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Volume #XII, Issue #2

Autumnal Equinox - September, 2007



... a Response to Gavin & Yvonne Frost of the Church & School of Wicca's May 2007 & Following Blog Comments.

by GHFr. Pneuma; Order Chief Adept & President

[*Editorıs Note: In order to make the text easier to read, we should note that the general text written by our GHFr. Pneuma is in an Indigo-Purple color text. The Comments of Gavin & Yvonne Frost are in Forrest Green colored text. The 6th Adept's/Reporter's/Editor's comments are in Italics. We hope that this will assist the reader to note clearly whose view is whose.]

Order Motto: "All Knowledge comes by Faith... All Understanding comes by Experience."

Ave Fratres et Sorores:
Dear Spiritual Cousins & Friends:

Recently I was referred to a number of public statements by well known Wiccan practitioners and teachers Gavin and Yvonne Frost of the Church and School of Wicca concerning the blending of Wicca and Christianity in theory and in practice. Those comments appeared on the web site of their organization as a monthly topic organization's web site for May 2007 at: Beware the Christo-Pagan/Wiccans! (http://www.wicca.org/gavinandyvonne/teaser0507.html). They revisited the topic again in August 2007 on their on line blog at: Can A Wiccan Be A Christian? (http://gavinandyvonne.blogspot.com/2007/08/can-wiccan-be-christian.html). The discussion continues there and has been somewhat heated on occasion. Gavin and Yvonne Frost - neither strangers to controversy - have made their points of view known and have taken their share of heat for their beliefs - yet again. Whether you agree with their point(s) of view(s) or not - you have to respect their position and admire them for their courage.

As in most topics regarding occult philosophy and specific groups, inevidently the subject and their viewpoints came up and I was asked by individuals on both sides of the argument what the Society of The Astral Star's, (aka The Order of The Star of Bethlehem's) position is on the subject and how do we feel about what Gavin and Yvonne Frost wrote. Several individuals on various e-lists have chosen to respond to the Frosts on their blog. Some individuals felt that making a response would do no good at all and was not worth the effort. We remembered our work and the principles held within a civil rights organization founded to defend the rights of all Americans to be allowed to practice their spiritual faith within a lawful religion. That organization was known as AMER. I remember President Chris 'Kiwi' Carlisle say to me that if we did not respond to the views of our opposition people would assume that we were in agreement with them. Therefore, with consent of numerous members of the Order's Executive Council, we choose to make a public response on the Order's behalf. We do so without anger, resentment, and without prejudice towards the Frosts or to those whose opinions differ with them. Before making my response, in the interest of fairness and clarity, perhaps I should give the readers some background information about myself, the Order, and our past relationship with the Frosts.

At the time of this writing, I am 43 years of age and have been actively involved in the general occult movement since I was a youth (age 17). I am a Co-founder of the Society of The Astral Star (Nov. 1, 1980) and am the current elected Chief Adept, Imperator, and President of the General Society. I am and have been a Christian since I was 9 years of age (1973). The Order of The Astral Star is an organization of high ritual/ceremonial Christian Magickians and Mystics - and others of like (or at least near) like mind. As an organization we have celebrated over 27 years of work and fellowship. We are incorporated in the Commonwealth of Kentucky (Mar. 21, 1993) as a Fraternal Order and as a Religious Society (i.e. as an inter-denominational Christian Church). We have been most influenced by The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn and The Fraternity of The Inner Light. We are still a rather small organization in regards to numbers of members, however our Adepti and knighted Adelphi are respected in many parts of the globe. I consider myself honored to be affiliated with all of them. We prefer quality as opposed to quantity - which has given our group a reputation of being somewhat elitist in nature. Our organization is not right for everyone. No one group is. We do screen our applicants - like any reputable organization of our type. And, like any organization we have had our share of problems. For additional information on the Order, readers are invited to visit our web site: http://www.astralstar.org/

Regarding our relationship with Gavin and Yvonne Frost, we have to relate a couple of stories. Among the first occult writings we (as individuals and as a group) were able to locate and obtain were the writings of Gavin and Yvonne Frost. Prior to our organization forming, a couple of us had purchased and made use of a number of their published works. The best known of these was, The Magic Power of Witchcraft - which is still in print today under a new title, The Magic Power of White Witchcraft. The book was (and is) very elementary but at the time, for us, it was pivotal. We made use of a number of techniques found in that work as a group when we first formed.

In the late 1970's and early 1980's the old classics of occult literature were mostly out of print and/or very hard to find. The ones you could find were somewhat expensive, especially for teenagers with interest in occult subjects. Additionally, our geographic location in Central (Georgetown) Kentucky had very few resources to locate such material at reasonable costs. On the bookshelves at various bookstores in Lexington Kentucky (and surrounding area) one could find an abundance of books on Astrology by various authors. Some works on Numerology and Tarot were also reasonably available. Every now and then you could run up on a practical work on magick or a detailed 'classic' of occult literature, but it was not that often.

Remember, there was no Internet at the time to look up the classic writings of Dion Fortune, S. L. McGreggor Mathers, Israel Regardie and the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley and Thelema, etc. Books by real occultists and Wiccans were difficult to find as any other esoteric proverbial 'hen's tooth'. There were a couple of publishers you could find that operated as "mail order" - if you could find those catalogues! That is how I found the writings of Gavin and Yvonne Frost. We formed our own Order but decided that most of us were comfortable with the religious faith(s) of our youth and family backgrounds - Christianity. We did not necessarily accept or believe everything that was being taught in our mainstream churches of various denominations, however. All of the original members of the Order thought for themselves at an early age. Then, in 1983 we were directed by a ranking college administrator to the writings of Israel Regardie in his The Golden Dawn - and the rest as they say is history.

