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"The Archer." In A HREF="http://www.astralstar.org/journal/dictionary/a.html#astrology">Astrology (q.v.), the ninth sign of the zodiac (q.v.) having the qualities of mutable (q.v.) and fire (q.v.) and is ruled by the planet Jupiter (q.v.). On the Rainbow Wand (q.v.) and on the Lotus Wand Sagatarius is represented by the color blue. Keywords include: wide rangingly, boisterously, bluntly, expansively, optimistically, wisely, freely.


The founder of a tradition of Wicca (q.v.) known as Alexandrian Wicca (q.v.). Called by his followers, "The King of The Witches."


In the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic religions, the supreme arch-foe of God. The prince of darkness, the adversary of God. In modern thought, the lord of evil.


A religion that basis it's beliefs on reverse and backward principles of Christianity. The so-called worship of Satan, the arch-foe of Christ, through such practices as the black mass, sexual perversion, drug taking, violence, mutilation, killing, and sacrilege. In reality, most people who call themselves Satanists are simply neo-eppicurianists, hedonists and/or egotists. The few who are truly dedicated to an evil entity they call "Satan" are shunned by most occultists. Satanism has no relationship to Wicca (q.v.), although many mainstream religious leaders have tried to make that association for reasons of power, politics, or ignorant lack of understanding.


The sixth planet of the terran solar system. In Astrology (q.v.), the planet named after the Greek god who served as the keeper of time. Attributed as being the ruler of the Zodiac (q.v.) sign Capricorn (q.v.). On the Tree of Life (q.v.) within the Kabbalah (q.v.) attributed to the third Sephirah (q.v.) Binah (q.v.). Keywords include: structure, limitation, loss, fear, pain, obstacles, depression, adversity, patience, caution, security, self discipline, control, restraint, responsibility, organize, thrift, stern, serious, time, clock, ends, form, architectural, crystal, foundation, old age.


A method or technique used in meditation (q.v.) where the practitioner memorizes small strips of a figure or diagram at a time.


A general term to describe an organized occult tradition that has a specific magickal teaching or philosophy. It may or may not have an actual physical center or headquarters were students are instructed.


"The Scorpion." In Astrology (q.v.), the eighth sign of the zodiac (q.v.) having the qualities of fixed (q.v.) and water (q.v.) and is ruled by the planet Pluto (q.v.). On the Rainbow Wand (q.v.) and on the Lotus Wand Scorpio is represented by the color blue-green. Keywords include: emotionally, intensely, penetratingly, cruelly, secretively, vindictively, compulsively, curiously, guardedly.


Divination (q.v.) by allowing the eyes to rest on a plain surface so that the mind becomes stilled, and receptive to imagery which arises from the unconscious. A method of utilizing the psionic (q.v.) discipline of clairvoyance (q.v.), via means of a crystal ball, black mirror, or bowl of water, etc.


From the Old French "seoir" from the Latin "sedere" meaning "to sit". In Spiritism or Spiritualism (q.v.), a session or meeting at which spiritualists attempt to contact with the spirits of the dead.


Supernatural beings who preside over the Rosicrucian (q.v.) and other occult (q.v.) and esoteric (q.v.) currents and communicate occult teaching to men and woman who seek to follow that path. The head of the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn (q.v.), S. L. MacGregor Mathers (q.v.), was said to be in communication with them, though he could not describe who and what they were. Aleister Crowley (q.v.) also claimed a psychic link to these entities.


According to Don Tyson, That which you really are, as opposed to what you think you are. The truest identity of the individual stripped of all transitory veils.


From the French "sentinelle" meaning "a footpath", and from the Latin "semita" meaning "a narrow way." The greek word "phulax" means "a watcher", or "a guard." Originally, an officer whose duty it was to guard and protect the Temple, especially at night or when no one else is around. The Sentinel is the watcher without, just as the Kerux (q.v.) is the watcher within. In the Order of the Astral Star, (q.v.) a junior officer of a Stellar Temple [S.T.]. A Knighted Member of the Order, who holds the rank of Sergeant (at Arms) within a working Lodge of the Order.


1) From the Old French from the Middle Latin, "sentire" meaning "to feel."

2) A lesser psychic (q.v.) who has developed their specific discipline of extra sensory perception(q.v.) to an accuracy level between the positive hazard (q.v.) level of twenty (20%) percent and eighty-four (84%) percent of accuracy and reliability.


Hebrew for "Sphere." Pronounced "Seh-Fear-Ah." It is a sphere or area or emanation on the Tree of Life (q.v.).


Pronounced, "Seh-Fear-Oht." The plural of Sephirah (q.v.).


In Alchemy (q.v.), the result of heating a substance in the Athanor (q.v.). In Sex Magick (q.v.), it is the semen.


In Hinduism and Eastern occultism, the male seed or spark of light that impregnates the womb of the universal goddess, Shakti (q.v.), and allows her to give birth to all things. It is viewed as a god in Tantric [see tantra q.v.)] doctrine. Shakta does not himself exist, but he enables existence.


In Hinduism and Eastern occultism, the universal power of realization that creates and sustains the world from moment to moment. In Tantric [see tantra q.v.)] doctrine, it is viewed as a fertile goddess who gives birth to all existing things, both material and immaterial (i.e. astral).


The religions of the primitive peoples of north Europe and Asia, and more generally of primitive cultures around the world. Key features include animism, possession, soul travel, oracular revelations, and shape changing or shape shifting (q.v.).


The magickal ability to assume the forms of beasts or other human beings with the soul while it is astrally projected from the body. Occasionally these altered shapes are seen by other people, who mistake them for bodies of flesh.


