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See Order of the Argentium Astrum, The.


From the Latin "Ab" meaning "away from," and "jurare" meaning to swear. Thus to abjure literally means "to swear away from." The classical operations of magickal banishing (q.v.) and exorcising (q.v.).

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Abjure


1) To abjure (q.v.).

2) The banishing (q.v.) or "swearing away from" an area surrounding a magician of spirits, entities, Intelligences, or influences. Usually spirits and other influences are abjured with the LBRP or Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (q.v.) and or by the casting of a protective magick circle that surrounds the magician.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Abjuration


A form of Biblical interpretation and making codes. See Temurah.


A form of physical therapy in which certain occult nodes recorded in the literature of acupuncture (q.v.) are pressed or manipulated without being pierced by needles.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Acupressure


A traditional art practiced primarily in China and the Orient, in which needles are inserted into occult nodes in the body to deaden pain or produce other beneficial effects.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Acupuncture


From the Greek "adelphos" and "adelphas" meaning "brother" and "sister". A term that is in the neuter sex to indicate roughly, "sibling." In the Order of the Astral Star [O.A.S.] (q.v.), an adelphon is the title of the first degree of membership, and correlates to the Fire of Earth in the Sephiroth of Malkuth (i.e. the russet colored quarter of Malkuth). The primary principle of this grade is based on Christian Knighthood.


A term used to describe a learned and skilled magician. In the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn [G.D.] (q.v.) the student of the Order was first taught ritual magick once they entered into this degree, which was the first degree of the inner order, the Roseae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis, [R.R. et A.C.] (q.v.).


The age of oneness between human beings and God that follows after the Aeon of Osiris where human-God was a duality. According to Aleister Crowley (q.v.), it begin in 1904 with the dictation of The Book of The Law and is coeval with the astrological Age of Aquarius.


A Hebrew notarikon (q.v.) for "Ah-tah Gee-boor Lih-Oh-lahm Ah-doh-nye," which translates in English, "Thou art great forever, my Lord."


A German Doctor of Laws, and a Doctor of Letters, philosopher, and occultist who lived from 1486?-1535. He is most noted for the writing of his Three books on Occult Philosophy, which have been plagiarized by more classical authors than just about any other work in history.


A form of Biblical interpretation and system for making codes. See Temurah.


Hebrew for, "No-thing." One of the kabbalistic three so-called negative veils of existence (q.v.). A part of the of the ultimate, unknowable divinity.


Hebrew for, "Without Limit." One of the kabbalistic three so-called negative veils of existence (q.v.). A description of the ultimate, unknowable divinity.


Hebrew for, "Limitless light." One of the kabbalistic three so-called negative veils of existence (q.v.). A part of the of the ultimate, unknowable divinity.


One of the five magickal elements. It has the qualities of being warm and moist. The element of the direction of the East. The primary color is Yellow.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Air


The name of Aleister Crowley's (q.v.) Holy Guardian Angel (q.v.). Crowley spent many years trying to determine if Aiwass was merely his Higher Self or was, in fact, a non-physical being.


See Azoth. Also, the records of all that has occurred, is occurring, and will occur in the universe.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Akasha


The art of transforming by magick (q.v.) and/or physical practices that which is base into that which is precious. Such as the goal of turning a base metal like lead, into gold. This can be seen as a literal idea or as an allegory. Spiritually, alchemy is the central rite of the great work (q.v.), the purification and exaltation of the human soul. A goal of renaissance Alchemy was finding a chemical solution for eternal youth.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Alchemy


A method of controlling the psychic (q.v.) energies of the body as they are raised during sexual excitation for the purposes of working magick (q.v.) and achieving enlightenment.


Making use of the magically charged sexual fluids for magickal purposes.


A system of Wicca (q.v.) devised by Alex Sanders (q.v.) combining the Wiccan system of Gerald Gardner (q.v.) with ceremonial magick.


A state in which a person is to some extent withdrawn from normal awareness of the material world. Some altered states are so slight as to be accepted without notice, others are easily recognized as one degree or another of trance (q.v.).


A Hebrew notarikon (q.v.) or acronym for the Hebrew phrase "El Melech Neh-eh-mahn," which means in English, "God is a faithful king."

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Amen


In alchemy (q.v.) and sex magick (q.v.) it is the magically transmuted First Matter (q.v.).


