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One of the African-based cults of Brazil that is heavily influenced by Western spiritualism via the writings of Allan Kardec. It involves ecstatic possession.


A term used by Don Tyson for the unknowable source of existence. It is God stripped of all attributes, equivalent to the Tao (q.v.) of the Chinese philosopher and mystic Lao-tse; the Unground of Jacob Boehme, and the Ain Soph (q.v.) of the Kabbalah (q.v.).


The seventh planet of the terran solar system. In Astrology (q.v.), the planet named after the Greek god who served as the Mage of the gods. Attributed as being the ruler of the Zodiac (q.v.) sign Aquarius (q.v.). On the Tree of Life (q.v.) within the Kabbalah (q.v.) attributed to the second Sephirah (q.v.) Chokoma (q.v.). Keywords include: change, individuality, intellectually, inspired, insight, originality, intuition, inventor, genius, disruptive, abrupt, unexpected, freedom, non-conformist, extremism, antiestablishment, revolutionary, unconventional, eccentric, detached, humanitarian, magnetism, electricity, astrology, scientist, experiment, sudden, discovery, unique, individual, surprise.

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