The first group of Wiccans we encountered in real life were affiliated with The Church and School of Wicca - and specifically Gavin and Yvonne Frost. We first met Gavin and Yvonne in Louisville Kentucky late Oct. or early Nov. 1983 at their "Grand Witch's Ball" at a convention at the Louisville Inn. They had passed through Lexington Kentucky the weekend prior, having spent time with a number of their students there but we were not aware of the date or the event so we missed it. A newspaper article in the Lexington Herald-Leader notified us of the upcoming event in Louisville. Our group's HPS, my first wife, GHSr. Alethia and I made the trip to Louisville and was introduced to a number of incredible souls! Though we were only 18 and 19 years old respectively and were mere undergraduates in college, we were both welcomed into their circle (of about 150) and into their company as peers. We participated in their forum which was held in a circle and participants would be allowed to state what their views were on a topic by passing a stick from one person to another around the circle or across the circle to a fellow participant whom that individual chose. Sr. Alethia was given her opportunity to speak and then gave the stick to me. I spoke concerning parallel paths and how I believed that individual's perceptions and misperceptions often clouded people's minds and was a great cause of individual and collective close mindedness. A brief discussion of that subject ensued. In the end, we were impressed by the fundamental and simple techniques which they made use of to very real magical and psychic effect. We came away with the impression that Gavin and Yvonne were (and are) the real deal. Their group was genuine and their methods valid. Even though they were clearly Pagan, they earned our respect and a good deal of trust.

A number of years later in the mid to late 1980's we were fortunate to see the Frosts again at several of the Highland's of Tennessee Samhain Gathering hosted by Lady Amethyst of Avalon Isle (& Royal Order of The Oak). Here we were introduced to other living legends of the Craft, including famed modern Arch Druid P. E. Isaac Bonewits; Church of All World's Tim (Otter/Oberon) and Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart, as well as Anodea Judith; and of course Dick and Gail Sells of Chattanooga TN. We formed particularly tight bonds with Dick and Gail, both of whom were inducted into the Order of The Astral Star as Honorary Members (VHFr. Manawyddan and VHSr. Ariadne Monocris). VHFr. Manawyddan currently serves on our Order's Executive Council as 10th Adept/Vizier which is the Chief Elder of the Society. Dick *is* a wiccan witch of the highest caliber. He's the real deal too. As most of you know, we lost VHSr. Ariadne to cancer on the Summer Solstice 2007. That was a tough loss for a lot of us - as she is missed amongst our own membership and in the general craft community at large. At any rate, the point I am trying to make here is that we met a number of noble souls who would have significant influence on our own organization at Highlands of Tennessee. We got to hear the Frosts speak and lead numerous demonstrations over a number of years. Those demonstrations solidified their own standing within the OAS as being pragmatic, genuine, and very capable.

It should be noted that Gavin and Yvonne Frost have never been afraid to engage in the discussion of controversial subjects both within and without the craft. I remember a number of times at one of their lectures when either Gavin or Yvonne would say something that seemed, well - incredible - even to the point of shocking. Our VHFr. Manawyddan gave me insight into Gavin by telling me that as a teacher, Gavin could and *would* say about anything to make someone think. You had to be in a position to be able to speak to Gavin and Yvonne one on one to really get to know them and then you would be able to get the straight insight into where they are coming from. That takes time and personal exposure. I confess that I've not been around them for a long, long while. I miss hearing them and learning from them at some of those more public and semi-private gatherings. Perhaps we shall see them again in the next year or two if our schedules permit.

There is no doubt that both Gavin and Yvonne Frost have lived a very public life in the lime light as Wiccans. They have both suffered very real and mortal danger to help make Wicca a legitimate religion legally and in the eyes of common American society. They have been persecuted by individuals of various mainstream (mostly so-called) Christian practitioners. They have had their residence in Salem MO fire bombed. They have been shot at, had their gatherings picketed and demonstrated against, and generally reviled for daring to reclaim the word "Witch" to define themselves and their religious affiliation. I believe that their treatment by such individuals has had a genuine negative impact upon both of them and their reactions are perfectly natural. Still, it saddens me personally. Itıs no wonder that they don't want contact with anything "Christian"! I suspect however, that some of their positions are based on more practical grounds than mere negative experience and I'll try to expand on this view at the appropriate place(s).

On their blog site http://gavinandyvonne.blogspot.com/2007/08/can-wiccan-be-christian.html they write as follows:

GavinandYvonne: The Dancing Wiccans:

We founded the Church and School of Wicca, the oldest Wiccan school in the universe. We lead an interesting and full life, though at our age we should be retired. This blog will tell you what is going on in our life and additionally will help you numerologically predict your own future.

Oldest Wiccan school in the universe? You have to love their humor. Oldest in the US, most possibly and quite probably. But in the whole universe? And you know this for fact guys?? Proof! Give us some proof! < veg >

BTW... Personally, I hope you two *never* retire! Life would be way too boring without you all!

G&Y Frost:

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Can a Wiccan be a Christian?

People frequently ask us whether a person can be simultaneously a Wiccan and a Christian. For many years we have taken the position that the two paths are incompatible. Now maybe itıs time to explore in greater depth why we hold that as a basic truth. Let's start with a definition of each path.

A number of People who have read this statement (as well as other recent posts on the subject) have been very upset with Gavin and Yvonne Frost for their position. I have read and worked with numerous of their published works, and this position does not surprise me in the least. This is nothing new, as they have in past literature stated that to formally join their group, a student was required to give up past religious affiliations. An individual could *explore* their group without having to give up past affiliations. Individuals could take their introductory mail order course about Wicca with no such obligation. However, if you wished to receive initiation into their group, you were required to resign those past affiliations. Additionally, they required you to claim the faith you were affiliating with by saying, "I am a witch." Those were requirements to affiliate with them formally the last time I heard. I've not seen an updated version of their correspondence course in a long time. The last edition I have on file was published in the mid 1980's. Their old book (with controversial title) The Witch's Bible published by now defunct AlJon Press (of the famed Alchemist Shop in Overland Missouri) is basically an old revision of their correspondence course.

I can honestly understand where they are coming from in general terms. On the one hand, I personally agree with them. In magick - as in chemistry - some elements, some energies, some quote "stuff", do not mix benevolently with each other. Some substances can mix with explosive results. Spiritual/Energetic explosions usually occur in people's psyche's and can be seen in shattered minds and lives. People involved in magickal methods and perspectives should do so (as Dr. Israel Regardie phrased it), "by making haste slowly". Take your time in your exploration(s). It will pay dividends in the end. I respect the Frost's position that the two paths are not necessarily compatible - in general theory at least. I believe however that some aspects *can* be blended in general ways. Certainly there exists a number of techniques which can be used by anyone of any faith - because that which is true is ultimately real. Such truth - such reality - can and does exist on it's own for it's own sake - just as it is. We human beings can and do have some influence on the nature of reality and truth - however that influence is seldom significantly dramatic. Our perceptions of truth can and do change to significant effects and even life changing events.

