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Pronounced, "Gahb-Ray-Ehl." The Archangel (q.v.) and Cosmic Guardian of the West and of elemental (q.v.) water. (q.v.) In the tradition of Christian Mysticism, Gabriel is the "Heavenly Herald. The Archangel of the Annunciation, he who didst bring blessed tidings to our Blessed Lady, Mary, The mother of Christ."


Modern witches (q.v.) who follow the teachings of and use the book of shadows composed by Gerald B Gardner (q.v.). The first major tradition of modern Wicca (q.v.) A combination of neo-paganism and High Ceremonial Magick, much of which was "shortened" and incorrectly abbreviated from the perspective of modern magicians.


The founder of the Gardnarian tradition of Wicca (q.v.). His book in 1954 entitled Witchcraft Today, was the first book about Witchcraft by a self-proclaimed Witch. He is considered the father of modern Wicca. Claimed to have been initiated into Wicca (witchcraft) by the "New Forest Coven" of Wicca in England. A one time member and leader of the O.T.O. under Aleister Crowley (q.v.) of whom he was a student of ceremonial magick.


In Hebrew, "Strength". Pronounced, "Gih-Boor-Ah," it is the fifth Sephirah (q.v.) on the Tree of Life (q.v.).


A method of the Literal Kabalah (q.v.) which assigns numbers to each of the Hebrew letters. Words of equal value are believed to have an important relationship with each other. A specific field of numerology (q.v.).


"The Twins." In Astrology (q.v.), the third sign of the zodiac (q.v.) having the qualities of mutable (q.v.) and air (q.v.) and is ruled by the planet Mercury (q.v.). On the Rainbow Wand (q.v.) and on the Lotus Wand Aries is represented by the color orange. Keywords include: versatility, duality, with communication, intellectually, alertly, rationally, nervously.


1) When not caused by psycho kinetic activity (see Psychonisis), in a living person (as can be the case in some poltergeist cases), these are entities that are the Astral remains of deceased people stuck in the lowest levels of the spiritual planes after the death of the physical body.

2) The soul of a dead person that is bound to Earth (q.v.), usually to the specific locality where the person died, or to it's former home, or it's place of burial.

3) Disembodied souls.


Entities similar to what Donald Michael Kraig refers to as "little nasties" (q.v.) or "Astral Junk." These entities are intelligent beings from the lower planes, and can tell you things about your past and future, giving the appearance of being the ghost of a loved one. These entities feed off of the energy given to them by persons who believe that they are communicating with the spirits of deceased family members and friends.


Howling. A popular grimoire (q.v.) with instructions for evoking (q.v.) non-physical entities. A part of The Lesser Key of Solomon. Often mistakenly thought of as that entire book. High magick (q.v.) that is involved with so-called demons (q.v.).


The elemtaries (q.v.) / elementals, (q.v.) of Earth (q.v.). The Good spirits (q.v.) that live in the depths of the Earth. Traditionally, they are said to guard buried treasure.


Greek for "Knowledge." A total gestalt comprehension of the universe and the relationship between Divinity (God) and humanity. The goal of members of Gnostic sects that flourished in the early centuries of the Christian Era.


Evil spirits noted for their ugly appearance and malicious habits.


The outer expression or posture and mindset of a god or entity. The magician takes on the characteristics and powers of a god/entity by invoking (q.v.) the god/entity through ritual. This was known in the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn [G.D.] (q.v.), as assuming a god-form.


Powerful, immortal, spiritual beings who command the lesser spirits and living creatures of the Earth and the Universe and are worshipped by humanity with prayers, offerings, sacrifices, and the erection of temples and images.


See Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, The.


A clay pot in Voudoun (q.v.) into which the soul of the dead relative that has been called back from under the waters of the sea is made to reside and respond to questions.


Silently. One Vibratory Formulae (q.v.) method. In some situations it is impossible to vibrate words out loud. In these instances the practitioner say them to themself, thus causing the "Great Voice." However, the practitioner should still cause themselves and the universe to vibrate as if saying the word(s) out loud.


The spiritual work of the initiate (q.v.). The initiate's process he/she uses to obtain his/her ultimate goal. Surmounting self with magickal methods to obtain the supreme mystical union of self to divinity. The work of an Adept (q.v.). The obtaining of the knowledge and conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel (q.v.).


The science and art of causing change (in reality or in consciousness) in conformity with will, using means not currently understood by traditional Western science, for the purpose of causing either physical or non-physical good to yourself or others, and is done either consciously or unconsciously.


In French, "Grammar". A text on magick (q.v.). The famous classic ones are all incomplete and should serve as guides only. A book of magickal practices, usually anonymous or pseudonymous. The word may have been introduced into English by A. E. Waite (q.v.), at least, the Oxford English Dictionary cites Waite as it's first source.


The souls of the dead that are venerated in Voudoun (q.v.) worship. See Voodoo.


The physical body as an aspect of the mind.


Eastern term for a teacher of occult and spiritual matters, who instructs mainly by example.

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