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Volume #XIV, Issue #2

Autmnal Equinox - September, 2009



With Noted Festivals and Special Events
September 2009 - March 2010

DateEvent / Note
09/02/2009Associate Member Birthday: "Jack O." Chicago, IL; 1951.
09/03/2009FotO's Anniversary: Wolf & Fey Raine of Dunlap, TN; 2005;
09/04/2009Moon = Full.
09/05/2009Associate Member Birthday: Enida P. of Brampton, ON, CAN; 1960.
09/06/200915th Sun. after Trinity.
09/07/2009LABOR DAY (USA & CAN).
09/09/2009Member Anniversary: VHSr. Caveat Anima & John of Georgetown, KY; 2005.
09/10/2009Associate Member Birthday: Jodi G. of Versailes, KY; 1974.
09/11-12-13/2009(2nd Annual) Scarefest: Horror & Paranormal Convention - Lexington, KY: Fri. Sep. 11, 2009 through Sun. Sep. 13, 2009 at the Lexington Convention Center; Heritage Halls Elkhorn Rooms; 430 W. Vine St. (Downtown) Lexington KY. The largest horror and paranormal event in the South East featuring over 20 celebrity guests, over 100 dealer booths, movie screenings, seminars, workshops, Q&A Sessions, Midnight Horror Movies at the Kentucky Theater on Main St. in Lexington, a blood drive, haunted house, and much more! For additional information visit www.TheScareFest.com on the world wide web.
09/11/2009*Note: High Altar Cloth to BLACK...
Patriot's Day (USA) (9-11-2001 Terrorist Attack Rememberance).
09/12/2009*Note: High Altar Cloth to GREEN...
09/13/200916th Sun. after Trinity;
09/14/2009Holy Cross Day.
OAS Autmnal Equinox Crux Mystica Sep. 2009 Issue Published.
Moon = Wanning 1/4.
09/15/2009*Note: High Altar cloth to BLUE...
Our Lady of Sorrows;

Original Member Birthday: VHFr. Sola Fidelis of Huntsville, AL; 1964.
09/16/2009*Note: High Altar Cloth to GREEN...
Ember Wednesday;
09/17/2009St. Hildegard Von Bingen - d.1179 Abbess & Mystic.
09/18/2009Ember Friday;
Moon = New.
09/18-19-20/2009OAS Executive Council Meeting @ S.T. Polaris (Central KY). Service/Ritual Sat. 09/19/2009 evening by S.T. Polaris. All members are encouraged to attend if possible.
09/19/2009Rash Hashana begins @ sunset.
09/20/200917th Sun. after Trinity.
09/21/2009*Note: High Altar cloth to YELLOW; Rose on High Altar = YELLOW...
(Coming of Autumnal Equinox);

St. Mathew, Apostle.
Ramadan Ends @ Sunset (Eid) Al Fitr.
09/22/2009Autumnal Equinox (Sun enters Libra).
09/23/2009*Note: High Altar Cloth to GREEN...
09/26/2009Moon = Waxing1/4.
Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Bona Perfecte Intueri of Brookfield, CT; 1960.
09/27/200917th Sun. after Trinity.
09/28/2009Rash Hashana ends @ Sunset (Yom Kippur).
FotO Birthday: Kimberly H. of Ft. Wayne, IN, 1966.
09/29/2009Sts. Michael/Gabriel/Auriel/Raphael & All Angels.
09/30/2009St. Jerome, Priest.
10/02/2009Birth of Arthur E. Waite, 1857. Christian Mystic & Mage.
10/03/2009Sukkot begins @ Sunset.
10/04/200918th Sun. after Trinity.
St. Francis of Assisi - d .Oct.03, 1226. Christian Mystic, Priest & Founder of the Franciscans;
Birth ofAnnie E. F. Horniman, 1860. Mage, HOGD;
Moon = Full.
10/06/2009FotO Birthday: FotO. Wolf Barjkana, of Chattanooga-Dunlap, TN; 1964.
10/07/2009*Note: High Altar cloth to BLUE...
Our Lady of The Holy Rosary
10/08/2009*Note: High Altar Cloth to GREEN...
10/09/2009Sukkot ends @ Sunset.
10/11/200919th Sun. after Trinity;
Moon = Wanning 1/4.
10/12/2009COLUMBUS DAY (USA) (Observed);
Birth of Edward Alexander "Aleister" Crowley, 1875. Ceremonial Mage, Adept, HOGD; Founder, AA; Past Frater Superior, OTO;
Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Kim, Georgetown, KY; 1977.
10/13/2009Birth of Fredrick Hockley, 1808. Christian Mystic/Mage & Clairvoyant.
10/15/2009St. Theresa of Avilla, Christian Mystic.
10/18/200920th Sun. after Trinity. St. Luke, Evangelist;
Moon = New.
10/23/2009*Note: High Altar cloth to RED...
St. James of Jerusalem - Br. of Jesus & Martyr;

