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A term used by Don Tyson to indicate the boundary between manifest being and the unknowable source called the Unmanifest (q.v.) or the Ain Soph (q.v.).


The second planet of the terran solar system. In Astrology (q.v.), the planet named after the Roman goddess who served as the goddess of beauty. Attributed as being the ruler of the Zodiac (q.v.) signs Taurus (q.v.) and Libra (q.v.). On the Tree of Life (q.v.) within the Kabbalah (q.v.). Venus is attributed to the seventh Sephirah (q.v.), Netzach (q.v.). Keywords include: harmony, relationship, balance, attraction, beauty, love, party, diplomatic, art, music, drama, pleasure, possessions, lovely, candy, sweetness, lazy, indolent, enjoyment, taste, dressing table, make up, mirror.


The personal seal of a Loa (q.v.) or god, in Voudoun (q.v.). It is drawn upon the earth around the center post in the peristyle (q.v.) or ceremonial enclosure, with flour or ashes. Also called the Veve (q.v.) in Voodoo (q.v.).


One of four thousand known asteroids, but treated as a very minor planet. In Astrology (q.v.), the planet named after the Greek goddess who served as a comforter, keeper of the sacred hearth, and sacred harlot. Keywords include: sister, sexuality, fertility, comforter, charity, sacred chastity, virginity, sacred warrior, sacred harlot, sex as a sacrament, child bearing, diplomacy, legalist, altar, meditation, sanctuaries, rituals, secret societies, safekeeping, hospitality, tradition, prostitution, civil service.


A symbol drawn on the ground in Voodoo (q.v.) ceremonies and used as a talisman (q.v.) or device to attract the Loas (q.v.) or gods.


In Ceremonial Magick (q.v.), certain words are meant to be vibrated. This means that when sounded (loudly or silently) they should cause not only the practitioner, but all of space around the practitioner and all of the very existence of space before one to vibrate or resonate to the sound.


"The Virgin." In Astrology (q.v.), the sixth sign of the zodiac (q.v.) having the qualities of mutable (q.v.) and earth (q.v.) and is ruled by the planet Mercury (q.v.). On the Rainbow Wand (q.v.) and on the Lotus Wand Virgo is represented by the color yellow-green. Keywords include: picky, overly critical, practicality, with detail, industriously, modestly, analytically, discriminatingly, critically.


The magickal potency of efficacy of herbs, stones, beasts, and other things impressed upon them through the stars at the time of their creation by the heavenly Intelligences (q.v.).


The process of forming a visualization (q.v.). To form a mental image. The important factor for success in this is the knowledge that the image is to be mental, not an optical illusion. It can however seem to be optically visible.


1) Seeing an image in the mind's eye. This is a willed image, and should not be confused with an hallucination, which is an unwilled picture in the mind's eye.

2) The practice of imagining a place, person, thing, or event with unusual clarity and intensity. Often it is done in a ritual context and reinforced by repetition.


A process of using visualizations to affect you unconscious. This will have an effect on the Astral Plane (q.v.), leading to changes on the physical plane.


Silently. One Vibratory Formula (q.v.) method. In some situations it is impossible to vibrate words out loud. In these instances the practitioner say them to themself, thus causing the "Great Voice." However, the practitioner should still cause themselves and the universe to vibrate as if saying the word(s) out loud.


A religion mixing Roman Catholicism and the African religious practices called Voudoun (q.v.). Magick is an important aspect of the religion.


The more pure religion created by the black slaves of Haiti. It has it's roots in African tribal shamanism. The central rite is possession by spirits called Loa (q.v.).


The occult energy described by the English writer Edward Bulwer-Lytton in his science-fiction novel, The Coming Race (1871). Much the same as Mesmer's animal magnetism (q.v.) or Baron Reichenbach's odic force.

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