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From paganus, "those of the earth." Originally it described people of the land and their simplicity. Later, it focused on their choice of Pre-Christian deities and was used as a type of insult. Today, many Witches consider themselves to be Pagans or Neo-Pagans.


Although most people today use this as a derogatory term, occultists simply equate it with mostly non magic using Wiccans (q.v.), although some pagans do use magick and do not call themselves Wiccans (q.v.).


One of four thousand known asteroids, but treated as a very minor planet. In Astrology (q.v.), the asteroid named after the Roman goddess who served as the ruler of the sky. She has the same attributes as the Greek goddess Athena. Keywords include: wisdom, daughter, creative intellect, intellectual crafts, calculated war and peace, political activism, social concern, skillful, strategy, rational, literate, professional soldier, martial arts, competitive, technical, police and fire fighters (as protectors of the city), militia.


The scientific investigation of the mental process of paranormal events including E.S.P. (q.v.), Telepathy (q.v.), Telekinesis (q.v.), hauntings of Ghosts (q.v.), etc.


Astral Projecting (q.v.) through the Tree of Life (q.v.) in order to meet and communicate with non-physical spiritual entities. A highly advanced technique, most of what is described as "pathworking" today is actually nothing more than guided visualization.


A device used in one form of divination (q.v.) by dowsing (q.v.). The motions of a pendulum, a small weight at the end of a short length of thread or fine chain, are often used to communicate with spiritual entities.


Any device which has a Pentagram (q.v.) on it. Usually circular in shape, and made of metal, wood, parchment, or clay material. Also, the tool of elemental earth (q.v.).


A five pointed star. Also called the pentalpha because it can be formed by five capital "A's." It is used to represent spirituality (Spirit over the four elements) when it has one point up. With two points up it is said to represent materialism or "evil." Some forms of wicca (q.v.) do use the pentagram with two points up as a symbol, but for them it has no evil or negative connotation. The two points up represent the second of (usually) three degrees of initiations into Wicca.


Five lettered name. YHShVH or YHVShH which is pronounced "Yeh-Hah-Shu-Ah" or "Yeh-Ho-Vah-Shah", respectively. It adds the Hebrew Letter Shin (q.v.) to the Tetragrammaton (q.v.), thus adding the Spirit of God to the formula of the ultimate divinity.


The sacred enclosure of Voudoun (q.v.) rituals.


In the Order of the Astral Star [O.A.S]. (q.v.), a philosophus is the title of the sixth degree of membership, and correlates to the Sephiroth of Netzach (q.v.) on the Tree of Life (q.v.). The primary principle of this grade is based on mastering the element of fire (q.v.). This grade was originally used by the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn (q.v.), and was related to that order as being related to the element of fire in their initiatory pattern.


A column used to support a structure.


The central column on the Tree of Life (q.v.). Also a ritual designed to help move the body's energy throughout the "Middle Pillar," of the spine. Similar to Laya Yoga (q.v.).


The central column on the Tree of Life (q.v.). It is composed of the first, sixth, ninth, and tenth Sephiroth (q.v.). Also known as the Middle Pillar (q.v.).


The right hand column on the Tree of Life (q.v.). It is composed of the second, fourth, and seventh Sephiroth (q.v.), and is said to be masculine in nature.


The left hand column on the Tree of Life (q.v.). It is composed of the third, fifth and eighth Sephiroth (q.v.), and is said to be feminine in nature.


"The Fish." In Astrology (q.v.), the twelfth sign of the zodiac (q.v.) having the qualities of mutable (q.v.) and water (q.v.) and is ruled by the planet Neptune (q.v.). On the Rainbow Wand (q.v.) and on the Lotus Wand Pisces is represented by the color crimson. Keywords include: impressionably, emotionally, vaguely, idealistically, spiritually, with compassion.


A special place within a magickal circle for a couple to engage in Sex Magick (q.v.).


A non-physical level of existence which is the basis for the physical plane, and the place where many non-physical entities exist.


