and out of 3 different Intensive Care Units and admitted to 1 Unit 3 different times (VUMC MICU); life-flighted between Hospitals; multiple transports by ambulance; has had multiple IVs and PICC lines, a tunneled catheter and another type of dialysis catheter (none of these at this time); a Foley Cath; a PEG tub and a trache. The necrotic tissue on his feet continues to "grow" or increase. He will lose a minimum of 2 toes.

The strokes left him with dysphasia. He has difficulty swallowing and speaking clearly. They have also affected his vision. He cannot see the TV if it is further than an arm's length away. Between the strokes, going on the ventilator repeatedly and being bed-ridden for over a year he can no longer stand or walk. He has limited use of his hands and fingers. They call it de-conditioning. Some areas are so severe that he suffers from atrophy.

I feel certain I have left something important out and am confident I left out small details. It's an attempt at a summary and conveys the seriousness of his conditions.

God's Grace, prayers, love, light, positive thought and healing are what has gotten him this far; these plus his Faith and his stubborn streak. He is certain that he must walk further on the Path set for him; that there is still work for him to do in this Earthly Realm. Thank you for standing with and beside us so that he may follow his Path. Your continual and continued support is deeply appreciated.

Thank you from the both of us.

~ E(vie Haile)


by Evie Haile, JD
Fiancee of Fr. Andrew Calder; Paranormal Investigator & Researcher
Friend Of The Order (OAB)
Wednesday, July 20th, 2012 at 4:38 PM
Lebenon, TN USA

Mrs. C(alder, Andy's Mother) was at the ER earlier this week but refused to be admitted. I assume with her COPD. Please add her to your prayers.]

Andy has Pseudomonas Pneumonia and staph in his lungs; Pseudomonas and staph in his blood, urine and feet. He's is short of breath (sob) and in pain. They are trying to keep him calm and comfortable with the use of pain meds through his PEG tube. I'm told his O2 sats are low but I don't know where they're taking them. If it's his fingers then the PAD lowers that number. He's on 3 different IV antibiotics.

Dr. Bannerman asked me to talk to Andy about amputating both feet and about signing a Do Not Resuscitate order. Andy wants to keep his feet and believes if it's God's will for him to cross then no effort on part of man will keep him here, when it's his ti...me he'll pass. He wants man to continue to work at keeping him here until God does call him.

Andy is "a very sick man". I've been told over and over by family, friends and medical professionals that it'll be an infection that takes him. He told me last weekend this was coming and that it might be the "last round".

Please pray. Pray for Andy to find clarity, peace and understanding (whatever that may mean or bring). Pray that God's will be done.


by GHFr. Pneuma Asteros Bethlehem
*+Michael W. Humphrey, OAB
Supreme Magus & President
Order Of The Star Of Bethlehem (OAB)

On behalf of the Order of The Star of Bethlehem, we wish to extend our condolences on the loss of our very much beloved Frater Veda Retor Satanas, h.c., OAB, better known as Father Andrew Calder, Independent Catholic (& former Episcopal) Priest and Exorcist to everyone who knew, worked with, and loved him. Father Calder was a well known lecturer in the fields of the Paranormal and on the demonic. He is best known as the priest and exorcist in the television series, Paranormal State (of the Paranormal Research Society) in the episodes, "The Devil in Syracuse", and "I Am Six". Father Calder was a noble soul and a spiritual warrior as well as a good friend. He was a founding member of the Georgia Paranormal Society and an honorary member of The Order of The Star of Bethlehem. He will be greatly missed.

On Thr., Sep. 20th, 2012 at c. 14:20 CT, Father Andrew Calder crossed peacefully into the kingdom of heaven while sleeping. We especially remember those who survive him, including his dearest fiance (Evie Haile of Lebanon, TN); as well as his mother (Willene Brooks Calder of East Dublin, GA); a son (Justin Calder of Dublin, GA); a daughter, (Haleigh Foster of Macon, GA); a sister (Carolyn E. Howell of East Dublin, GA); a grand son (Grey Calder); two neices (Samantha denham and Christy Cain); two nephews (Harry Shinolster Jr., and Steven Howell); and other members of family. Andy was (& remains) a noble soul who was committed to the work of God as a priest and a capable warrior dedicated to the service of his fellow humankind. We shall miss him deeply, but know that we shall see him again on the other side when our turn to cross over comes. Per Andy's wishes, there will be no formal funeral or memorial services. Members of The Order of The Star of Bethlehem and local Stellar Temples, OAB conducted private meditations in memorial vigils the weekend of Fri. Sep. 21st, Sat. Sep. 22nd, and Sun. Sep. 23rd from 9:00 PM ET until 9:30 PM ET individually in his honor.