When our own Order first formed, we debated long and hard about what we were going to call ourselves - as that would indicate a great deal about who and what we were as a group. Defining oneself is pivotal to the self and to a like minded group of individuals. Words can be defined in many different ways and time should be taken to do so. Also, words represent concepts and as concepts change so too languages and terminology grows and evolves. Nothing stays stagnant. We within the Order considered the term, "Christian Witch" when we were all Neophytes - children really. A Committee met to discuss the subject and a report was given in Council back in 1981. Committee Chair, VHFr. Shinobi reported that, "the term 'witch' could be used from the perspective that the word traced it's origins to mean any person who could 'bend or shape' their will in conformity with their consciousness and 'psychic or magickal' energies toward accomplishing of their "will". It was decided that any person who used magickal methods and developed psychic abilities could use the words, "witch" or "wiccan", regardless of other religious affiliation or influence." The report further went on to recommend that the term 'Christian Witch' should not be used by our organization because the term in itself would be confusing to outsiders, although some of their techniques and methods may be used. Additionally, the term 'witch' had a negative connotation to it (at the time at least) that the committee (and later the Order as a whole) chose not to affiliate itself with. The term 'augur' was used for a while in the Order's history, as we had a deep interest in astrology and other divination methods. In 1983, we started referring to ourselves as 'Christian Magickians and Mystics', as the term more accurately defined us as individuals and as an organization. This remains the Order's *official* position. I should point out that today (2007) we *do* have individuals who define themselves as *Christian Witches* and/or *Christo Pagans* within our Order's ranks. I'll explain why a little later. :-)

It should be noted that the whole "Wiccan" movement as a valid spiritual faith is one case in point regarding the power of labels and names. In the late 1950's through the 1960's history demonstrates that individuals who identified themselves as real live "witches" who could direct quote "magickal" forces were thought of by most people in society to being nuts with mental disorders or charlatans perpetuating fraud. There was no real magick. Psychic phenomenon was looked upon with skepticism at best. Yet people like Gavin and Yvonne Frost stepped into the real world and dared to claim the old term "witch" as who and what they were and to describe their own spirituality. They dared to prove that there were such people as witches in the real world and that they were a faith based on real precepts and ideals. They had a different world view that was as valid as any other mainstream spiritual expression (i.e. religion). Like we say in our own workings within the Order, "By names and images are all powers awakened and reawakened." In my not so humble opinion, it was a good thing that Gavin and Yvonne Frost and other founders of the American Craft had the strength to persevere to reclaim the name "witch" and create the spiritual concept of "Wicca". They had the freedom - the very right - to pursue deity as they perceived it here in the United States of America under it's constitution.

G&Y Frost:

Christianity is a dominator cult of the book.

With all due respect my friends, that is a very poor understanding of Christianity. Christianity is not so much about a book as it is about the human person and divine nature of Yeshuah - (Jesus - The Christ). There are established scriptures (and many non standard texts) which detail a great deal of the life and times of Yeshuah and his Apostles and Disciples. The exploration of who and what Yeshuah was/is and the practitioner's relationship to that being remains the focus of the individual Christian. There are so many interpretations of *that*, it is no wonder we have so many different exoteric expressions (i.e. churches) of that faith.

G&Y Frost:

Wicca is a partnership religion of Nature.

The two descriptions may require some explanation.

Not being Wiccan, I don't feel qualified to define your faith for you. From my experience and research, I can say that your definition has some validity at least from the perspective of other Wiccans with whom I am personally familiar. :->

G&Y Frost:


Somewhere around 4,000 BCE partnership paths were swept away throughout the Middle East, to be replaced with a male-dominator paradigm. You can see this in many, many myths, such as Tiamat and Marduk, and Inanna and Dammuzi.

In written history we have the highly touted Law Code of Hammurabi--of which 70 percent is devoted to defining suppression of women's rights. We find a similar change in Greece, though somewhat later. A familiar illustration is that Homer's love goddess in the 8th century BCE is Aphrodite. By about 450 BCE Plato's (male) love god is Eros--son of Ares, god of war. Cupid, the Roman equivalent of Eros, was originally shown fully armed; still today he is depicted as wielding a bow and arrow designed to pierce the heart of young women.

Hammurabi was Pagan - correct? At the time you mention, Greek and Roman cultures were Pagan - correct?? So you are demonstrating that the shift of female influence to male influence began not with Christianity, but within Pagan cultures themselves - correct???

Furthermore, I suspect such replacement was purely politically motivated. Like Gavin and Yvonne, I don't like the fact that this was done. However, I would also like to point out the fact that the modern religion of Wicca as a whole has not completely embraced the female side of deity. If my understanding is correct, the root word itself, "Wicca" is the "masculine" form of the word from which we derive the word, "Witch". - at least according to some authorities. Why did they (for the most part) choose to use the masculine form of the word to restore the concept of the Divine Feminine in a female based spiritual expression? Why did the early Wiccans not use the feminine term, "Wicce"?? That has always puzzled me personally. There are some witches who *do* use the term Wicce, but they are not nearly as many in my experience. Then again, I believe history hold some answers, even though we could debate them for eons. Gerald Gardner was a male and the first Wiccan to publish his works on the Wiccan faith. Being male, he wrote as a male. Whether or not you accept all of the reports, stories, and legends that he told concerning his experiences of/in the craft, you have to acknowledge his place in it's history.

G&Y Frost:


This word may grate on Christian sensibilities; however, by dictionary definition a cult is any pseudo-religious group that worships a named anthropomorphic deity. Therefore Christianity is nothing more than a Jesus-cult. If a "Christian" wished to espouse the Wiccan spiritual path, the first thing they would have to do would be to give up worshipping a named anthropo-morphic figure. That is, they could no longer worship only Jesus the Christ--although Mary and Jesus might remain a part of their personal pantheon. So ipso facto, they would no longer be a Christian.

I would remind Gavin and Yvonne that a subject matter can not merely be understood by a brief notation in a dictionary. Life is far more complicated than that. As an undergraduate I studied one semester on the subject in a course entitled Sociology of Religion. In that course we learned that spiritual movements go through a process of rejection, tolerance, and acceptance. Sometimes movements are tolerated and then rejected. It is possible for a spiritual movement to move forward or backward in the eyes of society. A "Cult" can be defined the way that you list it. However, must it be a "pseudo-religious² group? What if the group is genuine and not false? How does one really know if it is false or genuine - especially when viewed from afar or from mere academic perspectives? When Margaret Murry wrote the The Witch Cult in Western Europe, do you accept that Wicca at that time was "pseudo religious"? Was it "false" at one time and if so, when did it become "true"??