Sun enters Scorpio.
10/25/200921st Sun. after Trinity;
Mother-In-Law Day (USA);
Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Valere Supra Adversae of Stoneham, MA; 1947;
Mother-In-Law Day (USA).
Moon = Waxing 1/4.
10/26/2009Member Birthday: GHSr. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (OAS 3rd Adept & Chancellor) of Plymouth, MI; 1974;
10/28/2009St. Simon & St. Jude, Apostles.
10/31/2009All Hallow's Eve (Halloween/Samhain).
10/31-11/01/2009The Inner Light Festivals - Lexington, KY: Sat. Oct. 31st, 2009 11AM through 6PM and Sun. Nov. 01st, 2009 11AM through 6PM at The Lexington Convention Center, Heritage Hall Ballroom. I-75 Exit #115 (Newtown Pk. Exit), located at 430 W. Vine St. (Downtown) Lexington, KY. One of Central Kentucky's Metaphysical Events with Professional Psychics, Healers, and Vendors. Beverly Stephen - who's unique artwork readings was just featured in Dreamweaver Magazine is scheduled to be among the new faces! "Bringing a little enlightenment into your life!" Door prized to be given away. Admission is $7.00 per day or $10.00 for both days. Children 16 and under Free when accompanied by an attending parent/guardian. For additional information visit www.innerlightfestivals.com/ on the world wide web or write to the event organizers at: Steve.
11/01/200922nd Sun. after Trinity.
All Saint's Day;
OAS Founder's Day, 1980 (29th Anno Asteros);
Daylight Savings Time Ends @ 02:00 AM ET.
11/02/2009All Soul's Day;
Moon = Full.
11/03/2009*Note: High Altar cloth to GREEN...
General Elections (USA).
11/06/2009FotO Birthday: Fey Raine of Chattanooga-Dunlap, TN; 1967.
11/06/2009Original Member Birthday: VHSr. Trebo Asteros of Orlando, FL; 1966.
11/07-08/2009The New Earth Psychic Festivals - Lexington, KY: Sat. Nov. 7th, 2009 10AM through 7PM and Sun. Nov. 8th, 2009 10AM through 6PM at the Best Western (formerly The Holiday Inn South,) I-75 Exit #104, (5532 Athens-Boonsboro Rd.) in East Lexington KY. Lexington's Premier Metaphysical Event with Professional Psychics, Healers, and Vendors. Admission $10 per day. Under 16 admitted free. 2 for 1 admission with a can good (1/2 off). Many door prized to be given away. For additional information visit www.newearthfestivals.net on the world wide web or write to the event organizers at: rhondalrice@yahoo.com (Event Organizer).
11/08/200923rd Sun. after Trinity.
11/09/2009Moon = Wanning 1/4.
11/10/2009Associate Member Birthday: AFr. "B. Robert W." of Manchester, NH; 1967.
11/11/2009VETERAN'S DAY (USA);
Rememberance Day (CAN).
11/15/200924th Sun. after Trinity.
11/16/2009Member Birthday: VHSr. Caveat Anima of Georgetown, KY; 1963.
Moon = New.
11/21/2009Sun enters Sagitarius.
11/22/200925th Sun. after Trinity.
11/23/2009Christ The King
11/24/2009Moon = Waxing 1/4.
Associate Member Birthday: AFr. Nate G. of Boisie, ID; 1982.
11/29/2009*Note High Altar Cloths to PURPLE or BLUE...
1st Sun. in ADVENT;
FotO/Associate Member Birthday: ASr. "Becca" of NY; 1979.
11/30/2009St. Andrew (Patron Saint of Scotland, UK).
12/02/2009Moon = Full.
12/03/2009St. Francis Xavier, Priest.
12/05/2009Associate Member Birthday: The Rev. AFr. Veda Retor Satana of Dublin, GA; 1964.
12/06/20092nd Sun. in Advent;
Birth of Violet Mary Firth (Dion Fortune) 1890. Christian Mage, HOGD, FotIL.
12/07/2009*Note: High Altar cloth to BLACK...
Pearl Harbor Day.