Pronounced, "Sheh-Kehn-Ah," it is the Hebrew for the personification of the energy known as Ruach Eloheem (q.v.). It is seen as feminine in nature. Similar to the Tantrik notion of Shakti (q.v.).


Pronounced, "Shee-Ool," it is the Hebrew for, "Place of the earth." A word from the Old Testament meaning ground or earth. In some instances it was translated as "Hell," probably for political reasons. According to Donald Michael Kraig, there is no Hell in the Kabbalah (q.v.) because he maintains that reincarnation is a part of the tradition.


Pronounced, "Sheen," it is a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The letter Shin is used to indicate the Ruach Eloheem (q.v.). When added to the Tetragrammaton (q.v.) it forms the Pentagrammaton (q.v.), showing how we can purify ourselves by uniting and bringing the Spirit of Divinity within ourselves.


A crystal ball or globe used for divination (q.v.) and scrying (q.v.). The magician uses the stone as a focus to induce a trance that causes images to appear in the depths of the stone.


Magickal abilities such as clairaudience (q.v.), levitation (q.v.), telepathy (q.v.), and clairvoyance (q.v.) that manifest themselves as the by-products of yogic/magickal practices. They are not denigrated by Hindu and Buddhist yogis but are actively sought in their own right by sensitives (q.v.), psychics (q.v.), and some magicians. Most magicians train to accept these abilities as part of who and what they are, but do not get to hung up over the manifested occurrences of such abilities if they occur without conscious willing of them, and continue focusing on their intentions on the actual ritual or rite at hand. If sought after too much, as in lusting for results (q.v.) they can become a distraction to one's magickal work.


Latin for, "sign or signature." A simple drawn symbol representing something else, usually an angel, archangel, aspect of divinity, or other entity.


An inward stilling and letting go of the emotions and mental preoccupations that prevent a ritual from working effectively. Outward silence is also necessary to prevent a similar destructive dissonance in the thought and feeling of others.


What the followers of the teachings of the Order of The Astral Star (q.v.) call their path or tradition. The Sixty-nine comes from the numerological reduction via Gematria (q.v.) of the words "Manger or Stable," in Hebrew indicating that the Order of The Astral Star is founded upon the Christ event that led the three Magi (wise men) to a stable where the Lord Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem.


Literally, implying naked, to "wear only the sky." A term used by Wiccans (q.v.) to indicate ritual nudity. Gardnerian (q.v.) Witches are supposed to work their rituals in this state. Most however, do in fact wear robes.


The only star in the terran solar system. In Astrology (q.v.), the planet named after the Roman god Hellios adapted from the Greek god Apollo. Attributed as being the ruler of the Zodiac (q.v.) sign Leo (q.v.). On the Tree of Life (q.v.) within the Kabbalah (q.v.) the Sun is attributed to the sixth Sephirah (q.v.), Tiphereth (q.v.). Keywords include: basic character, identity, vitality, creativity, ruler, king, ego, significance, crown, proudly, golden, heart, life-force, haughty, arrogant, egocentric, powerful, self esteem, inner self, value, forceful, leadership, will power, domineering, self-centered, egotistic, father, husband, authority, boss.


All that we are, the Higher self (q.v.) and the Lower self. Here the word is used to indicate the personal identity of a living being, it's feelings, it's thoughts, impulses, memories, and sense of self, i.e. awareness. The Astral Star teaches that we do not have things called souls, but rather, we are souls.


1) The highest level of the psyche (q.v.).

2) The fifth magickal element (q.v.) or other being which is disembodied by nature.

3) Self aware beings that lack a living, material body. Some spirits have the power to borrow the bodies of mortal men and women, and use them as their own.

4) In Spiritualism / Spiritism (q.v.), a disembodied human soul.


The vitalizing energy that burns within each individual and is one with the divine radiance.


French equivalent to the Spiritualism of England and America. Thanks to the writings of the French occultist, Allan Kardec (1804-1869), it had an immense influence on the spirit possession cults of Brazil and other nations of South America. A religion of which a major aspect is the belief in the communication of the dead.


From the Late Greek "stolizo" meaning, "to equip or to clothe, to put in train." Originally "hierostolos", an Egyptian Priest who had charge of the sacred vestments. In the Order of the Astral Star (q.v.), a junior officer of a Stellar Temple [S.T.]. A member of Clergy (Deacon / Deaconess) of a working Lodge of the Order who serves as the Warden of the West in non-initiatory rituals.


According to ancient legend, Greek magicians possessed the power, most probably learned from the Egyptians, to cause gods or spirits to indwell in statues, which could then be made to speak oracular utterances or answer questions through signs. Some Living Statues were used as temple guardians.


Attributed to the famous science fiction author, Theodore Sturgeon. When asked by someone if ninety percent (90%) of science fiction was garbage, his response was that ninety-percent (90%) of everything is garbage.


Literally, "below the threshold." Here applied to experience or knowledge which enters the psyche (q.v.), and can even result in action without itself coming to consciousness.


A spirit considered to be a lesser demon (q.v.) that comes in a feminine shape/form to have sexual union with a mortal man, often against his will and usually while he is asleep. The plural is succubi.


A sign or object that represents something else, especially what is obscure or hidden and cannot be expressed or manipulated directly.


The term used by James G. Frazer to describe the presumed mechanism of magick. It may be divided into the Law of Contagion (objects once in contact forever remain in occult connection) and the Law of Similarity (effects can be produced through imitation).


From the Greek, "At the same time." A word coined by Dr. of Psychiatry Carl G. Jung. M.D., to describe the meaningful coincidence of events that have no discernible causal connection. Luck is an example of synchronicity.

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