It is true that Christianity *began* as a Jewish cult but was eventually elevated to a Jewish sect. It was tolerated by the political power of the time (Pagan Rome) *because* it was formally affiliated with an accepted religion of the empire (Judaism). It wasn't known as a separate religion (i.e. Christianity) for about fifty years *after* the life and death of Yeshuah (Jesus the Christ). Christianity was given it's name in Antioch because the leadership of the Jewish Religion formally separated it from their faith. When that happened, "Christianity" regressed in the eyes of Pagan Rome, becoming an outlawed "cult". Everyone knows the history of the Christian persecutions in Rome and everywhere else in the Roman Empire. A number of things happened to eventually take Christianity from outlaw cult to the established religion (recognized Ecclesia) of the Roman Empire. That subject is beyond the scope of this writing. The point of this paragraph is to indicate that all religious groups can and do go through various phases of growth, life, and even decay and death; and that those phases are sometimes more complicated than most people realize.

I have a number of sayings called "Humpisms" by students I have taught over the years. One of these states that, "Politics plus a thing... can ruin a thing." Likewise, "Ego plus a thing... can ruin a thing." ("Money plus a thing... can ruin a thing" is a given.) I can assure you both that for the vast majority of it's practitioners who operate within the spiritual faith of the Christian religion Yeshuah (Jesus) was then and remains more than mere mortal man, but divine. There are other perspectives, including the Gnostical Christian who would have a different understanding, and I personally accept some of their points of view. Regarding the mainstream of the Christian Faith, it is my belief based on my own personal experiences that the vast majority accept the actual divine nature of Yeshuah. I myself am an affirmed Trinitarian Inclusionist. I understand if your experiences have given you a different perspective. From our mystical perspective within Christianity, there is far more spiritual reality to Yeshuah (Jesus) than what is known, stated, and practiced by mainstream Christians in the exoteric churches of our day. The people living at the time of Christ who heard him speak and teach, who saw him heal the sick, raise the dead, control the elements and the forces of darkness did not understand him when he was alive and with them. His own Apostles failed to understand him, his real message, and his real mission. Where in Wicca is it said "...that If a "Christian" wished to espouse the Wiccan spiritual path, the first thing they would have to do would be to give up worshipping a named anthropo-morphic figure"? I ask you, is the image and personhood of the life of Christ any less powerful or meaningful a figure than say, the little clay statuettes of any number of Goddesses and Gods found on Pagan/Wiccan altars? Respectfully, I think not. Furthermore, the Order continues to remain Christian *because* Christ is the spiritual standard of the West in our current time. I refer any who are interested in this concept to the writings of Violet Mary Firth (aka Dion Fortune).

G&Y Frost:


Another major stumbling block to being simultaneously Christian and Wiccan is the so-called "Holy" Bible, praised in some quarters as a complete guidebook for life. Wicca finds its guide to spirituality in Nature and natural ways. So to be a Wiccan, the seeker must dump the "Holy" Bible. That shouldn't be too difficult, because the book contains so many unholy teachings. As an example, just look up the dozens of reasons for putting someone to death.

Most people (including those whom take it as the spiritual authority over their own lives) have *no* idea how the bible became the Bible. Sadly, this includes many so called ministers. Indoctrination does not equate with education. Adherents to *any* faith should ask serious questions about the sources of information they receive from individuals and spiritual texts alike. We have to learn to think critically. God/dess (however you perceive that term to be) expects us too. The Bible is not so much a book but a selected collection of texts (books, letters, poems, etc.).

It seems to me that Gavin and Yvonne have no problem in acknowledging Magickal Christians per se. In one of their earlier works, The Magic Power of Witchcraft (now republished under the title, The Magic Power of White Witchcraft) when making an apology for a non witch seeking to explore Wicca and their teachings they write in their Introduction "How To Change Your Life" in the Magic Power of Witchcraft, page 5 as follows, "Whatever it is you need or want, whatever frustration is bothering you today, Witchcraft can help you. It is not evil; it is not Satanism. All of the things that you will be taught to do are approved in the Bible in I Corinthians 12."

For those not familiar with that particular passage I include it here:

1 Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant.
2 Ye know that ye were Gentiles, carried away unto these dumb idols, even as ye were led.
3 Wherefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Jesus accursed: and that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost.
4 Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.
5 And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord.
6 And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all.
7 But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal.
8 For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit;
9 To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit;
10 To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues:
11 But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will.
12 For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.

My question naturally follows that if they have so little regard for the Christian quote *Holy* Bible, why would they make reference to the Apostle Paul's discussion on spiritual gifts in their work to justify what they themselves are teaching? (i.e. methods in their form of witchcraft is approved of in the Christian Bible) In my opinion the passage indicates the possibility of individuals using what could be considered magick in the spiritual gift of "working miracles". I strongly doubt however that Paul would agree with Gavin and Yvonne's perception that *everything* in that particular work would be supported by his discussion of spiritual gifts which they point out. Christian morals and ethics are not the same as those of Pagan Wicca - especially as discussed in their book. Come on guys, we know the real reason you made reference to that passage. To be direct, in my opinion you clearly reference this passage to allow you to influence individuals who practice a form of Christianity to be able to at least *look* into practicing your form of Wicca with a somewhat clear conscious. It is a form of your church's apologetics which allows for the spreading (i.e. subtle proselytizing) your own organization's beliefs and practices amongst open minded Christians.

While we are at it, I should at least point out that in Christianity, there *is* a set of sacred texts which we can analyze critically as believers and practitioners. Of course, some denominations accept some "books" and some groups do not accept some other "books" of the Holy Bible as being sacred scripture. The subject is more complicated than I can go into here. In the end however, we have more to think about than merely a "Rede" (generally a good philosophy) which can be interpreted several different ways in and of itself. We do have a summary of what the Bible teaches that could be taken as the Magickal Christian's Rede written in our canon when Yeshuah states, "thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength; ... and thy neighbor as thyself." This would be even more correct when we apply the understanding of the word *God* as Gavin and Yvonne perceive the term, being two halves of the Life Principle, both God and Goddess (male and female). We would also suggest that it is entirely possible the Almighty One may have evolved beyond a sexual gender.