We pray that the hand of the Lord Almighty be upon each of you who knew and cared for/about Fr. Andrew Calder and his work. As it is written in the Word of God, "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted." [Mat. 5-7]. We commit his soul to God who gave it, and give thanks for the opportunity to share in his friendship all these many years. Should we be able to assist any of you, please do not hesitate to contact me personally. Until I hear from you, I shall remain most sincerely,

Frater Pneuma Asteros Bethlehem, (*+Michael W. Humphrey)
Supreme Magus, Chief Adept, Imperator, & Society President,
Society of The Astral Star, Inc.; Order of The Star of Bethlehem, (OAB)
Georgetown, KY, USA
Autmnal Equninox - September 22nd, 2012

[Editor's. Note: The "G.D. Open Letter" was originally posted on Sat, 04 Nov. 1995 at 15:55:45 (PM) EST..]


With Noted Festivals and Special Events
March 2012 - September 2012

DateEvent / Note
09/01/2012*Note: High Altar cloth remain GREEN...
09/02/201214th Sun. after Trinity.
FotO Birthday: "Jack O." Chicago, IL; 1951.
09/03/2012LABOR DAY (USA & CAN);
FotO's Anniversary: Wolf & Fey Raine of Dunlap, TN; 2005.
09/07/2012GPS Regular Meeting in Georgetown, KY at 8:15 PM ET. For additional information visit http://gps.astralstar.org or write to the Society President:
09/08/2012S.T. Polaris Meeting in Central KY. For additional information visit
http://st.polaris.astralstar.org or write to the Temple Hierophant:
GHFr. Pneuma Asteros.

Moon = Wanning 1/4 (@ 09:15 AM ET).
09/09/201215th Sun. after Trinity;
Friend Of The Order Birthday: FotO. Clarissa Stormbringer of Georgetown, KY; 1970.
09/10/2012Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Lux Albus. of Georgetown, KY; 1974.
09/11/2012*Note: High Altar Cloth to BLACK...
Patriot's Day (USA) (9-11-2001 Terrorist Attack Rememberance).
09/12/2012*Note: High Altar Cloth returns to GREEN...
09/14/2012Holy Cross Day.
Member Anniversary: VHSr. Caveat Anima & John of Georgetown, KY; 2005.
09/15/2012*Note: High Altar cloth to BLUE...
Our Lady of Sorrows;

Original Member Birthday: VHFr. Sola Fidelis of Huntsville, AL; 1964;
Moon = New (@ 22:11 PM ET).
09/16/2012*Note: High Altar Cloth to GREEN...
16th Sun. after Trinity;
09/17/2012Rash Hashana begins @ Sunset (Jewish Calendar).
St. Hildegard Von Bingen - d.1179 Abbess & Mystic.
09/21/2012*Note: High Altar cloth to YELLOW; Rose on High Altar = YELLOW...
(Coming of Autumnal Equinox);

