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PEARL (30th) Anniversary Edition (October 31st, 2010).
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From the Greek meaning, "a torch bearer." Originally, a hereditary officer at the Mysteries of the Eleusian Demeter, whose torch symbolized her search for her daughter Persephone, the Spirit of youth and Spring. In the Order of the Astral Star (q.v.), a junior officer of a Stellar Temple [S.T.]. A member of Clergy (Deacon / Deaconess) (q.v.) of a working Lodge of the Order who serves as the Warden of the South.


In Greek myth, an intermediate spirit between men and the gods. Daemons such as the one that guided Socrates act as counselors and guardians to human beings.


A cross hilted, double edged, short blade used as the magickal tool and weapon of elemental air (q.v.). Attributed to the direction of the East.


From the Late Latin, from the Greek "diakonos" meaning "servant". In the Christian Church, a lesser member of the clergy. One who ranks just below a Priest / Priestess (q.v.) and is assigned the responsibility of assisting the Priest / Priestess in religious services and in administrative matters.


A mathematician, astronomer, scientist, and Ceremonial Magician who lived in the reigns of Queen Elizabeth I and King James I of England, from 1527-1608. John Dee was a devout Christian, who is best known for developing with his assistant, (Edward Kelley) the Enochian (q.v.) System of Ceremonial Magick (q.v.). The system might have died out with him, but was revived in part due to the work of an adversary (Meric Casaubon, D.D.) who used Dee's personal and magickal diaries as a basis for attacking those who practiced occult arts in his own treatise of 1659. The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn (q.v.) found references to the Enochian System, and greatly expanded it, making it the basis of their magical system.


From the Greek meaning, "spirit." In Christian folklore, an evil spirit under the authority of Satan (q.v.). Modern practice tends to distinguish "demon" from "daemon" (q.v.), the guardian angles (q.v.) of the Greeks.


Clockwise. The usual direction of movement in a magickal circle. The direction of circumbambulation (q.v.) in the pathway of light. Used to build energy.


A term used by Don Tyson to define the emotional motivation that gives rise to and drives a particular ritual expression. The ritual desire is what the ritualist seeks to fulfill by conducting the ritual.


The complete and perfect fulfillment of human potential.


See Satan.


An alternate name for the legions of demons in Hell that serve Satan.


See Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis Theory.


A sample or representative of what is sought, used as an aid in dowsing (q.v.). Sometimes, especially in dowsing with a pendulum (q.v.) this substance/material is called a Witness.


Without physical body. Discarnate beings can have become permanently separated from their physical bodies (e.g., human souls after death) or may never have had earthly bodies (e.g., angels (q.v.), demons (q.v.), elementals (q.v.), etc.).


1) The art of revealing by occult practices the future or matters that are hidden.

2) Discovery of the future or of the unknown, usually by a specific technique rather than spontaneously. The different types or techniques of divination are too may to mention here, but Western occultism favors astrology (q.v.), palmistry (q.v.), the Tarot (q.v.), numerology (q.v.), and more recently, the runes (q.v.).


A method for seeking out material objects, and living beings, usually with the use of a "fork" or other instrumental aid.


An ancient Celtic brotherhood of scholarly priests that underwent a modern revival in Minnesota in the early 1960's. Druids worship in groups called Groves (q.v.) and venerate the Goddess through trees, especially the Oak. Like modern Witches (q.v.), they believe in reincarnation.

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