Regarding the sacredness of nature, if one reads the Apostle Paul's epistle to Romans, we find where he states that it is possible to determine the existence and majesty of deity in nature itself. One does not need to be a Christian to know of God's existence as it is self evident in the created order (nature) itself.

G&Y Frost:

No juvenile should ever read this ancient mythical book of horrors without adult supervision. Case in point: In a debate one day Gavin got a fundamentalist minister to admit that he had thought the Song of Solomon was pornographic.

I agree that the Bible should be read with the aid of an understanding adult to any child. I would also suggest that knowing and understanding adults be involved with any child regardless of spiritual expression (i.e. religion). This is especially true in religions where magickal and mystical methods are involved. In short, I'd say children should not be involved in the craft until an age of consciousness has been reached and then by instruction of competent adult practitioners. In seeking things of the spiritual forces the kabbalistic saying, "he whom touches a thing, is touched by a thing," is valid and true. Some experiences need preparation and guidance - especially in the beginning.

G&Y Frost:


In our definition of Wicca you may be surprised to see the word partnership. Because the male-dominator paradigm has been enforced for at least five millennia, many neophyte Wiccans in the past have leaned toward a female-dominator model. We hope they will come to recognize that this paradigm can be as destructive as the male one. We refer you to Riane Eisler's indispensable book The Power of Partnership for a discussion of partnership, and what partnership can mean, when contrasted with domination.

I agree with you both here completely in principle. I'd go even farther by claiming that Wiccans, Pagans, Christians, Jews, Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus, Confusionists, Taoists, Shintoists, and every other 'ists' are in a partnership with each other whether we know it or not or accept it or not. As a starting point of mutual partnership, we all have our humanity. One of my favorite professors who taught me both sections of world religious philosophy once taught that, "only by seeking those things which we have in common can we ever truly learn to explore and perhaps in time even accept and appreciate those things which we label as our differences." It was a pretty deep thought for a college junior to hear and try to wrap his mind around. At my age, I still think it's pretty deep - and I hold it to be true.

G&Y Frost:

So we're still looking for a Christian-Wiccan, though I don't think we will ever find one.

Well, holy cow! Let me introduce you all to a couple! :->

Rawna Moon of Atlanta Georgia is the founder of the Norvicensian Tradition of Christian Wicca. Her articles are very well known on the Internet. She runs an on line course in Christian Wicca via YahooGroups.com. You can visit them at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NorvicensianSeekers/ You can check out her course at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thechristianwitchcourse/

Nancy Chandler-Pittman of Decatur Alabama has self published a book about her tradition known as the Trinitarian Tradition of Christian Wicca. She is a very gifted musician and she runs an on line networking support group. You can visit them at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ChristianWicca/

Another networking and support group of Christian Wiccans (and others) founded by Dr. Robert in Hawaii is Coven of Christ Ministries. The group is being led today by Rev. Sandra K. Josey, Bishop & HPS COCM. You can visit them at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/coven-of-christ-ministries/

Additionally, noted Pagan authors River and Joyce Higginbotham of St. Louis, MO are in the final stages of writing a book about (and exploring) the concepts of "Christo Paganism". I've known both of those fine individuals for over ten years. We may not always agree with each other, but we respect each other highly. I've met some really neat people through them. Additionally, I like them personally and consider them to be friends - both to myself and to The Order itself. Anyone interested in their work may contact them from their page at: http://www.riverandjoyce.com/ I and a number of other indiviudals and our views will be discussed in this upcoming book, entitled, ChristoPaganism: An Inclusive Path, due to be released February 2009.

For additional links of Christo-Pagan, Christian Wiccan, and other esoteric Christian Magickal and Mystical groups feel free to visit our web links page at: http://weblinks.astralstar.org/

I personally hold Sandra, Rowana, and Nancy in high regard. All of them would be more than welcome within the OAS and fully recognized as peers within our own regular rites and rituals. They are all neat people and they are all natural leaders. By all means, check out their respective web sites. :-)

G&Y Frost:

We readily acknowledge that our definition of a Christian tends to focus on the more fundamentalist type; and that currently some who call themselves Christian are not so dogmatic as our definition implies. Perhaps the biggest obstacle in our search is that some 40 percent of this nation's population have no spiritual path or affiliation and do not regularly attend a house of worship or any celebration of nature-in-the-woods. That's a vast number of people. In our attempts to make the Craft visible to them, we fail to take into account the fact that as they espouse the Craft, they may unconsciously bring with them parts of the Christian paradigm. The part of that paradigm that really frosts our sensitive diaper area is the assumption: If you don't worship my cult figure my way, we can't be friends" --or worse, You are an idiotic subhuman devil-worshipper.

I am glad that you acknowledge that your definition is a bit narrow in scope. I think you all know that The Order of The Astral Star is *not* the type of Christian organization that you should have cause to be concerned about. Well... not concerns that we would want you all thrown overboard. You may have concerns that some Christians who choose to explore magick and mysticism may chose to do so not as a Wiccan but as one within the OAS. You might fear that we may eventually be some form of competition. I don't accept the philosophy that Pagan and Wiccan Groups do not proselytize. Every group that wants to continue it's existence seek new members for their organizations in some method - or they choose to cease to be.

G&Y Frost:

This year in Florida the FPG (Florida Pagan Gathering) drew in elders and leaders from at least twelve different traditions of Wicca. We had a good time. No squabbles, no fights, no negativity, just a lot of hugs and good fun and catching up on each other's news. We had all grown beyond the Christian paradigm. It was wonderful.

Try it; you might like it.

I am certainly glad that you had a positive experience at this year's Florida Pagan Gathering with so many noble souls! It's good to hear when things go well! Alas, I would question your final comment. You all had grown *beyond* the Christian paradigm? As if those of us who remain within it are somehow *below* your evolved spiritual states? LOL! Respectfully, I think not. I choose to think of you and yours as growing in a different direction towards the light - not beyond me but merely in another direction. I honor your spiritual journeys. You are both wonderful people and yet - not completely wonderful. Ego plus a thing... Such thoughts are bound to eventually lead to looking down your noses at other mortal souls and then you will have led your church in a direction where you become that which you have both fought against for so very long. That would truly be sad my friends. We can and do disagree on a number of things. Both of us believe that we perceive the truth (reality) correctly. Yet I know that I am not one hundred percent correct. My favorite college professor once taught in those two sections of World Religious Philosophy that, "We are all a little bit right and a lot a bit wrong". In my tradition sacred text indicates that we all see through a veil darkly, but one day we will see face to face. There is truth in all religious perspectives. Some spiritual traditions may be more evolved than other spiritual traditions. But who is qualified to state which is which? We seldom perceive which way is up or which way is down - without divine guidance. I'll continue to share my experiences and review those of others. I may even learn something of great import.


