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Invocations (q.v.) to the Enochian (q.v.) angels (q.v.) dictated to John Dee through his seer, the alchemist and rouge, Edward Kelley. The calls were used extensively in the magick of the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn [G.D.] (q.v.), Aleister Crowley (q.v.), and Anton LaVey.


"The Crab." In Astrology (q.v.), the fourth sign of the zodiac (q.v.) having the qualities of cardinal (q.v.) and water (q.v.) and is ruled by the planet Luna (the moon) (q.v.). On the Rainbow Wand (q.v.) and on the Lotus Wand Aries is represented by the color orange-yellow. Keywords include: home, indistinct, protectively, sensitive, caring, maternally, domestically, gaspingly, moodily.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Cancer


"The Goat." In Astrology (q.v.), the tenth sign of the zodiac (q.v.) having the qualities of cardinal (q.v.) and earth (q.v.) and is ruled by the planet Saturn (q.v.). On the Rainbow Wand (q.v.) and on the Lotus Wand Aries is represented by the color violet. Keywords include: ambitiously, coolly, rigidly, prudently, cautiously, fearfully, responsibly.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Capricorn


From the Old French from the Latin "cardinalis" meaning "a hinge; that on which something turns."

1) In the Roman Catholic Church, any of the officials appointed by the Pope;

2) In The Order of the Astral Star (q.v.), any of the members elected to the national Board of Directors - whether the term is temporary or is for life;

3) In Astrology (q.v.), a term used to identify one of the three qualities (also referred to as a triplicity) indicating that a sign of the zodiac (q.v.) has the trait of making all planets within it as having a more dominant and forceful influence in the chart. Cardinal signs include: Aries (q.v.) , Cancer (q.v.) , Libra (q.v.), and Capricorn (q.v.).

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Cardinal


The release of magickal potency at the climax of a ritual or ceremony. It is usually accompanied by an emotional release, and in some forms of magick by physical climax. The catharsis of Greek tragedy was no more than a pale echo of the original magickal catharsis of the Greek Eulusian Mysteries.


One of four thousand known asteroids, but treated as a very minor planet. In Astrology (q.v.), the asteroid named after the Roman goddess who served as the Ruler of the harvest. She is the Roman version of the Greek goddess Demeter. Keywords include: mother, abandonment, fertility, alternative parenting - including foster parenting, nurturing, governess, nanny, menopause, ecological, domesticating, animal husbandry, agriculture, survival, compassion, anger.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Ceres


A Sanskrit (Hindu) term meaning, "wheels." The term is usually pronounced "Shah-krah-z." The correct pronunciation is actually "Kahk-rahs." These are power centers in the aura (q.v.) related to organs or glands in the body. Chakras are not in the body per se; they arotuses which are seen in the aura. They are in the physical body, because they reside in the astral body. In Western magick, the most important are usually seven in number and are located along the spine from the perineum to the crown of the head. Opening the chakras results in the attainment of various magickal energies.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Chakras


A stemmed goblet used as the tool of elemental water. (q.v.). The magickal weapon of elemental water and the West.


The process by which a spirit is allowed to take control of the consciousness of a medium or channeler, and speaks through the mouth of that person. Identical to the practices of trance mediums, but it tends to dispense with the traditional paraphernalia of the seance. Used by modern day Spiritualists. Uncontrolled and unprepared Invocation (q.v.). A practice generally avoided and frowned upon by modern Ceremonial/Ritual Magicians.


The rhythmic repetition of sounds or words to induce an altered mental state and produce magickal effects.


Magickal practices based on the presumptions that the universe is uncertain and that natural laws are not everywhere and always constant. A. Osmond Spare was a principle Chaos Magickal practitioner. Chaos Magick is not viewed to be the norm in Western Magickal traditions.


Any object, sacred or profane, with or without appropriate symbols, charged or consecrated toward a specific end. Usually, in the form of an amulet (q.v.) or a talisman (q.v.).


The Eastern term for a student of spiritual and occult matters who learns mainly by imitating the guru, or teacher.


In Hebrew, "Mercy". Pronounced, "Heh-Sehd". The fourth (4th) Sephirah (q.v.) on the Tree of Life (q.v.).


Our true will, in Hebrew. Corresponds to the second Sephirah on the Tree of Life (q.v.).


The newest planet of the Terran solar system to be discovered (1977 c.e.), lying between the orbits of Saturn (q.v.) and Uranus (q.v.). In Astrology (q.v.), the planet named after the most noble of the Centaurs who served as a philosopher, healer, and astrologer to the Greek gods. Attributed as being the second in command of the Zodiac (q.v.) sign Virgo (q.v.) by many modern astrologers, though the last word has yet to be written on this subject. Keywords include: teaching, mentoring, student, apprentice, medicine, healing, ecology, recycling, death with dignity.


In Hebrew, "Wisdom." Pronounced, "Hoh-Khah-Mah," The second (2nd) Sephirah (q.v.) on the Tree of Life (q.v.). It is the top of the right or masculine pillar of the tree.


A ritual developed from the Middle Pillar Ritual (q.v.) of the G.D. (q.v.) by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips of the .Order of The Aurum Solis [O.S.V.] (q.v.), wherein the practitioner moves spiritual energy throughout and around the body.


To go around in a circle once. A description of walking in such a circular pattern used in magickal rituals.


From the Latin, "Clear hearing." A psionic (psychic) (q.v.) discipline of:
1) The auditory perception by the conscious mind through the unconscious of sounds, usually voices, transmitted by an unknown agency, usually an Angel (q.v.), Spirit, or other Entity. Or

2) The auditory perception by the conscious mind through the unconscious mind of sounds as a natural function of the psychic (q.v.) or sensitive (q.v.) mind / higher self.


From the Latin, "Clear seeing." A psionic (psychic) (q.v.) of:
1) The visual perception by the conscious mind through the unconscious mind of objects or scenes transmitted by an unknown entity. Or

2) The visual perception by the conscious mind through the unconscious mind of objects or scenes as a natural function of the psychic (q.v.) or sensitive (q.v.) mind / higher self.


A humorous reference by noted author Donald Michael Kraig to carbon monoxide. When charcoal for incense is burned, it can exhaust the oxygen in the air and replace it with carbon monoxide (chemical formula: CO). A magician should always have plenty of air in a room when burning incense.


From the old French language from the Latin "com" meaning "together" and "jurare" meaning "to swear". Thus to conjure literally means "to swear together," and implies, "to swear with."


1)To conjure (q.v.).

2) The "swearing together or with" spirits, entities, Intelligences, or influences. Usually spirits and other influences are conjured in conjunction with the process of invocation (q.v.) and/or evocation (q.v.) by a magician. The magician is attempting to work with an entity, spirit, or intelligence in order to accomplish a specific goal.


Focusing your attention on something. The second step or phase in true meditation (q.v.).


The astral (q.v.) level of an animate or inanimate material object. The counterpart can persist for some time after the material object, as such, has ceased to exist in the material world. Also called the astral double.


Many claim he was the most important magician of the 20th century. After training within the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn [G.D.], he developed his own system of magick based upon Ordo Templi Orientis [O.T.O.] sex magickal secrets, H.O.G.D. techniques, his own channeled writings, and his own practical experiences. The Order he founded was the Argentium Astrum [A.A.]. He is famous for his many writings, including the encyclopedia called The Equinox, and Magick: Parts 1-4.


See Chalice.


In alchemy (q.v.), a type of container. In Sex Magick (q.v.) the vagina.

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