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Hebrew for, "tradition." A Jewish mystical philosophy, the central doctrine concerns the emanation of the world from the Godhead in the form of ten divine names or spheres of light. A mystical system which is the basis for Western religion as well as Ceremonial magick (q.v.). The word is transliterated Hebrew, and is spelled in English in several ways including Qabala, Cabala, Etc. There are many different forms of the Kabalah.


The study of books of the Kabalah such as the Torah (q.v.) and the Sepher Yetzirah (q.v.).


Interprets the codes found in Hebrew words, especially words found in the Torah (q.v.) and other mystical books. Methods include: Gematria (q.v.), Notarikon (q.v.), and Temurah (q.v.).


Refers to Kabalistic methods of making talismans (q.v.) and amulets (q.v.).


That part of the Kabalah which deals with the correspondences of the Tree of Life (q.v.).


A Tantrik magick circle. See Tantra.


A male technique for delaying orgasm. It is said by the oriental mystics, to have beneficial effects to both members of a loving couple.


Sanskrit for "action." It is the law of cause and effect extended to its widest possible This law states that you get back what you give out. A very important concept in Hindu philosophy that is used to justify apparent injustices in the world. According to the Law of karma every action, however small, has its inescapable consequences. Sooner or later each good action is repaid by good, and each evil action is repaid by evil. Some occultists believe that it may take many lifetimes [as in reincarnation (q.v.)] to work out your Karma. The Hebrew term for this concept is "Tikoon (q.v.)," pronounced "Tee-Koon".


From the Greek meaning, "a herald", "pursuivant", or "public messenger." Originally, an officer whose duty it was to summon the members of the General Assembly. The Kerux was originally a political office, but was eventually made a religious office with the responsibility of maintaining order, and maintained charge over all sacrifices. In the Order of the Astral Star (q.v.), a junior officer of a Stellar Temple [S.T.]. A member of Clergy (Deacon / Deaconess) of a working Lodge of the Society who serves as the Warden of the North in regular workings.


Hebrew for "crown". Pronounced, "Keh-Tehr," it is the first (1st) Sephirah (q.v.) on the Tree of Life (q.v.). It is at the top of the Middle Pillar on the Tree.


An ancient book of wisdom from China, commonly called I Ching. Like the Tarot (q.v.), it has many spiritual purposes, but is popularly known for giving divinations (q.v.).


A Greek word used to indicate a wicked spirit invoked by rogues. The origin of the German Kobold and the English Goblin (q.v.).


Mischievous Earth (q.v.) elementals (q.v.) that are said to inhabit German households.


Although only the sixth Avatar, or incarnation of Vishnu, Krishna has developed into a popular Hindu deity due to his representing unbridled sexuality. Some Hindu traditionalists would down play this reason for his popularity, citing his role as "Savior," and "Messiah," in Hindu culture.


An energy said to lie dormant at the base of the spine, ready to rise through the spine to the top of the head and bring down enlightenment. Actually, this was an allegory. In reality, the energy is controlled by the mind.

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