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Psychic center just above the head, it is also the deepest level of the subconscious. Also called The Higher Self (q.v.).


The Pentagrammaton (q.v.). The name given to Jesus by Christian Kabbalists during the Renaissance, who used it as the supreme word of power in their magick and worship. They intended it replace the Tetragrammaton (YHVH) (q.v.) of the Jews.


Hebrew for "Foundation." Pronounced, "Yea-Sohd." The ninth (9th) Sephirah (q.v.) on the Tree of Life (q.v.).


The third of the Four Kabalistic Worlds in descending order. It means world of formation.


Hebrew for, "The book of formation." Considered to be the first Kabalistic book. Re-produced in A.E. Waite's (q.v.) The Holy Kabbalah, and S.L MacGregor Mather's (q.v.) The Kabbalah Unveiled.


The Tetragrammaton (q.v.). The ultimate, unpronounceable, supreme name for God/Goddess. A code for the ultimate name of Divinity, indicating that the Divine being is a blending of everything physical, mental, and spiritual. Also indicates that the nature of the Divine being is a blending of opposites. This word has been mis-pronounced as Yahweh and mis-transliterated as Jehovah by ill informed people. Even to this day, the name is said to be so holy by the Jews, the word, Adonai, is said in YHVH's place while reading the scriptures.


Sanskrit for, "Union." Especially refers to a union between a person and Divinity. Religious disciplines of Hinduism (q.v.). Hatha Yoga, which involves physical postures and breathing techniques designed to promote a unity of mind and body, and a unity between man and God, is only one of the many systems of Yoga. Raja yoga involves mental exercises, Karma Yoga relies on good works, and Bhakti Yoga uses religious devotion, Mantra yoga involves chanting, Laya Yoga (q.v.) seeks to awaken Kundalini (q.v.), and Jnana Yoga concentrates on philosophical analysis.


Allegedly a method of exciting the Kundalini energy at the base of the spine and causing it to rise up to the head, bringing enlightenment.


Pronounced, "Lie Yoga," it uses breath and visualization (q.v.) to recreate the changes that the physical and spiritual bodies go through during sexual activity. This is usually presented as an allegory of causing the Kundalini (q.v.) energy to rise. It is the source idea for Kundalini Yoga (q.v.).


A Sanskrit term for the female genitalia.

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