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These days the newspapers and the television are both full of reports of a heinous new crime wave. Self-proclaimed "adult survivors" and parents of alleged child victims tell stories of sexual abuse, physical torture, degradation, and being forced to participated in the torture and slayings of animals and even human beings.

The reports almost unanimously blame a vast, coordinated, world-wide conspiracy of Satanists and other occultists. Allegedly, this conspiracy has infiltrated day-care centers, schools, and churches across the nation and has as a goal the moral and spiritual destruction of this entire generation.

A vast network of groups, such as Believe the Children, Child Lures, Cult Crime Impact Network, and the self-proclaimed U.S. Citizens' Commission on Crime and Narcotics, have spent tens of thousands of dollars over the past five years to promote these stories. But there are a few facts about their accusations that these "experts" aren't telling you. We at the Alliance for Magickal and Earth Religions thought that you really ought to know.

Not one of these cases has ever produced so much as one tiny piece of evidence that any of the alleged rituals ever took place.

In case after case, children have described ritual rooms where they were molested, described robes worn and the implements used by their molesters, and identified fields where bodies of animals and humans were buried. But in every single case: searches of the buildings revealed no such rooms; searches of the homes of the accused discovered no such robes or implements; fields where bodies were allegedly buried have turned out not to have been disturbed in this century and no human or animal remains have been found.

There are exactly two kinds of accusers in cases of alleged "ritual abuse." The most common type are child witnesses, and in every case which has made the news so far, the children made these accusations only after they had all been questioned repeatedly, and insistently, by one person or small group. A former prosecutor resigned from the infamous McMartin case, complaining that the person who lead the questioning of the children "could make a baby confess to being molested."

The other witnesses on whose testimony the entire ritualized child abuse scare depends are women who claim to be "adult survivors of ritual abuse." What do all of these women have in common?

1) They have been diagnosed as either schizophrenics or as sufferers of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).

2) They claim to know full well the identities of the conspirators who arranged for and participated in their abuse.

3) They accuse those conspirators of participation in or planning such felonies as child pornography, child prostitution, or murder.

4) None of these women will name a single suspect.

5) None of these cases has resulted in successful prosecution for as much as a single crime.

The nation's top expert on child sexual abuse considers these accusations to be entirely false. Special Agent Ken Lanning, who heads up the FBI's center on crimes against children, has investigated over 200 allegations of ritualized abuse and has come to the conclusion that every single one of them was a false accusation.

GOTO the K. Lanning 1989 "An Investigator's Guide to Allegations of `Ritual' Child Abuse" for the FBI.

GOTO the K. Lanning 1992 "Satanic Ritual Abuse" for the FBI.

The most vaunted piece of evidence that these crimes exist is that so many of the "victims" are all telling the same story. This is no surprise at all. For over five years a well-financed industry has provided investigators with lists of leading questions to ask children, descriptions of alleged ritual scenes, and in fact all of the details that repeat from case to case. It was in just this fashion that the original Inquisition provided similar lists to their "investigators," to provide people with accusations to use.

The ritualized child abuse scare diverts attention away from the realities of child sexual abuse. The Center for the Scientific Evaluation of Religion reported that even if all of the allegations of ritualized abuse were true -and as we've seen, they aren't- American children are 20 times more likely to fall into an uncovered swimming pool and drown than they are of ever being ritually molested.

Each year there are approximately three or four cases of ritualized abuse - and approximately 113,000 documented cases of children being sexually abused by relatives and "close family friends." And the more time we as a nation spend searching for scapegoats, the more children will be sexually and physically and mentally abused. We will not end this crisis

The Truth About AMER...

The Alliance for Magical and Earth Religions (AMER) was a St. Louis-based organization made up of representatives of several distinct Magical and/or Earth-centered religious traditions. It's members had only one thing in common: all of them felt that they have been unfairly blamed by some in the media and in law enforcement for the problems of today's society.

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