I would have to say that I respect Gavin and Yvonne Frost's decision to state that you can not be a Wiccan AND a Christian if you are involved with their church - initiated into the craft by their organization/tradition. They have a right to control their own organization and all organizations have a right - nay - a *duty* to list rules of membership and to enforce those rules.

I further believe that Gavin and Yvonne make an excellent point indicating that there are energies that do not mix well in the real world. The reality is that some forces do not combine positively. Some energies can and do mix with explosive results. Any magickal working should be well researched, well thought out and fully understood - at least as fully as the practitioner is capable of doing so here on this plane. Practitioners should be prepared for the unexpected. I believe that there is a genuine need for caution.

However, I completely disagree that it is *impossible* to be both a Christian and a Wiccan in at least some nominal sense of the words. It may be difficult sometimes regarding working out some of the perceived incompatibilities. Some incompatibilities will never *be* resolved satisfactorily for *every* believer or practitioner. These are going to have to be addressed personally as well as by groups of individuals who attempt to practice a blended form of this spirituality. I base my opinion primarily on how one defines each of those terms. I believe that a Christian is a person who accepts Yeshuah (Jesus) as the Christ. I believe that a Wiccan is a person who learns to bend and shape their consciousness and inner spiritual powers for directed ends. This is not in opposition of God or Christ (however you perceive Deity), but if aligned correctly is done in conjunction *with* deity. Such a practitioner becomes a vessel of the Almighty. The *Will* of the magician becomes in line with Divine Will - and thus we become instruments of His/Her purpose(s). For this reason a number of people who have decided to call themselves Christo-Pagans, Christian Wiccans, and Christian Witches have been admitted into the Order. In my opinion, it is vitally important that we allow individuals to explore their own natures and their relationship with divinity as their own consciousness guides them. The two of you had it and made use of it regarding your faith - even though it was fraught with personal danger. Others should be acknowledged as having the same right to try to blend traditions that are of value to them personally and in groups. In this country, they have the legal right and personal freedom to do so. THANK GOD/DESS!

I wish the two of you well and extend my complements to your students and to the members of your church. I look forward to hearing from you both (and/or visiting with you) soon. Until then on behalf of the Order I remain most sincerely and respectfully,

Yours in The Light,

Frater Pneuma Asteros, (Michael W. Humphrey)
Chief Adept, Imperator, & President,
Order of The Astral Star, Inc.
Georgetown, KY, USA
Autumnal Equinox - September, 23rd, 2007


Association for the Study of Esotericism
Third International Conference
Call for Papers: Esotericism, Religion, and Nature
May 29 - June 1, 2008

The Association for the Study of Esotericism (ASE) is seeking paper and panel proposals for its third International North American Conference on Esotericism to be held at the College of Charleston, in Charleston, SC.

We are seeking proposals on topics in Western Esotericism, particularly related to themes exploring the relationship between esotericism, religion, and nature. Papers may focus on any one of these topics or on a specific conjunction of topics especially as it relates to esotericism. We are also interested in other topics in the study of esotericism and invite proposals on magic, alchemy, astrology, ritual practice, esotericism and mysticism, spiritualism, occultism, hermetic thought, neo-paganism, contemporary esoteric movements and teachers, Asian influences on Western traditions, and other related topics.

We welcome scholars from a wide range of perspectives, including anthropology, American studies, art history, history, religious studies, literature, philosophy, psychology, medieval studies, sociology the full range of academic disciplines and fields that bear upon the study of esotericism. ASE regards esotericism as an interdisciplinary field of research and we invite scholars from all disciplines to share their research and writings in support of a cross-fertilization of perspectives. In order to encourage graduate study in the field, we will offer a modest prize for the best graduate student paper presented.

**Authors are welcome to suggest new or very recent published books, their own or others, for possible display at our ASE book sale for conference attendees. Book suggestions should be current and related to the field of esoteric studies.

If you wish to submit a paper proposal for review and possible presentation at the conference, please send it by regular email to ASEconf2008@yahoo.com.

The deadline for panel or paper proposal submission is 15 December, 2007.

No attachments, please: simply copy and paste your abstract into plain text email. Abstracts should be limited to a paragraph, or at most to one single-spaced page, and indicate academic affiliation and/or other academic qualifications. Independent scholars are welcome to submit proposals. Please note that our previous conference was at maximum capacity, so it is best to submit your proposal sooner rather than later to avoid being disappointed. We hope to post a preliminary list of accepted proposals early in 2008. Possible venues for the publication of conference papers include the ASE Conference Book Series, Esoterica (the ASE on-line journal), and the Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture.

For more information on the ASE, see our website at www.aseweb.org. An additional announcement will be forthcoming on the 2008 ASE conference, with information on location, hotels, and conference registration for speakers and ASE members. This event is co-sponsored with the Department of Religious Studies, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Provost Office of the College of Charleston, and the International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture (ISSRNC), administered at the University of Florida, http://religionandnature.com/society.


With Noted Festivals and Special Events
September 2007 - March 2008.