St. Mathew, Apostle.
09/21-22-23/2012OAB Executive Council Meeting @ S.T. Polaris (Central KY). Service/Ritual Sat. 09/22/2012 evening by S.T. Polaris. All members are encouraged to attend if possible.
09/22/2012MABON: Autumnal Equinox (Sun enters Libra @ 10:49 AM ET).
Moon = Waxing 1/4 (@ 15:41 PM ET).
09/23/2012*Note: High Altar Cloth to GREEN...
17th Sun. after Trinity.
09/26/2012Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Bona Perfecte Intueri of Brookfield, CT; 1960.
09/28-29-30/20125th Annual) Scarefest: Horror & Paranormal Convention - Lexington, KY: Fri. Sep. 28, 2012 through Sun. Sep. 30, 2012 at the Lexington Convention Center; Heritage Halls Elkhorn Rooms; 430 W. Vine St. (Downtown) Lexington KY. The largest horror and paranormal event in the South East featuring over 20 celebrity guests, over 100 dealer booths, movie screenings, seminars, workshops, Q&A Sessions, Midnight Horror Movies at the Kentucky Theater on Main St. in Lexington, a blood drive, haunted house, and much more! For additional information visit www.TheScareFest.com on the world wide web.
09/28/2012Yom Kippur (Jewish Calendar).
FotO Birthday: Kimberly H. of Ft. Wayne, IN, 1966.
09/29/2012Sts. Michael/Gabriel/Auriel/Raphael & All Angels;
Moon = Full (@ 23:19 PM ET).
09/30/201218th Sun. after Trinity;
St. Jerome, Priest.
10/01/2012Sukkot begins @ Sunset (Jewish Calendar).
10/02/2012Birth of Arthur E. Waite, 1857. Christian Mystic & Mage.
10/04/2012St. Francis of Assisi - d .Oct.03, 1226. Christian Mystic, Priest & Founder of the Franciscans;
Birth ofAnnie E. F. Horniman, 1860. Mage, HOGD;
10/06/2012FotO Birthday: FotO. Wolf Barjkana, of Chattanooga-Dunlap, TN; 1964.
10/07/2012AM:19th Sun. after Trinity.*Note: High Altar cloth to BLUE...
PM: Our Lady of The Holy Rosary
10/08/2012*Note: High Altar Cloth to GREEN...
COLUMBUS DAY (USA) (Observed);
Sukkot ends @ Sunset (Jewish Calendar).
Moon = Wanning 1/4 (@ 03:33 AM ET).
Birth of Edward Alexander "Aleister" Crowley, 1875. Ceremonial Mage, Adept, HOGD; Founder, AA; Past Frater Superior, OTO;
Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Crepusculum, Georgetown, KY; 1977.
10/13/2012S.T. Polaris Meeting in Central KY. For additional information visit
http://st.polaris.astralstar.org or write to the Temple Hierophant:
GHFr. Pneuma Asteros.

