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Volume #XIII, Issue #1

Vernal Equinox - March, 2008



With Noted Festivals and Special Events
March 2008 - September 2008

DateEvent / Note
03/01/2008St. David's Day (Patron Saint of Wales, UK).
03/02/20084th Sun. in Lent;
03/03/2008FotO Birthday: "Michael W.," of Clinton, MI; 1952;
Member Birthday: ASr. Epiphaino of FL, 1958;
03/07/2008Moon = New.
03/09/20085th Sun. in Lent;
03/13/2008Birth of Dr. Robert W. Felkin, 1853. Ceremonial Mage, HOGD.
03/14/2008Moon = Waxing.
03/16/2008Palm Sun;
03/17/2008St. Patrick's Day (Patron Saint of Ireland, UK);
03/18/2008Birth of Edgar Cayce, 1877. Psychic & Prophet. ARE;
03/19/2008St. Joseph, Husband of St. Mary.
(*Prepare for the Vernal Equinox).
Maundy Thursday
International Astrology Day.
03/21/2008*HIGH ALTAR=RED...
Good Friday (Morning).
Good Friday (Evening).
Moon = Full;
Feast of Purim
03/22/2008Easter Even.
03/23/2008*HIGH ALTAR=WHITE...
03/25/2008*HIGH ALTAR=BLUE...
The Annunciation of St. Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ;
03/26/2008*HIGH ALTAR=WHITE...
03/28/2008Member Birthday: The Rev. Sr. Mirnya, of Decatur, IN; 1966.
03/29/2008Moon = Wanning 1/4.
03/30/20081st Sun. after Easter.
04/01/2008April Fool's Day.
04/05/2008Moon = New.
04/06/20082nd Sun. after Easter;
Daylight Savings Time Begins EST to EDT @ 02:00 AM.
04/11/2008Associate Member Birthday: AFr. "Glenn T." of Charleston, SC.
04/12/2008Moon = Waxing 1/4.
04/13/20083rd Sun. after Easter.
Thomas Jefferson's Birthday (USA).
04/14/2008OAS Orignial Member Birthday: Fr. Artique of Plymouth, MI; 1964.
04/19/2008Pesach - Passover Begins @ Sunset.
04/20/20084th Sun. after Easter.
Pesach - Passover Ends @ sunset;
Sun in Taurus;
Moon = Full.
04/22/2008Earth Day.
04/23/2008St. George's Day (Patron Saint of England, UK).
04/25/2008St. Mark, Evangelist.
04/27/20085th Sun. after Easter;
04/28/2008Moon = Wanning 1/4;
Original Member Birthday: GHFr. Thelema Asteros of Columbus, OH; 1964.
04/30/2008Ascension Even
Walpurgis Even.
05/01/2008The Ascension of Jesus Christ.
St. James & St. Philip, Apostles;
Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Hermitas of Richmond, VA; 1964;
FotO Birthday, Fr. Introibo Ad Altare Dei, of Viola, AK; 1948.
05/03/2008Anniversary: VHFr. Manawyddan h.c., (10th Adept & Vizier) and "Judy" of Kodak, TN.
05/04/2008*HIGH ALTAR=WHITE...
Whit Sun.
05/05/2008Whit Mon.;
Cinco de Mayo (MEX);
Moon = New
05/06/2008Whit Tue.
05/07/2008Whit. Wed.;
OAS Founding Member Birthday: GHFr. Skarff Asteros; Mt. Sterling, KY; 1965.
05/08/2008Whit Thr.
05/09/2008Ember Fri.
05/10/2008Ember Sat.
05/11/2008*HIGH ALTAR=GREEN...
Moon = Wanning 1/4.
05/13/2008Associate Member Birthday: "Lisa H.", Newport News, VA; 1960;
Associate Member Anniversary: ASr. Finem Respice, 1998.
05/18/20081st Sun. In Pentecost.
Victoria Day (CAN);
Census Day (CAN);
Moon = Full.
05/20/2008Sun Enters Gemini.
05/25/20082nd Sun. In Pentecost.
05/26/2008*HIGH ALTAR=BLACK...
MEMORIAL DAY (Observed) (USA).
05/27/2008*HIGH ALTAR=GREEN...
Original Member Birthday: VHFr. Enigma Asteros, of Georgetown, KY; 1964.
Moon = Wanning 1/4.
05/29/2008John F. Kennedy's Birthday (USA).
05/31/2008*HIGH ALTAR=BLUE...
Visitation of the Blessed Virgin;