The ninth planet of the terran solar system. In Astrology (q.v.), the planet named after the Greek god who served as the Lord of the underworld and death. Attributed as being the ruler of the Zodiac (q.v.) sign Scorpio (q.v.). On the Tree of Life (q.v.) within the Kabbalah (q.v.) attributed to the Unmanifest Sephirah (q.v.) Daath (q.v.) and the Abyss. Keywords include: transformation, degeneration, extremes, horrible, transmutation, refining, crucible, refectory, atomic energy, annihilation, regeneration, subversion, coercion, sewage, elimination, hidden forces, inner psyche.


In the Order of the Star of Bethlehem [O.A.B.] (q.v.), a portal adeptus is a sub-grade of Adeptus Minor (q.v.) within the membership of the Order, and correlates to the crossing of the veil. The primary principle of this grade is based on working on a specific occult discipline, and achieving some level of recognized competency. Furthermore the Portal Adeptus grade is used as a time for serious reflection on what it means to be an Adept.


The use of phrases, repeated over and over, [as a mantra (q.v.)] as a means of influencing your subconscious in order to cause a change on the Astral Plane (q.v.). This will result in a change in the physical plane.


The center post that stands in the middle of the ceremonial enclosure for Voudoun (q.v.) rituals. It is a form of the world tree so common to shamanism (q.v.).


The only true method of developing psychic and magickal skills, powers, and abilities. That which one actually does.


In the Order of the Astral Star [O.A.S.] (q.v.), a practicus is the title of the fifth degree of membership, and correlates to the Sephiroth (q.v.) of Hode (q.v.). The primary principle of this grade is based on mastering the element (q.v.) of air (q.v.). This grade was originally used by the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn (q.v.), and was related to that order as being related to the element of Water (q.v.) in their initiatory pattern.


Pronounced, "Prahn-Yah," it is a Sanskrit word referring to psychic energy that is in the air we breathe.


From the Anglo Saxon "preost" from the Late Latin "presbyter" meaning "an elder". In the Christian Faith, a member of the clergy who is ordained to perform and administer the sacraments of the church for a congregation of believers. In the Order of The Astral Star, an Adept who has been so ordained. This class makes up the backbone of the clergy.


The practice of and ability to separate your Astral Body and consciousness from your physical body.


The practice of and ability to send your mind or mental awareness and consciousness to a location distant from your physical body. Not true astral projection (q.v.).


A declaration of something which is going to happen in the future or otherwise ordinarily unknown. The word is often reserved to instances in which the seer or prophet obtains knowledge revealed by direct contact with divinity or God, by God seeking out the seer or prophet.


Short for psionic or psi-phenomena, or psychic phenomena, it embraces all forms of paranormal manifestation believed to be caused by the action of the mind via the brain.


Greek for, "Soul." The non-material part of a psycho-physical being.


1) From the Greek, "psyche" meaning "the soul," and implies the mind or mental process.

2) The Psionic (q.v.) ability to perceive with extra sensory perception (ESP) (q.v.).

3) A person who has developed their specific discipline of extra sensory perception above the ability of a sensitive (q.v.) and can count on their perceptions eighty-five (85%) percent of the time or greater.


1) From the Greek, "psycho" from "psyche" meaning "the soul," and implies the mind or mental process, and "kinesis" meaning "to move or to change" implying energy.

2) The psionic discipline of the changing objects without obvious material agency. Sometimes mistakenly called Telekinesis (q.v.). In Psychokinesis, the object is altered or changed in some way or an effect is brought about unconsciously. Bending spoons with the mind is an example of psycho kinetic activity. The manifestation of poltergeist(s) is another form of psychokinetic activity.

3) The Psionic discipline of changing matter or manifesting negative effects of ones own unconscious will with energy via mental process.


1) From the Greek, "psycho" from "psyche" meaning "the soul," and implies the mind or mental process, and "metry" meaning "measure", thus literally psychometry means "measure of the soul."

2) The Psionic discipline of "object reading." The faculty of gaining knowledge about an object, or about any matter associated with it, by handling the object and reading the psychic (q.v.) impressions from the object itself.


The supposed occult virtue concentrated inside pyramidal structures by their triangular planes. It was believed by some to heal the body, restore vigor, sharpen razor blades, and effect other wonders. A variation on the idea of the cone of power of witchcraft (q.v.).

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