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A term that means, "one who is zealous." In the Order of the Astral Star [O.A.S.] (q.v.), a zelator is the title of the third degree of membership, and correlates to the Air of Earth in the Sephiroth of Malkuth (i.e. the citrine colored quarter of Malkuth). The primary principle of this grade is based on mastering the element of Earth (q.v.).


A Buddhist sect widespread in Japan that seeks enlightenment through spontaneous insights that are generated by a single-minded devotion to simple physical actions, or by verbal paradoxes that cannot be solved in logical terms. In Zen, the intellect is looked upon as an obstruction to truth that must be circumvented on philosophical analysis.


From the old French from the Latin "Zodiakos" meaning, "Circle of Animals". An imaginary belt in the heavens extending on either side of the apparent path of the sun (q.v.), the moon (q.v.), and the planets along the ecliptic divided into twelve sections of thirty degrees each. Used in Astrology (q.v.).


A huge, mystical commentary on the Torah (q.v.) first written down in the fourteenth (14th) century by the Rebbe and Kabbalist Moses de Leon.

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