05/31/2008-06/01/2008The Inner Light Festivals - Lexington, KY: Sat. May. 31, 2008 11AM through 6PM and Sun. Jun. 01, 2008 11AM through 6PM at the Lexington Convention Center; Heritage Halls Elkhorn Rooms; 430 W. Vine St. (Downtown) Lexington KY. An Event with Professional Psychics, Healers, and Vendors. Admission $7/day or $10/for both days. School children w/ parent free. Door prized to be given away. For additional information visit www.InnerLightFestivals.com on the world wide web.
06/01/20083rd Sun. In Pentecost.
06/03/2008Moon = New.
06/07/2008Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Kittieux of Austin, TX; 1964;
Associate Member Birthday: AFr. Resilare of Lexington, KY; 1967.
06/08/20084th Sun. After Trinity;
06/09/2008Feast of Shauvet Begins @ Sunset.
10th Adept/Vizier Birthday: VHFr. Manawydden (h.c.) of Kodak, TN; 1939;
06/10/2008Associate Member Birthday: "Gordon V." of Lochart, TX, 1926.
Moon = Waxing 1/4.
06/11/2008St. Barnabas, Apostle.
06/14/2008FLAG DAY (USA);
06/15/20085th Sun. after Trinity;
Feast of Corpus Christi.
(*Coming of Summer Solstice)...
Moon = Full.
Summer Solstice - Sun enters Cancer;
Associate Member Birthday: AFr. Is Ipse Vincent of St. Louis, MO; 1964;
Rememberance: HSr. Ariadne (h.c.) of Chattanooga, TN;
08/16/1940 - 06/21/2007.
06/21/2008*HIGH ALTAR=GREEN;
06/22/20086th Sun. after Trinity.
Member Anniversary: GHFr. Thelema Asteros & VHSr. Manas ex Dominus of Columbus, OH; 1984;
06/23/2008Associate Member Birthday: AFr. "Todd" Columbus Grove, OH; 1976.
06/24/2008*HIGH ALTAR=RED...
Birth of St. John the Baptist
06/25/2008*HIGH ALTAR=GREEN.
06/26/2008Moon = Wanning 1/4.
06/27/2008The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.
06/29/2008Morning: 7th Sun. after Trinity.
Evening: St. Peter, Apostle;
06/30/20081st Martyrs of The Church of Rome.
07/01/2008*HIGH ALTAR=GREEN...
07/02/2008Moon = New.
07/03/2008St. Thomas, Apostle./td>
07/06/20088th Sun. after Trinity;
07/07/2008Birth of Florence E. Farr, 1860. Mage, HOGD;
Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Caeruleus, Cleveland, TX.
07/10/2008Moon = Waxing 1/4.
07/11/2008St. Benedict - d. Mar. 21, 1547; Abbot.
07/12/2008Birth of Dr. John Dee, 1527. Christian Mage & Astrologer.
07/13/20089th Sun. after Trinity.
07/15/2008St. Bonaventure - d.1274; Bishop.
07/16/2008Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.
07/18/2008Moon = Full.
07/20/200810th Sun. after Trinity;
07/22/2008*HIGH ALTAR=GREEN...
07/22/2008St. Mary Magdalene.
07/23/2008Sun enters Leo.
07/25/2008*HIGH ALTAR=RED...
St. James, Apostle.
Moon = Wanning 1/4.
07/26/2008*HIGH ALTAR=GREEN...
07/27/200811th Sun. after Trinity.
07/30/2008St. Ingnatius Loyola, Priest & Founder of the Jesuits, OSM.
Moon = New.
08/03/200812th Sun. after Trinity
08/06/2008Transfiguration of Jesus;
Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Viam Invenieam Aut Facium of Lawrence, KS; 1956;
08/08/2008Moon = Wanning 1/4.
08/09/2008Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Pace, of Columbus, OH; 1966;
08/10/200813th Sun. after Trinity.
Associate Member Birthday: AFr. "Alex B.",USMC, TX; 1980.
08/12/2008Birth of Mdm. Helena P. Blavatsky, 1830. Theosophist.
08/14/2008The Assumption of St. Mary, Mother of Christ.
08/16/2008Rememberance: HSr. Ariadne (h.c.) of Chattanooga, TN;
08/16/1940 - 06/21/2007.