A type of charm (q.v.) which is similar to a talisman (q.v.), but is designed to keep forces and entities, etc. (like bad luck, illness, etc.) away from the wearer.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Amulet


From the Greek, meaning "messenger." An entity in the hierarchy of heaven. Each has no free will, and has one purpose. They are the intermediaries between God and humankind. They bear teachings, warnings, and messages of all kinds from heaven to Earth, and carry out the orders of God. Each Angel is under the command of a superior, known as an Archangel (q.v.).

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Angel


An expression meaning your Higher Self. To some practitioners, a more knowledgeable non-physical entity. Contacting your Holy Guardian Angel [H.G.A.] is known as "The knowledge and conversation of your Holy Guardian Angel." Establishing this relationship is considered to be the same as achieving enlightenment or cosmic consciousness. The principle work of an "Adeptus Minor," in The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn.


From the French meaning "to bring". In Spiritism (q.v.), any object brought to a seance by a spirit (q.v.) or entity from the spirit world or the astral plane (q.v.).


"The Water-Bearer." In Astrology (q.v.), the eleventh sign of the zodiac (q.v.) having the qualities of fixed (q.v.) and air (q.v.) and is ruled by the planet Uranus (q.v.). On the Rainbow Wand (q.v.) and on the Lotus Wand Aries is represented by the color red. Keywords include: unconventionally, rebelliously, humanitarianly, impersonally, with originality, with detachment, creatively.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Aquarius


A Hebrew, notarikon (q.v.) for "Eh-Chahd Rash, Eh-chu-doh-toh Rash, Ye-chu-doh-toh Teh-mur-ah-toh Eh-Chahd." used in the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram [LBRH] (q.v.), stating that the ultimate divinity is unitary (one) in nature. Literally, it translates into English, "One is God's Beginning, One principle is God's individuality, God's permutation is One."


Major or greater secrets. The twenty-two (22) picture cards of the Tarot (q.v.) that are considered to be of vital importance by occultists. They relate to the Paths on the Tree of Life (q.v.) and are used in Pathworking (q.v.).


Minor or lesser secrets. The fifty-six (56) cards of the Tarot (q.v.) comparing to the modern-day deck of playing cards, but having an extra court card for each of the four suits. Traditionally numerical rather than pictorial, they relate to the Sephiroth (q.v.) on the Tree of Life (q.v.).


An entity in the hierarchy of heaven. They are more powerful than an angel (q.v.) and have free will. They also bear teachings, warnings, and messages of all kinds from heaven to Earth (q.v.) and carry out the orders of God. They are obedient to divinity and are each associated with an aspect of divinity represented by a "God" name.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Arch Angel


The word "bishop" comes from the Greek, "episokopos" meaning "to look upon," as in an overseer.
1) In the Christian Faith, a Chief
Bishop (q.v.) who has been consecrated to have ecclesiastical and administrative authority over a territorial arch diocese.
2) In the Astral Star, a Primate of a State Curia, and the senior member of the General Synod for a given State or Commonwealth.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Arch Bishop


A universal and imageless concept; here, in the sense coined and used by Carl G. Jung, psychiatrist, such a concept existing within the collective unconscious mind of humanity.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Archtype


The Form in which an archetype is clothed by a particular culture, mythology, religion, or individual.


"The Ram." In Astrology (q.v.), the first sign of the zodiac (q.v.) having the qualities of cardinal (q.v.) and fire (q.v.) and is ruled by the planet mars (q.v.). On the Rainbow Wand (q.v.) and on the Lotus Wand Aries is represented by the color red. Keywords include: courage, forceful, animation, outgoing, ardently, egotistically, ardently, impulsively, vigorously, aggressively, enthusiastically.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Aries


An entity similar to an elemental, but created by a magician from an element (q.v.) or a combination of elements for a specific purpose.


From the French from the Latin "ad" and "spirare" meaning "to breath". In the Order of the Astral Star [O.A.S.] (q.v.), an aspirant is the title of the zero degree of (associate) membership, and correlates to the Earth of Earth in the Sephiroth of Malkuth (i.e. the black colored quarter of Malkuth). The primary principle of this grade is based on entering the light from spiritual darkness.