OAS Crux Mystica 2010 Calendar Published;
OAS Christmas Cards Mailed.
12/08/2009Moon =Wanning 1/4.
12/12/2009*Note: High Altar cloth to BLUE...
Our Lady of Guadalupe;

Hanukkah begins @ Sunset;
Associate Member Birthday: AFr. Doctrina Abundare of Ft. Wayne, IN; 1967.
12/13/20093rd Sun. in Advent.
12/14/2009St. John of the Cross, Abbot & Christian Mystic.
12/15/2009Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Finem Respice of Sulphur, LA; 1974.
12/16/2009Moon = New.
Ember Wednesday.
12/17/2009Birth of William W. Wescott, 1848. Mage, Co-Founder, HOGD.
12/18/2009Islamic New Year.
Ember Friday.
12/19/2009Hanukkah ends @ Sunset.
12/20/20094th Sun. in Advent.
*Note: High Altar cloths to YELLOW; Rose on High Altar = WHITE... (Evening) (Preparation for Winter Solstice);
Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Engle Mossa of Georgetown, KY; 1960.
12/21/2009St. Thomas, Apostle.
Winter Solstice/Yule (Sun enters Capricorn).
12/22/2009*Note High Altar Cloths to PURPLE or BLUE...
Associate Member Birthday: AFr. "Steven D." of Montana, 1971.
12/23/2009*Note: High Altar cloth to BLUE...
Our Lady of Guadalupe;