Moon = Full (Lunar Eclipse).
08/17/200814th Sun. after Trinity.
Member Birthday: VHSr. Manas ex Dominus of Columbus, OH; 1965.
08/22/2008Founding Member Birthday: VHFr. Shinobi Asteros of Georgetown, KY; 1964;
OAS 7th Adept/Librarian Birthday: VHSr. Leaena ex Rosa (h.c.) of Georgetown, KY; 1976;
Sun enters Virgo.
08/23/2008Moon = Wanning1/4.
08/24/2008Morning: 15th Sun. after Trinity.
Evening: St. Bartholomew, Apostle.
08/28/2008St. Augustine of Hippo - d.430; Bishop.
08/30/2008Moon = New.
08/31/200816th Sun. after Trinity.
Women's Equality Day.
09/01/2008LABOR DAY (USA & CAN);
09/02/2008Ramadan Begins @ Sunset;
Associate Member Birthday: "Jack O." Chicago, IL; 1951.
09/03/2008FotO's Anniversary: Wolf & Fey Raine Barjkana (Sells) of Dunlap, TN; 2005;
09/05/2008Associate Member Birthday: "Enida P."of Brampton, ON, CAN; 1960.
09/07/200817th Sun. after Trinity;
Moon = Wanning.
09/09/2008Member Anniversary: VHSr. Caveat Anima & John L. of Georgetown, KY; 2005.
09/11/2008*HIGH ALTAR=BLACK...
Patriot's Day (USA) (9-11-2001 Terrorist Attack Rememberance);
09/12/2008*HIGH ALTAR=GREEN...
09/12-13-14/2008Scarefest: Horror & Paranormal Convention - Lexington, KY: Fri. Sep. 12, 2008 through Sun. Sep. 14, 2008 at the Lexington Convention Center; Heritage Halls Elkhorn Rooms; 430 W. Vine St. (Downtown) Lexington KY. The largest horror and paranormal event in the South East featuring over 20 celebrity guests, over 100 dealer booths, movie screenings, seminars, workshops, Q&A Sessions, Midnight Horror Movies at the Kentucky Theater on Main St. in Lexington, a blood drive, haunted house, and much more! Our very own AFr. Veda Retor Satanas (The Rev. Andrew Caldar), Associate Member, OAS and Episcopal Priest and Exorcist will be one of the keynote speakers on paranormal events. For additional information visit www.TheScareFest.com on the world wide web.
09/14/200818th Sun. after Trinity;
Holy Cross Day.
09/15/2008Our Lady of Sorrows;
Moon = Full;
Original Member Birthday: VHFr. Sola Fidelis of Huntsville, AL; 1964.
09/17/2008St. Hildegard Von Bingen - d.1179 Abess & Mystic.
09/19/2008OAS Autmnal Equinox Crux Mystica Sep. 2008 Issue Published.
09/21/2008Morning: 19th Sun. after Trinity;
Evening: St. Mathew, Apostle;
Coming of Autumnal Equinox;
OAS E.C. Meeting: S.T. Polaris 1:00 PM.
09/22/2008Autmnal Equinox (Sun enters Libra); MABON;
Moon = Wanning 1/4.
09/23/2008*HIGH ALTAR=GREEN...
09/26/2008Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Bona Perfecte Intueri of Brookfield, CT; 1960.
09/28/200820th Sun. after Trinity;
FotO Birthday: Kimberly H. of Ft. Wayne, IN, 1966.
09/29/2008Sts. Michael/Gabriel/Auriel/Raphael & All Angels.
Moon = New.
09/30/2008St. Jerome, Priest;
Rash Hashana begins @ sunset;


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