DateEvent / Note
09/02/0714th Sun. after Trinity.
Associate Member Birthday: "Jack O." Chicago, IL; 1951.
09/03/07LABOR DAY (USA & CAN);
FotO's Anniversary: Wolf & Fey Raine Barjkana (Sells) of Dunlap, TN; 2005;
Moon = Wanning 1/4.
09/05/07Associate Member Birthday: "Enida P."of Brampton, ON, CAN; 1960.
09/09/0715th Sun. after Trinity;
Member Anniversary: VHSr. Caveat Anima & John L. of Georgetown, KY; 2005.
09/10/07OAS Autmnal Equinox Crux Mystica Sep. 2007 Issue Published.
09/11/07*Note: High Altar Cloth to BLACK...
Patriot's Day (USA) (9-11-2001 Terrorist Attack Rememberance);
Moon = New.
09/12/07*Note: High Altar Cloth to GREEN...
09/13/07Rash Hashana begins @ sunset;
Ramadan Begins
09/14/07Holy Cross Day.
09/15/07Our Lady of Sorrows;
Original Member Birthday: VHFr. Sola Fidelis of Huntsville, AL; 1964.
09/16/0716th Sun. after Trinity;
09/17/07St. Hildegard Von Bingen - d.1179 Abess & Mystic.
09/19/07Ember Wed.;
Moon = Waxing 1/4.
09/21/07St. Mathew, Apostle;
Ember Fri.
09/22/07*Note: High Altar cloth to YELLOW; Rose on High Altar = YELLOW...
Coming of Autumnal Equinox;
Rash Hashana ends @ sunset (Yom Kippur);
OAS E.C. Meeting: S.T. Polaris 1:00 PM.
09/23/0717th Sun. after Trinity;
Autmnal Equinox (Sun enters Libra);
09/24/07*Note: Autumnal Equinox is complete; High Altar cloth to GREEN...
09/26/07Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Bona Perfecte Intueri of Brookfield, CT; 1960.
Moon = Full.
09/27/07Sukkot Ends @ Sunset.
09/28/07FotO Birthday: Kimberly H. of Ft. Wayne, IN, 1966.
09/29/07Sts. Michael/Gabriel/Auriel/Raphael & All Angels.
09/30/07A HREF="http://www.astralstar.org/journal/grimoire/collects/pentecost.html#t18">18th Sun. after Trinity.
St. Jerome, Priest.
10/02/07Birth of Arthur E. Waite, 1857. Christian Mystic & Mage.
10/03/07Sukkot Begins @ Sunset;.
Moon = Wanning 1/4.
10/04/07St. Francis of Assisi - d.Oct.03, 1226. Christian Mystic;
Birth ofAnnie E. F. Horniman, 1860. Mage, HOGD.
10/06/07FotO Birthday: FotO. Wolf Barjkana, of Chattanooga-Dunlap, TN; 1964.
10/07/0719th Sun. after Trinity;
Our Lady of The Holy Rosary;
10/08/07COLUMBUS DAY (Observed) (USA);
10/11/07Moon = New.
10/12/07Birth of Edward Alexander "Aleister" Crowley, 1875. Ceremonial Mage, HOGD, AA, OTO.
10/13/07Ramadan Ends : (Eid) Al Fitr;
Birth of Fredrick Hockley, 1808. Christian Mage & Clairvoyant.
10/14/0720th Sun. after Trinity.
St. Theresa of Avilla, Christian Mystic.
10/18/07St. Luke, Evangelist.
10/19/07Moon = Waxing 1/4.
10/21/0721st Sun. after Trinity.
10/23/07*Note: High Altar cloth to RED...
St. James of Jerusalem - Br. of Jesus & Martyr;
Sun enters Scorpio.
10/24/07*Note: High Altar cloth to GREEN...
Ramadan Ends.
10/25/07Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Valere Supra Adversae of Stoneham, MA; 1947.
10/26/07Member Birthday: VHSr. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (4th Adept & Secretary) of Plymouth, MI; 1974;
Moon = Full.
10/28/07A HREF="http://www.astralstar.org/journal/grimoire/collects/pentecost.html#t22">22nd Sun. after Trinity.
St. Simon & St. Jude, Apostles;
Mother-In-Law Day (USA).
10/31/07*Note: High Altar cloth to BLACK...
All Hallow's Eve (Halloween);
11/01/07All Saint's Day;
OAS Founder's Day, 1980 (27th Anno Asteros);
Moon = Wanning 1/4.
11/02/07All Soul's Day;
11/03/07*Note: High Altar cloth to GREEN...
11/03-04/07The New Earth Psychic Festivals - Lexington, KY: Sat. Nov. 03th, 2007 10AM through 7PM and Sun. Mar. 04th, 2007 10AM through 6PM at the Holiday Inn South, I-75 Exit #104, (5532 Athens-Boonsboro Rd.) in East Lexington KY. Lexington's Premier Metaphysical Event with Professional Psychics, Healers, and Vendors. Admission $10 (good for both days); 1/2 price $5 with a can good. Under 16 admitted free. Many door prized to be given away. For additional information visit www.newearthfestivals.com on the world wide web or write to the event organizers at: New Earth Festivals.
11/04/0723rd Sun. after Trinity;
Daylight Savings Time Ends @ 02:00 AM ET.
11/06/07General Elections (USA)
Original Member Birthday: VHSr. Trebo Asteros of Orlando, FL; 1966.
11/09/07Moon = New.
11/10/07Associate Member Birthday: AFr. "B. Robert W." of Manchester, NH; 1967.
11/11/07*Note: High Altar cloth to BLACK...
24th Sun. after Trinity.
Rememberance Day (CAN).
11/12/07*Note: High Altar cloth to GREEN...
11/16/07Member Birthday: VHSr. Caveat Anima of Georgetown, KY; 1963.
11/18/0725th Sun. after Trinity.
Sun enters Sagitarius.
11/23/07Christ The King
11/24/07Moon = Full.
11/25/0726th Sun. after Trinity.
11/29/07Associate Member Birthday: ASr. "Becca A." of Lexington, KY; 1979.
11/30/07St. Andrew.
12/01/07Moon = Wanning 1/4.
12/02/07*Note High Altar Cloths to PURPLE or BLUE...
1st Sun. in ADVENT;
12/03/07St. Francis Xavier, Priest.
12/05/07Hanukkah begins @ sunset;
Associate Member Birthday: The Rev. AFr. Veda Retor Satanas of Dublin, GA; 1964.
12/06/07Birth of Violet Mary Firth (Dion Fortune) 1890. Christian Mage, HOGD, FotIL.
12/07/07*Note: High Altar cloth to BLACK...
Pearl Harbor Day;
OAS Crux Mystica 2007 Calendar Published;
OAS Christmas Cards Mailed.
12/09/072nd Sun. in Advent.
12/12/07Our Lady of Guadalupe;
Hanukkah ends @ sunset;
Associate Member Birthday: AFr. Doctrina Abundare of Ft. Wayne, IN; 1967.
12/14/07St. John of the Cross, Abbot & Christian Mystic.
12/15/07Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Finem Respice of Sulphur, LA; 1974.
12/16/073rd Sun. in Advent.
12/17/07Birth of William W. Wescott, 1848. Mage, HOGD;
Moon = Waxing 1/4.
12/19/07Ember Wed.
12/21/07*Note: High Altar cloths to YELLOW;
Rose on High Altar = WHITE (Preparation for Winter Solstice)