Hanukkah begins @ Sunset;
Associate Member Birthday: AFr. Doctrina Abundare of Ft. Wayne, IN; 1967.
12/24/2009*Note: High Altar Cloth to WHITE...
Moon = Waxing 1/4.
12/25/2009CHRISTMAS DAY.
12/26/2009*Note: High Altar Cloth to RED...
St. Stephen, Martyr;
Kwanza Begins.
12/27/2009St. John, Apostle & Evangelist.
12/28/2009The Feast of the Holy Innocent's Day
12/31/2009*Note: High Altar Cloth to WHITE...
Moon = Full (Lunar Eclipse).
01/01/2010*Note: High Altar Cloth to WHITE...
The Circumcision of Christ;
Birth of Edward Talbot-Kelly, 1555. Christian Mage & Seer.
01/03/20102nd Sun. after Christamas.
01/05/2010Member Birthday: GHSr. Alethia Asteros (OAS 2nd Adept & Vice President), of Plymouth, MI; 1965.
01/06/2010*Note: High Altar Cloth to GREEN...
EPIPHANY: The Appearance & Feast of The Magi;
01/07/2010Moon = Wanning 1/4 (@ 5:40 AM ET).
01/08/2010Birth of Samuel L. "McGregor" Mathers, 1854. Ceremonial Mage, Co-Founder, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (HOGD);
Memorial: Violet Mary Firth (aka Dion Fortune), b. Dec. 6th,1890 - d. Jan. 8th, 1946; Christian Mystic & Mage; Member HOGD & Founder Fraternity of the Inner Light.
01/10/20101st Sun. after Epiphany.
01/15/2010Solar Eclipse (@ 2:11 AM ET);
Moon = New (@ 2:11 AM ET);
Local Stellar Temples begin regular meetings for 2010.
01/17/20102nd Sun. after Epiphany.
01/19/2010Sun enters Aquarius.
Associate Member Birthday: AFr. Fayette B. of Calhoun, GA; 1962.
01/23/2010Moon = Waxing 1/4 (@ 5:33 AM ET).
Associate Member Birthday: AFr. Todd C. of Columbus Grove, OH; 1976.
01/24/20103rd Sun. after Epiphany.
Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Non Omnis Vasas Sunt Facere Aureus of Santa Fe, NM; 1967.
01/25/2010Conversion of St. Paul, Apostle.
01/26/2010St. Titus & St. Timothy, Bishops.
01/28/2010Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Epona of Paris, KY; 1955.
01/30/2010 Moon = Full (@ 1:18 AM ET).
01/31/2010Septuagesima Sunday.
St. John Bosco, Priest & Mystic.
02/02/2010Presentation of Christ in the Temple;
Original Member Birthday: VHSr. Kardia Asteros of Georgetown, KY, 1966;
02/05/2010Moon = Wanning 1/4 (@ 6:48 PM ET);
FotO Birthday: Lainie P. of Chicago, IL; 1969.
02/06/2010Associate Member Birthday: AFr. Brandon S. of St. College, PA; 1974.
02/07/2010Sexuagesima Sunday.
Associate Member Birthday: AFr. "Brandon S." of State College, PA; 1974.
02/10/2010Birth of Alphonse L. Constant "Eliphas Levi", 1810. Christian Mage.
02/11/2010Our Lady Of Lourdes.
02/12/2010Abraham Lincoln's Birthday (15th President, USA).
02/13/2010Moon = New (@ 9:51 PM ET).
02/14/2010Quinquagesima Sunday;
Valentine's Day (USA);
Chinese New Year = Tiger.
Associate Member Birthday: AFr. Sic Itur Ad Astra of Louisville, KY; 1964.
02/15/2010PRESIDENT'S DAY (USA);
Associate Member Birthday: AFr. Temperata of West Union, OH; 1966.
02/16/2010Shrove Tue. (Feast of Mardi Gras).
02/17/2010*Note: High Altar Cloth to PURPLE...
LENT: Ash Wednesday;
Member Birthday: GHFr. Pneuma Asteros (OAS Chief Adept & President) of Georgetown, KY; 1964;
02/18/2010Sun enters Pisces (@ 1:36 PM ET).
02/21/20101st Sun. in Lent;
Moon = Waxing (@ 7:42 PM ET).
George Washington's Birthday (1st President, USA).
02/24/2010St. Matthias, Apostle;
FotO Birthday: FotO, Leslie S. of Huntsville, AL; 1968;
02/28/20102nd Sun. in Lent;
Feast of Purim (Jewish Calendar);
Moon = Full (@ 11:38 AM ET).
Birth of Mina "Moinia" Bergson- Mathers, 1865. Ceremonial Mage, HOGD.
03/01/2010St. David's Day (Patron Saint of Wales, UK).
03/03/2010FotO Birthday: Michael W. of Clinton, MI; 1952;
Member Birthday: ASr. Epiphaino of Palm Harbor, FL; 1958.
03/07/20103rd Sun. in Lent;
Moon = Wanning 1/4 (@ 10:42 AM ET).
03/13/2010Birth of Dr. Robert W. Felkin, 1853. Ceremonial Mage, HOGD.
03/14/20104th Sun. in Lent;
Associate Member Birthday: AFr. Dustin M. of Grand Rapids, MI;
Daylight Savings Time Begins (@ 2:00 AM ET).
03/15/2010FotO Birthday: Patches T., Frankfort, KY; 1973;
Moon = New (@ 5:01 PM ET).
03/17/2010St. Patrick's Day (Patron Saint of Ireland, UK)
03/18/2010Birth of Edgar Cayce, 1877. Psychic & Prophet. ARE;
03/19/2010St. Joseph, Husband of St. Mary.
03/20/2010*Note: High Altar Cloth to YELLOW, Rose on Altar to YELLOW...
Vernal Equinox (Sun enters Aries @ 1:32 PM ET)
03/21/2010*Note: High Altar Cloth to PURPLE...
5th Sun. in Lent;
03/23/2010FotO Birthday: Sharron R. residing in Scottsdale, AZ; 1978.
Moon = Waxing 1/4 (@ 7:00 AM ET).
03/25/2010*Note: High Altar Cloth to BLUE...
The Annunciation of St. Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ;
03/26/2010*Note: High Altar Cloth to PURPLE...
03/28/2010Palm Sun;
Member Birthday: The Rev. Sr. Mirnya, of Decatur, IN; 1966.
03/29/2010Moon = Full (@ 10:25 PM ET).
03/30/2010Pesach - Passover Begins @ Sunset (Jewish Calendar).


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