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Pronounced, "Eee-Ahh-Ohh," the name of the supreme godhead in Gnosticism.


A system used by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn [G.D.], (q.v.) to develop images for visualization based on the letters of the name of the entity to be given an image.


A spiritual entity classified as a minor demon (q.v.) that comes in masculine shape/form to have sexual union with a mortal woman, often against her will and usually while she is asleep. The plural is incubi.


A person who has undergone, or is about to undergo the primary rite of entry into an occult organization or current.


An innate, sub-rational and usually unconscious impulse, prompting living beings to act in given ways in certain situations which are critical in their lives.


A non physical, spiritual entity usually said to reside in the heavens. Intelligences are benign spirits of considerable power.


The withdrawal of involvement by an individual from the exterior world to so great an extent that other people and even animals fail to notice the presence of that individual within their presence. If they are noticed they are immediately forgotten about, and paid no attention to. A ritual to accomplish this state.


A method of controlling the psychic (q.v.) energies of the body as they are raised during sexual excitation for the purposes of working magick (q.v.) and achieving enlightenment.


Letters written on Jesus' cross, they have been interpreted to mean different things, depending upon who you talk to. Primarily a notarikon (q.v.) from the Latin by Christians as meaning, "Iesus Nazarenu, Rex Iudaeorum" interpreted as, "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews." Used to mock the Christian Messiah Jesus (q.v.) Christ as he was crucified on the cross of galgatha (called Calvary). Secondly said to be a Latin notarikon, "Igne Naturae Renovatur Integra," meaning "Nature by fire is renewed in its integrity" by the Alchemists of the Rennesaince. Medieval alchemists also used INRI as a Latin notarikon, "Inge Nitrum Raris Inventium," meaning, "Shining (or glittering) is rarely found in fire." Finally, INRI is said to be a secret Notarikon of the Jesuit Order of Catholicism from the Latin "Iusticum Necare Regis Impium," meaning, "It is just to kill an impious king."


To invoke (q.v.). A general incantation or prayer to invoke a deity or other entity.


1) From the French language from the Latin "in" meaning "on" and "vocare" meaning "to call." Thus literally meaning, "To call on."

2) To allow an entity to use your body as a temporary vehicle for communicating with the physical world.

3) The calling of spirits into an object, such as a crystal, or into a Human Being. Mediums and channelers invoke spirits. See Channeling. It is done by a magician to obtain intimate communication with a spirit or to assume a portion of the spirit's knowledge, skill, ability, or powers.


A ritual developed by Donald Michael Kraig, as a powerful method of getting rid of negative things in your life, based on Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn [G.D.] (q.v.) techniques mixed with methods of exorcism. The letters stand for 1) Identify; 2) Objectify; and 3) Banish.

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