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Originally a plate of metal upon which occult names or symbols were inscribed. The personal or group identifying consecrated charm (q.v.) of a magician or group of magicians. In modern times, it has come to mean the symbol of occult authority worn by the magician about the neck during rituals. Inscribed on it are the most potent words and signs of the magical current followed by the magician.


Non-physical psychic vampires said to "feed" on the energies of the sick and the injured.


Founded the Church of Satan Apr. 30, 1966 in San Fransisco, CA. Refered to as Americas Black Pope, authored The Satanic Bible and a book of Satanic Rituals and several other books dedicated to promoting the philosophy of modern Satanism.


The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram. A powerful ritual technique popularized by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn [G.D.] (q.v.) to rid your area of unwanted positive influences. Used in conjunction with the LBRP (q.v.) to create a neutral space, where magickal operations can begin in a kind of "psychic vacuum". This ritual is celestial in nature.


The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. A general method of Abjuration (q.v.). A powerful technique popularized by the Hermitic Order of the Golden Dawn [G.D.] (q.v.) to rid your area of unwanted negative influences. Also a good technique of psychic self defense, as this ritual strengthens, fortifies, and magnifies the aura (q.v.). This ritual is terrestrial in nature.


See Larvae (q.v.).


"The Lion." In Astrology (q.v.), the fifth sign of the zodiac (q.v.) having the qualities of fixed (q.v.) and fire (q.v.) and is ruled by the planet Sol (the sun) (q.v.). On the Rainbow Wand (q.v.) and on the Lotus Wand Aries is represented by the color yellow. Keywords include: loudly, proudly, powerfully, creatively, dramatically, heartily, need for recognition, pleasure seeking, dramatically.


Famous 19th Century occultist whose writings helped begin the "French Occult Revival" that led to the founding of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn [G.D.]. Wrote several influential works including, Transcendental Magic, and interpreted, The Book of Splendor.


The occult suspension of a physical body without apparent support. Usually applied to the suspension of a human being. Christian saints, Hindu yogis, and Victorian spirit mediums were sometimes credited with this ability.


"The Scales." In Astrology (q.v.), the seventh sign of the zodiac (q.v.) having the qualities of cardinal (q.v.) and air (q.v.) and is ruled by the planet Venus (q.v.). On the Rainbow Wand (q.v.) and on the Lotus Wand Aries is represented by the color green. Keywords include: relate, balance, complement, expressive, diplomatically, socially, discontentedly, harmoniously, impartially.


Granting an entity permission to leave an area to which it has been called.


A term used by Donald Michael Kraig to denote non-physical dwellers on the astral plane that can be shocking when first seen. This happens when the practice of magick opens up the ability to "see" into the astral plane. They may be surprising, but are harmless. Others refer to this phenomena as "astral junk," or "astral garbage".


Gods or deities in the religion of Voudoun (q.v.), the religion of Haiti, or Voodoo (q.v.) in general. They enter their devotionaries via invocation (q.v.), and the worshipers act like the deity and are treated as the deity by other worshipers. They are descended from the practice of ancestor worship, but their beginnings are lost in the past. Singular form is Loa.


The only satellite of the planet Earth. In Astrology (q.v.), this satellite is called a luminary and is treated as a planet. Attributed as being the ruler of the Zodiac (q.v.) sign Cancer (q.v.). On the Tree of Life (q.v.) within the Kabbalah (q.v.) Luna is attributed to the ninth Sephirah (q.v.), Yesode (q.v.). Keywords include: emotion, response, feelings, reflected, changeable, fluctuate, protective, mother, nurture, instinctual, domestic, home, care, subconscious memory, parenting, environment, security, babyhood, public opinion, the public, masses, women.


Famous Jewish Kabbalist. His prayers form part of standard Jewish prayer books to this day. One of his major interests was said to be in reincarnation and the doctrine of the transmigration of souls.

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