Birth of Fredrick Hockley, 1808. Christian Mystic/Mage & Clairvoyant.
10/14/201220th Sun. after Trinity.
10/15/2012St. Theresa of Avilla, Christian Mystic.
Moon = New (@ 08:02 AM ET).
10/17/2012Associate Member Anniversary: ASr. Viam Invenieam Aut Facium & Ron of Lawrence, KS; 1998.
10/18/2012St. Luke, Evangelist;
10/19/2012GPS Regular Meeting in Georgetown, KY at 8:15 PM ET. For additional information visit http://gps.astralstar.org or write to the Society President:
10/21/201221st Sun. after Trinity.
Moon = Waxing 1/4 (@ 23:32 PM ET).
10/22/2012Sun enters Scorpio (@ 20:14 PM ET).
10/23/2012*Note: High Altar cloth to RED...
St. James of Jerusalem - Br. of Jesus & Martyr;
10/25/2012Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Valere Supra Adversae of Stoneham, MA; 1947;
10/26/2012Member Birthday: GHSr. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (OAB 3rd Adept & Chancellor) of Plymouth, MI; 1974.
10/28/201222nd Sun. after Trinity.
St. Simon & St. Jude, Apostles.
Mother In Law's Day.
10/29/2012Associate Member Birthday: AFr. Randy of Paris, KY;
Moon = Full (@ 15:49 PM ET).
10/31/2012All Hallow's Eve (SAMHAIN/Halloween).
11/01/2012All Saint's Day;
OAB Founder's Day, 1980 (33rd Anno Asteros);
11/02/2012All Soul's Day;
11/03/2012*Note: High Altar cloth to GREEN...
11/04/201223rd Sun. after Trinity.
Daylight Savings Time Ends @ 02:00 AM ET;
FotO Birthday: Fey Raine of Chattanooga-Dunlap, TN; 1967.
Moon = Wanning 1/4 (@ 19:36 PM ET).
Original Member Birthday: VHSr. Trebo Asteros of Orlando, FL; 1966.
11/10/2012Associate Member Birthday: AFr. "B. Robert W." of Manchester, NH; 1967.
11/11/201224th Sun. after Trinity.
Moon = New (@ 17:08 PM ET). Solar Eclipse.
11/18/201225th Sun. after Trinity.
11/16/2012Member Birthday: VHSr. Caveat Anima of Georgetown, KY; 1963.
11/20/2012Moon = Waxing 1/4 (@ 09:31 AM ET).
11/21/2012Sun enters Sagitarius (@ @ 16:50 PM ET).
11/23/2012Christ The King
11/25/201226th Sun. after Trinity.
11/26/2012Associate Member Birthday: AFr. Nate G. of Boisie, ID; 1982.
11/28/2012Moon = Full (@ 09:46 AM ET) Lunar Eclipse.
11/29/2012FotO/Associate Member Birthday: ASr. "Becca" of NY; 1979.
11/30/2012St. Andrew (Patron Saint of Scotland, UK).
12/02/2012*Note High Altar Cloths to PURPLE or BLUE...
1st Sun. in ADVENT;
12/03/2012St. Francis Xavier, Priest;
Honorary Member Birthday: The Rev. HFr. Veda Retor Satanas of Lebanon, TN; 1964.
12/06/2012Birth of Violet Mary Firth (Dion Fortune) 1890. Christian Mage, HOGD, FotIL;
Moon = Wanning 1/4 (@ 10:31 AM ET).
12/07/2012*Note: High Altar cloth to BLACK...
Pearl Harbor Day.
12/09/20122nd Sun. in Advent;
Hanukkah begins @ Sunset (Jewish Calendar).
Friend Of The Order Birthday: FotO. Evie H. of Lebanon, TN; 1964.
12/11/2012Founding Member Anniversary: GHFr. Shinobi & Komoko, 2010.
12/12/2012*Note: High Altar cloth to BLUE...
Our Lady of Guadalupe;

Associate Member Birthday: AFr. Doctrina Abundare of Ft. Wayne, IN; 1967.
12/13/2012*Note High Altar Cloths to PURPLE or BLUE...
Moon = New (@ 03:42 AM ET).
12/14/2012St. John of the Cross, Abbot & Christian Mystic.
12/15/2012Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Finem Respice of Sulphur, LA; 1974.
12/16/20123rd Sun. in Advent.
Hanukkah ends @ Sunset (Jewish Calendar).
12/17/2012Birth of William W. Wescott, 1848. Mage, Co-Founder, HOGD.
12/18/2012Members Anniversary: Fr. Chris & Sr. Crepusculum of Georgetown, KY, 2005.
12/20/2012*Note: High Altar cloths to YELLOW; Rose on High Altar = WHITE... (Evening) (Preparation for Winter Solstice);
Moon = Waxing 1/4 (@ 12:19 PM ET).
12/21/2012YULE: Winter Solstice / Sun enters Capricorn ( @ 06:12 AM ET).
St. Thomas, Apostle.
2012 Mayan "End Of The World's Calendar".
Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Engle Mossa of Georgetown, KY; 1960.
12/22/2012*Note High Altar Cloths to PURPLE or BLUE...
12/23/2012AM: 4th Sun. in Advent.
*Note: High Altar cloth to BLUE...
PM: Our Lady of Guadalupe;

Associate Member Birthday: AFr. Doctrina Abundare of Ft. Wayne, IN; 1967.
12/24/2012*Note: High Altar Cloth to WHITE...
12/25/2012CHRISTMAS DAY.
12/26/2012*Note: High Altar Cloth to RED...
St. Stephen, Martyr.
12/27/2012St. John, Apostle & Evangelist.
12/28/2012The Feast of the Holy Innocent's Day
Moon = Full (@ 05:21 AM ET).
12/29/2012*Note: High Altar Cloth to WHITE...
12/30/20121st Sun. after Christamas.
12/31/2012NEW YEAR'S EVEN.


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