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1) Born in circa 6 A.D. to humble parents, this prophet and teacher was said to be the Son of God incarnate sent on earth to re-unite the created order with Divinity. The Founder and Messiah of the Christian Religious Faith.

2) A title known as the Pentagrammaton (q.v.).


One of four thousand known asteroids, but treated as a very minor planet. In Astrology (q.v.), the planet named after the Greek goddess who served as the patron deity of marriage. She was the wife of Jupiter, though the marriage was not a happy one. Keywords include: spouse, wife, partnerships, law giver, judge, women's issues, weather, money, seduction and rape, sex as a weapon, abused persons, alternative lifestyle marriages.


The fifth planet of the terran solar system. In Astrology (q.v.), the planet named after the Roman god who served as the king and ruler of the gods. Attributed as being the ruler of the Zodiac (q.v.) sign Sagittarius (q.v.). On the Tree of Life (q.v.) within the Kabbalah (q.v.) Jupiter is attributed to the fourth Sephirah (q.v.), Chesed (q.v.). Keywords include: abundance, expansion, abstract thought, excess, philosophy, religion, science, law, professions, higher learning, compassion, wisdom, long journeys, growth, generosity, Santa Claus, gregarious, optimism, faith, hope, lucky, gamble, happy, jovial, humor, magnanimous, counseling, charitable, extravagance.

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