From the French meaning "to take or to send". In Spiritism (q.v.), any object taken from a seance by a spirit (q.v.) or entity from the physical world to the spiritual world or the astral plane (q.v.).


Pronounced, "Ahs-Sie-Ah," It is the fourth of the Four Kabalistic Worlds in descending order. It means world of creation.


The sacred rattle of Voudoun (q.v.) (see Voodoo). They are used to summon the Loas (q.v.) or gods.


Greek, "from the stars." Pertaining to that level of existence which is finer and more penetrating than matter, but denser than mind. In the psyche, it comprises the emotional/instinctual levels which unite mind and body.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Astral


A non-physical level of existence which is the basis for the physical plane, and the place where many non-physical entities exist.


1) A term used by Dion Fortune (q.v.) as a synonym for the term Astral Plane (q.v.).

2) The "substance" or "material" of the Astral Plane itself.


The practice of and ability to separate your Astral Body and consciousness from your physical body.


The place of ritual working that is created in the astral realm or astral plane (q.v.), or within the imagination, by repeated intense acts of visualization (q.v.) and meditation (q.v.). The true temple of which the material temple is only a reflection.


The result of your Astral Body and consciousness being suddenly drawn back into the physical body by either a disturbance near the physical body or an unpleasant occurrence on the Astral Plane. Symptoms can include: headache, dizziness, grogginess, muscle soreness, etc. Reprojecting and returning at a normal place will quickly overcome this problem.


1) The science and art of reading the future and hidden events from the relative positions of the stars and planets at a given time and from a given place upon the earth.

2) The provable science of interpreting what astronomers see.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Astrology


In alchemy (q.v.), a special type of oven. In sex magick (q.v.) the penis.


An attack on a person using magickal or psychic methods. In reality they are very rare, almost non-existent. When they do occur they are usually caused by a current of anger or rage (or other strong emotion) and hit you at your "weakest link."


Pronounced, "Ahts-Ih-Loot," It is the uppermost of the Four Kabalistic Worlds. It means the world of Archetypes or Emanations.


Any number of high ranking ancient Roman Priests who were considered oracles, performing divinations (q.v.) for the good of the state or private citizens. Augurs were Astrologers, and Diviners which interpreted such omens as the flight of birds or the occurrence of thunder and lightening. They were of the noble class, and wore white robes, trimmed in purple. There is an old legend that states that several Druids of Gaul and Britain were converted to a Roman religion, and were made Augurs for their territories after Rome had conquered them.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Augur


An emanation of energy, or "halo" of colored light given out by, and forming a force-field surrounding all physical objects, including the human body, beasts, plants, and rocks, which people with psychic vision can see or other sensitives can sense. The observed colors of the aura are said to indicate definite emotional states and/or physical and/or mental conditions. Don Tyson states that because they are not seen with the physical eyes, they cannot be recorded by machines. This is not necessarily the case, as X-rays are not seen by the physical eyes, but they can be seen on film taken by machines.

Wikipedia Cross Reference: Aura


A grotesque kind of festival mounted by the Spanish Inquisition in which accused heretics, whose only crime was adherence to their own "different" faith, were publicly paraded through town in special costumes, beaten, humiliated, and then burned alive at the stake. An example of a practice which all true Christians need to know actually happened, and site as a very Non-Christian behavior. A cruel example of what can happen when any religion becomes so mainstream and popular as to deny others the freedom to experience the Almighty in ways other than their own religious faith followed by a majority.


Pronounced "Ah-Ree-Ehl," the Archangel (q.v.) and Cosmic Guardian of the North and of elemental earth. Some traditions use "Oh-Ree-Ehl." In the traditions of Christian Magick & Mysticism, Auriel is the "Archangel of Death, he who brings all souls at last to rest upon the neither shore."


The Order of the Shining Sun. Also called by it's Latin name, The Order of the Sacred Word. A well known and still existing English/British occult order which has been the primary promulgator of the teachings of Melita Denning and Osbourne Phillips. An Order whose teachings are strongly in the Western esoteric tradition. The symbol of this Order is a plain, unadorned eight rayed star in the form of an octagram, on it's side (to look like a cross), and a Red equilateral cross in the center of a golden octagon.


A word composed of the first and last letters of the Hebrew and Greek alphabets. It is also called the Akasha (q.v.) or Astral Light. It appears as brightness and is changeable according to the person's will.

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