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COMMENTS: Several people have written in to ask if we sponsor any other charitable organizations, and if so, which ones and why? The following is a list of non-profit organizations that the Order and a number of our Members have chosen to fully support.

DISCLAIMER: Inclusion on this (or similar) page(s) in no way indicates or implies that the listed organization(s) are affiliated or involved directly with The Society of The Astral Star, its affiliates, or it's membership at large. The listed charitable organizations are completely independent from our organization. We provide links for knowledge and informational purposes only, and have made an attempt to include those organizations which our Order and Members generally support.

UPDATES: Please help keep this page updated by informing the Order Web Staff of outdated links and newly available resources. We make every effort to verify and update these links the first week of the month. Thank you for your assistance, and we hope you enjoy your visit here with us!

We hope that the readers will review these fine organizations and support them with their thoughts and prayers; by volunteering their time; and with their financial resources. Please visit the following organizations:


  • AFA: American Federation Of Astrologers. [HQ in Tempe, AZ].
    The Society of The Astral Star and it's membership study the methods of classic astrology of various systems. As such, we have opted to support the American Federation of Astrology and have adopted its code of ethics and methodologies as our own regarding this ancient art and science.

  • ASPR: American Society For Psychic Research. [HQ in New York, NY]
    The Order of The Astral Star and it's membership study and strive to develop psychic abilities within our own membership. We have opted to support the American Society of Psychic Research and have adopted their methodologies of research as our own regarding these sciences.


    The Society of The Astral Star and a number of it's membership either have suffered with, have family and friends who have suffered with, and have even died with the disease of Arthritis. Our own GHSr. Ad Majorem, 3rd Adept & Chancellor of the Order lives with rheumatoid arthritis. Additionally, a favorite great aunt of GHFr. Pneuma (his aunt Emily) suffered debilitating rheumatoid arthritis - having been confined to a wheel chair for over forty years. As such, in their honor we offer our support to these two organizations.

  • AAS: American Arthritis Society.

  • AF: Arthritis Foundation.

    The Society of The Astral Star supports the fight against Leukemia and Lymphoma in honor of own GHSr. Alethia, 2nd Adept & Vice President of the Order who was diagnosed with non hotchkins lymphoma years ago. She is in remission at present. Our GHSr. Alethia also lost her mother (Lorena), and a half sister (Philis) to fights with forms of this disease. Additionally, our sister, HSr. Ariadne of Chattanooga, TN died from complications of diabetes and cancer in June of 2007. One of our other sisters, Sr. Vasas of Santa Fe, NM lost her father several years ago to lymphoma. Sr. Vasas leads our effort by her annual participation in the *Team In Training* which raises money for this worthy cause. In honor of these people, we add our support to these three organizations.

  • ACS: American Cancer Society.

  • TEAM IN TRAINING: For The Leukemia Lymphoma Society!

  • LLS: Leukemia-Lymphoma Society.

    The Society of The Astral Star supports the fight against Diabetes in honor of our departed HSr. Ariadne (Gail) of Chattanooga, TN as well as our GHFr. Pneuma, Chief Adept & President of the Order; and Founding Member GHFr. Skarff and several others who are type 2 diabetics.

  • ADA: American Diabetes Association.


  • OOA: Order Officers of Avalon.
    The Society of The Astral Star and it's members would like to support individuals and communities which suffer from mass disasters, whether natural or man made. A number of our Members are active emergency responders including: Law Enforcement Officers; Police; Fire Fighters; EMTs & Paramedics; Military Personnel, Etc. The Order has members who are also members of an organization called, the Officers of Avalon. That organization has a program called the *Avalon Cares Relief Project*. This project sends assistance to individuals and communities caught in the middle of natural disasters and emergency conditions. We offer our full support to this organization and it's worthy cause.


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