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Michael W. Humphrey

Supreme Magus & Ranking Chief Adept, Society President & Presiding Cardinal ArchBishop, OAB

(Georgetown, KY USA)


Hello Everyone! And Welcome to my own personal home page right here on the World Wide Web sponsored by The Order Of The Star Of Bethlehem. I was born in Georgetown, KY on Feb. 17th, 1964 (50 Years Old), with my natal sun in Aquarius and my natal moon in Aries. I still live here in my old hometown of Georgetown Kentucky. I am 5' 8" tall, weigh 205# and have very short brown (and silver/gray) hair and blue eyes.


I graduated from Scott County High School in Georgetown, Kentucky on May 27th, 1982. I was involved in the Band, Debate, Student Council, and I participated in Bluegrass Boys State (sponsored by the American Legion), and The Kentucky United Nations Assembly (sponsored by the YMCA). I was pretty much in the *geek* and unpopular crowd in High School, though I wouldn't change THAT for any amount of money. When I was younger, I chose my friends very well. My best friends in youth are still my best friends today, and we got ourselves into all KINDS of interesting situations. Most of us have not really changed radically from what we were - though we have learned a great deal and our circumstances *have* changed, we are still who and what we were - only better! One of the things that we did while in High School was to study Shao Lin Karate at two different Schools here in town at that time (both of which are closed now.) I earned my black belt in Jun. 1982. I still have an interest, but do not work out nearly as much as I should.


After contemplating attending the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD, I chose instead to remain here in town. I attended Georgetown College and majored in Religion and took a minor in Philosophy. I took a number of hours (concentrations) in both History and Sociology while at Georgetown. After six wonderful years ;-) I finally walked down the aisle in May 1988, making my mom and dad *very* happy! I studied absolutely nothing that would be real useful for making a living - outside of the ministry or priesthood - that is. I decided in my Junior Year (my second Junior Year at that) that I would not be interested in becoming a regular mainstream minister. There was too much politics involved in the regular churches that I had seen in the Southern Baptist Convention (in which I was raised) for my own tastes. Additionally, I had other interests that would not be understood within the mainstream let alone accepted, and I felt that it would be hypocritical of me to work in the mainstream ministry saying the regular mainstream sorta things about God, when my understanding is not in that camp. Don't get me wrong - PLEASE - I DO respect those folks in the mainstream, and I do infact have a great deal in common with many of them. Even those things which I greatly disagree with, I sincerely respect. The mainstream churches fulfill an important role and function in our society. I am a Priest today, but I chose to make it a vocation of love and not of livelihood. I adopted the Paulinian Rule - and like that great Apostle, chose to work for God at no cost to his congregation - but to pay my own way in another profession.


My college years were very productive - even though I didn't take my academic studies as seriously as I should have at the time (...a sincere regret...). I joined Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity in my Sophomore year at Georgetown College (1983), and recommend it to every young man of quality whom I meet. I learned a very great deal of social skills, which were lacking in my High School years. I never was the heavy drinking party brother - as in Animal House Frat Fame - as some of my brothers, though I did fill a niche of my own while there. I roomed with one of my best friends from High School (and waaaaaayyyyy beyond that) my Brother Duncan. I am amazed we don't have criminal records and the city of Georgetown is still standing! ;-) Another one of my very good friends (Kevin) joined Lambda Chi Alpha at the same time, and he lived in the dorm with us on campus.


The next major event occurred July 27th, 1984, when I married my Scott County High School sweetheart Debbie (GHSr. Alethia Asteros Bethlehem). Deb and I dated from the time I was a Sophomore in High School and she was a Freshmen. I fell for her the first time I saw her. :-) We were together for a very long time and shared a lot of life and living together. We separated in May 2000 and divorced in Dec 2002. :-( We still love each other, but alas our lives and many of our interests have gone separate ways. We have no children, but are active in a couple of interests to this day. She remains one of my very best friends.