St. Thomas, Apostle;
Ember Fri.
12/22/07Winter Solstice (Sun enters Capricorn)
Associate Member Birthday: AFr. "Steven D." of Montana, 1971.
12/23/07*Note High Altar Cloths to PURPLE or BLUE...
4th Sun. in Advent;
Moon = Full.
12/24/07*Note: High Altar Cloth to WHITE...
Christmas Even.
12/26/07*Note: High Altar Cloth to RED...
St. Stephen, Martyr.
12/27/07St. John, Apostle & Evangelist.
12/28/07The Feast of the Holy Innocent's Day
12/31/07*Note: High Altar Cloth to WHITE...
New Years Even.
01/01/2008*Note: High Altar Cloth to WHITE...
The Circumcision of Christ;
Birth of Edward Talbot-Kelly, 1555. Christian Mage & Seer.
01/05/2008OAS 2nd Adept/Vice President Birthday: GHSr. Alethia Asteros of Plymouth, MI; 1965.
01/06/2008*Note: High Altar Cloth to GREEN...
EPIPHANY: The Appearance & Feast of The Magi;
01/08/2008Moon = New.
Birth of Samuel L. "McGregor" Mathers, 1854. Ceremonial Mage, Co-Founder, HOGD;
Memorial: Violet Mary Firth (aka Dion Fortune), b. Dec. 6th,1890 - d. Jan. 8th, 1946; Christian Mystic & Mage.
01/13/20081st Sun. after Epiphany.
01/15/2008Moon = Waxing 1/4.
01/20/2008Septuagesima Sunday.
Sun enters Aquarius;
01/21/2008Martin Luther King Jr. Day (USA).
01/22/2008Moon = Full.
01/23/2008Associate Member Birthday: AFr. Todd C. of Columbus Grove, OH; 1976.
01/24/2008Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Non Omnis Vasas Sunt Facere Aureus of Santa Fe, NM; 1967.
01/25/2008Conversion of St. Paul, Apostle.
01/26/2008St. Titus & St. Timothy, Bishops.
01/27/2008Sexuagesima Sunday;
01/28/2008Associate Member Birthday: ASr. Epona of Paris, KY; 1955.
01/30/2008Moon = Wanning 1/4.
01/31/2008St. John Bosco, Priest & Mystic.
02/02/2008Presentation of Christ in the Temple;
Original Member Birthday: VHSr. Kardia Asteros of Georgetown, KY, 1966.
02/03/2008Quinquagesima Sunday;
02/05/2008Shrove Tue. (Feast of Mardi Gras)
02/06/2008*Note: High Altar Cloth to PURPLE...
LENT: Ash Wednesday;
Moon = New.
02/07/2008Chinese New Year = Rat;
Associate Member Birthday: AFr. "Brandon S." of State College, PA; 1974.
02/10/20081st Sun. in Lent.
Birth of Alphonse L. Constant "Eliphas Levi", 1810. Christian Mage;
02/11/2008Our Lady Of Lourdes.
02/12/2008Abraham Lincoln's Birthday (USA).
02/13/2008Moon = Waxing 1/4.
02/14/2008Valentine's Day (USA);
Associate Member Birthday: AFr. Sic Itur Ad Astra of Louisville, KY; 1964.
02/15/2008Associate Member Birthday: AFr. Temperata of West Union, OH; 1966.
02/16-17/2008The New Earth Psychic Festivals - Lexington, KY: Sat. Feb. 17th, 2008 10AM through 7PM and Sun. Feb. 18th, 2008 10AM through 6PM at the Holiday Inn South, I-75 Exit #104, (5532 Athens-Boonsboro Rd.) in South-East Lexington KY. Lexington's Premier Metaphysical Event with Professional Psychics, Healers, and Vendors. Admission $10 (good for both days); 1/2 price $5 with a can good. Under 16 admitted free. Many door prized to be given away. For additional information visit www.newearthfestivals.com on the world wide web or write to the event organizers at: New Earth Festivals.
02/17/20082nd Sun. in Lent;
OAS Chief Adept/President Birthday: GHFr. Pneuma Asteros of Georgetown, KY; 1964;
02/18/2008PRESIDENT'S DAY (USA);
Sun enters Pisces.
02/20/2008Moon = Full.
02/22/2008George Washington's Birthday (USA).
02/24/20083rd Sun. in Lent;
St. Matthias, Apostle;
FotO Birthday: FotO, "Leslie B." of Huntsville, AL; 1968;
02/28/2008Moon = Wanning 1/4;
Birth of Mina "Moinia" Bergson- Mathers, 1865. Ceremonial Mage, HOGD.
02/29/2008Leap Year.
03/01/2008St. David's Day (Patron Saint of Wales, UK).
03/02/20084th Sun. in Lent;
03/03/2008FotO Birthday: "Michael W.," of Clinton, MI; 1952;
Member Birthday: ASr. Epiphaino of FL, 1958;
03/07/2008Moon = New.
03/09/20085th Sun. in Lent;
03/13/2008Birth of Dr. Robert W. Felkin, 1853. Ceremonial Mage, HOGD.
03/14/2008Moon = Waxing.
03/16/2008Palm Sun;
03/17/2008St. Patrick's Day (Patron Saint of Ireland, UK);
03/18/2008Birth of Edgar Cayce, 1877. Psychic & Prophet. ARE;
03/19/2008St. Joseph, Husband of St. Mary.
*Note: High Altar Cloth to YELLOW, Rose on Altar to YELLOW...
Pepare for the Vernal Equinox.
03/20/2008*Note: High Altar Cloth remains YELLOW, Rose on Altar remains YELLOW...
Vernal Equinox (Sun enters Aries); (OSTARA);
Maundy Thursday
International Astrology Day.
03/21/2008*Note: High Altar Cloth to RED...
Good Friday (Morning).
*Note: High Altar Cloth to BLACK...
Good Friday (Evening).
Moon = Full;
Feast of Purim
03/22/2008Easter Even.
03/23/2008*Note: High Altar Cloth to WHITE...
03/25/2008*Note: High Altar Cloth to BLUE...
The Annunciation of St. Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ;
03/26/2008*Note: High Altar Cloth to WHITE...
03/28/2008Member Birthday: The Rev. Sr. Mirnya, of Decatur, IN; 1966.
03/29/2008Moon = Wanning 1/4.
03/30/20081st Sun. after Easter.


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