Another thing that occurred in my life at about the same time as my first marriage was that I joined the U.S. Naval Reserve while in College (1986). I served my one weekend a month, and my two weeks a year as a reservist. It was a great experience for me - though I am glad my tour of duty is over. I learned most all of my administrative and leadership skills while there, and I had a Master Chief Petty Officer that was not afraid to put my creativity to work for the unit. I did a lot of neat things while in the service, including attending the Advanced Naval Fire fighting School, and qualifying as a Helmsman (you know, the person that steers the ship). I left the service after eight years of service with a Reserve Sea Deployment Ribbon, A Naval Reserve Meritorious Service Medal (for Good Conduct), the Rank of a Petty Officer Third Class (making rank in the reserves is not always easy), Service during Operation Desert Storm, and an Honorable Discharge. I eventually made my rank as an RP3 (Religious Program Specialist Third Class) - I was the first to do so at the Naval Reserve Center Lexington. There are not that many of them in the Navy, as RP's are Chaplain's Aides. We do the administrative work for them, and assist them in religious services and programming. I saw more different types of religious expression and spirituality as a result of this duty in person, than at any time in my life. What diversity!


After college, I went to work as a police officer at the Kentucky Horse Park, Division of Mounted Police in Dec. 1988. I worked mostly (graveyard) night shifts for eleven years and made the rank of Senior Trooper. I loved it, but in Dec. 1999 we had a parting of the ways.

I am still in Law Enforcement today, except now I am in the field of Detention/Corrections. I began work as a Deputy Jailer here in Scott Co. Kentucky in Jan. 2000. I was promoted to Asst. Supervisory Deputy (Sergeant) in summer of 2004 for 3rd Squad. I took promotion to Supervisory Deputy (Lieutenant) of 3rd Squad (23:00-07:00) in Jan. 2007. In Aug. 2009 I took promotion as the Operations Manager (Captain) of the Facility. After all these years, I finally found a DAY job! LOL! Who knows what I'll be doing in two years?? I may retire or I may remain active. Either way, I'd like to go back to school and complete an MTh. (Masters of Theology) and maybe a doctorate. Then, perhaps I'd teach Heresy 101 at some small college or university!


I was privileged to make a pilgrimage to Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and the Holy Land with my mother and father Dec. 2004 through Jan. 2005. It was an incredible experience! I wrote about my experiences in the Order Of The Star Of Bethlehem's Journal, The Crux Mystica in the March 2005 edition. It should be on-line eventually. I was there in Bethlehem at the Church of The Nativity where our Lord was born [Photo Below Left]. I traveled to Jerusalem and was there at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher where our Lord was crucified, buried, and rose from the dead. I said a prayer for the Order Of the Star of Bethlehem and it's Members and placing a copy of that prayer at/in the Western (aka Wailing) Wall in Jerusalem's holiest place for followers of the Jewish Faith [Photo Below Right]. I visited The Dome of the Rock (though we were not allowed inside) on top of The Noble Sanctuary, the third most holy site for followers of the Moslem/Islamic Faith. I stood on top of Massada, the ancient mountain fortress and I visited Qumran, the site where the dead sea scrolls were found. If you EVER get a chance to visit Israel and Palestine, do yourself a favor, AND GO! I dream to go back.


The next major event occurred on July 18th, 2008, I married a Soror of The Order of The Star of Bethlehem and a very neat and beloved gal (12+ years younger than myself) Bethany (VHSr. Leaena Ex Rosa, OAB) in a simple ceremony by a Scott Co. Magistrate in the presence of a small group of friends. Beth has one child (Stephen) from a previous marriage and currently is employed with the Commonwealth of Kentucky. She has a B.A. in Business Administration from Midway College. Spiritually, she considers herself more of a Gnostic Christian Kabbalist. She is an Empath and is one of the most well read Magi I know.

Here is a photo of us at our wedding.

Wedding Photo

Some of the photos from our "haunted honeymoon" is located here.

...And of course things change - sometimes not the way we intended. After a very rough year, Sr. Leaena decided that she just did not want to be married any more. We were together for seven years (three of them married). We separated in late July 2011 and our divorce was final December 15th. I received the final paperwork on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas. :-< We still care about each other, but alas it was not meant to last. We have no children, and we hope to remain friends.

In summer of 2012, I started dating another Soror from The Order of The Star of Bethlehem, Sr. Typus In Metus. Sr. Typus is employed with the Lexington Metro Police Department in Analysis and has a B.A. in Business Administration. She is very practical and down to earth.

In Jan. 2014, I made a run for public office, Scott County Jailer as an Independent Candidate. I got over 1,600 votes, 10.4% of the electorate. The Republican Candidate won with 51% of the electorate followed by the Democratic Candidate with 38.6% of the electorate. I plan to write an article about my experiences in the the Order Of The Star Of Bethlehem's Journal, The Crux Mystica in the March 2015 edition.

I have seriously begun writing my memoires and other books for publication regarding the Order and the about my life as a modern mystic and magickian. Names will not be changed to protect the innocent as everyone is guilty! Stay tuned for developments!


OAB/OAB: The Society of The Astral Star, Inc.

... aka The Order of The Star of Bethlehem ...

- I am the current Supreme Magus, Chief Adept, & President of this non-profit, religious society and fraternal organization. The *Astral Star* is an organization of High Ceremonial *Christian* Magicians, Mystics, and Esotericists of the Western Mystery Tradition. Like I said, spiritually, I am not *mainstream* ;-) Police Departments know all about this facet of my life, and they have opted to make me the local resident *Agent Fox Mulder* of *The X-Files* fame. I have seen some pretty wild -outright hairy- things...

GPS(Ky): Georgetown (Ky) Paranormal Society.

- I am a lead investigator and current Chancellor with the Georgetown Paranormal Society. We investigate all kinds of *unusual* phenomenon.

The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels:

- I have been a member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels since my sophomore year of college, 1984, and I support this organizationšs charitable works.


- I am a member (since, 2005) of the United States American Legion, Post #24 in Georgetown-Scott County, KY. This organization supports the members of the U.S. Military and their families and promotes good citizenship and education in civics for our nationšs youth. (A great group of guys and gals!)

FOP-KY#59: The Fraternal Order of Police:

- I am a past Lodge Secretary for and a past Lodge Chaplain and current Active Member of the Fraternal Order of Police, Kentucky Lodge #59 "The Royal Springs Lodge" in Georgetown-Scott County, KY.

The Officers of Avalon:

- I am a Member of the Officers of Avalon - an organization of Police Officers and other Public Emergency Service Personnel & Members of the Military who practice a magickal spirtitual faith.

The Tree of Light Journal:

- I am currently listed as a contributor to this esoteric online publication. My Biographical listing is listed: here along with some pretty heavy hitters in the field. (*Note: This site is *very* out of date).

My Page on FaceBook!

- I participate on FaceBook to network with others of like mind and to reconnect with old friends.

My Page on MySpace!

- Additionally, I participate on MySpace to network with others of like mind and to reconnect with old friends.

My Page on Twitter!

- Išve begun to participate on Twitter!

My Page on E-Bay!

- I shop online on E-Bay to add to my collection of antiquarian, esoteric, and occult library. :-)


The Many Paths of The Independent Sacramental Movement.

By Dr. John Plummer; Nashville, TN

- I participated in an online essay in Sep. 2004 providing material for the doctoral dissertation and eventual book by an aquaintance, The Rt. Rev. Dr. John Plummer of Nashville, TN. The Order of The Astral Star is refered to with a couple of my own comments made of that particular work. The book was released Feb. 2006!

ChristoPaganism: An Inclusive Path.

By River & Joyce Higginbotham; St. Louis, MO

- I participated in an online essay and an in person discussion at the 2007 Pagan Picnic at Tower Grove Park, St. Louis, MO for a a book by friends River & Joyce Higginbotham. The Order of The Astral Star is mentioned and some of my own views are expressed in Section III of that particular work. The book was released Feb. 2009 by Llewellyn Publications!. You can visit the author's home page at:

Interview for: ACTION Journal: (Ostara, 2011).

By Christopher Blackwell

- I participated in an online interview about myself and the Order of The Astral Star in the Ostara 2011 edition of ACTION, the official journal for AREN (Alternative Religions Educational Network). You can visit ACTION online at:


At my AOL Mail Box. At my Astral Star Mail Box.

- Did I go to school with you, or do I know you and we have lost track of each other? Do I not know you and you have something you want to say?? Send me e-mail! I look forward to hearing from you.






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